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Alyssa Milano Marks Sons First Birthday With Charity Campaign

Coroner says operational issues at Ornge contributed to 8 deaths

The service’s CEO, Dr Andrew McCallum, responded to the coroner’s report Monday afternoon. The news conference and can be viewed below.00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 (Video updated)Ontario’s Chief Coroner says operational issues at the province’s air ambulance service contributed to the deaths of as many as eight patients.40 cases were reviewed by a panel of experts. They found that operational issues at Ornge definitely had an impact in two cases.The review was launched last August, after the release of cabinet documents that showed the government investigated 26 deaths. Ornge has been under intense scrutiny since last year, when financial irregularities were uncovered.Al Sweeney reports.00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09

UN begins repatriating Namibian refugees from Botswana

The first group of over 250 people left Botswana on Monday, spokesman Kris Janowski told reporters in Geneva. The next group is scheduled to be taken home on Wednesday.Of the nearly 2,000 Namibians who fled since the 1998 clashes between government forces and separatist rebels, more than 850 have signed up for the repatriation, according to the spokesman, who predicted that this was only the beginning. “UNHCR expects more people to sign up for the return once those going back now have arrived in their homes,” he said.

UN Special Envoy for Syria welcomes ceasefire understanding pledges UN support

“We have to now see our way forward to try and meet the needs; the incredibly large-scale, deep, long-term needs of human suffering brought about by the continuing conflict circumstances,” said Mr. O’Brien. He stressed the demands of humanitarian partners, “under the humanitarian principles of impartiality, independence, and neutrality,” adding that the UN, and its implementing humanitarian partners “are ready to be able to deliver for the people who have life-saving, life-supporting and protection needs and continue to suffer under the current circumstances.” “So the readiness of the UN was affirmed, the detailed plans are in place, with just the usual short-term notice of getting a green light, and then the reality of having trucks getting loaded, and making sure that the truck drivers feel safe enough to be able to get into their cabs and drive along secure routes to deliver to the people in need was affirmed,” said Mr. O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien also said he hoped their readiness to deliver humanitarian assistance will not be affected by the coming solemn religious holidays of Eid. “Of course some adjustments will have to be made,” he said, while noting that they “would make sure that the readiness was equally in place during the Eid holidays, and certain arrangements are made for people to be able to make their proper celebration of that period.” Mr. O’Brien said it was also clear from the Humanitarian Task Force meeting, and from all the briefings, that the humanitarian situation in Syria has reached a new critical phase. “It was absolutely clear that the needs of the people in Syria, wherever these needs arise, however they arise, whoever it affects, on whichever side of any line, or none at all, have become even more severe,” stressed Mr. O’Brien. Those needs, he noted, “were not only over the five years, but actually even in the last three weeks, and therefore the hope and wish for a comprehensive approach to the fight in Syria that would enable us to have the total humanitarian access was the paramount and necessary conditions that we need to get access.” He cited the situation in eastern Aleppo, which he said “remains extremely severe, to the point of it being de facto besiegement.” UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien “We need to make sure that we continue to demand – whatever the circumstances of the larger discussions – we need to make sure that we continue to press for and to demand a 48-hour weekly humanitarian pause to reach the people in need by whichever route can be secured for those very brave and courageous aid workers, both from within the UN and our implementing humanitarian partners to reach the people in need,” said Mr. O’Brien. Statistics on the situation in Syria are staggering. According to the Syria Regional Refugee Response portal, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has registered some 4.8 million Syrian refugees to date – with Turkey hosting the largest population of 2.7 million people; Lebanon, 1,033,513; and Jordan an additional 655,990 individuals. The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reflected that the violence within the country has displaced 6.1 million people internally and left some 13.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The taskforces for humanitarian aid and a cessation of hostilities, created by the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) which comprises the UN, the Arab League, the European Union and 16 other countries, have been meeting separately since early this year on a way forward on the Syrian crisis. Welcoming a new understanding on cessation of hostilities in Syria, announced today at the end of a marathon meeting between senior officials from United States and Russia, United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan De Mistura has said that the UN would do “whatever it can” to support an early restoration of the cessation of hostilities.“The UN hopes that the political will that led to this understanding is sustained. It creates a real window of opportunity which all relevant actors in the region and beyond should seize to put the crisis in Syria on a different path and ease the violence and suffering being endured by the Syrian people,” said Mr. De Mistura, in a statement issued today.Speaking at the end of the meeting between US’ Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Mr. De Mistura called on all parties to the conflict in Syria to facilitate humanitarian access in besieged and hard-to-reach areas.The UN Special Envoy also welcomed the fact that the Russian Federation and the United States are prepared to work together to defeat Daesh and Al Nusra front.Earlier today, Mr. De Mistura had expressed hope that an agreement between Russia and the US could make a major difference in ensuring cessation of hostilities, and in moving forward the political process – both considered necessary to ease humanitarian suffering and to end the conflict in Syria.Mr. De Mistura had made the statement at a press conference in Geneva after coming out of the meeting of the International Syria Support Group’s Humanitarian Access Task Force, co-chaired by Mr. Kerry and Mr. Lavrov.He had also expressed concern for the plight of civilians trapped in Syria’s eastern Aleppo, saying it was greater than ever. He said it was a priority that the two super-powers agree on a way to halt the fighting, so that aid can get through to civilians caught up in the more than five-year conflict.Speaking shortly after Mr. De Mistura, UN humanitarian chief, Stephen O’Brien said it was imperative that a way forward was found to meet the humanitarian needs of Syrians in what he described as “a man-made humanitarian crisis.” Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien (left) and Special Envoy for Syria Staffan De Mistura brief the press in Geneva. UN Photo read more

Ohio States Deshaun Thomas Aaron Craft Shannon Scott earn Big Ten honors

Three Ohio State men’s basketball players were honored by the Big Ten for their play throughout the regular season Monday. OSU junior forward Deshaun Thomas garnered first-team All-Big Ten honors from the media and coaches while his teammate, junior guard Aaron Craft, was named a first-team all-conference selection by the media and a second-team pick by the coaches. Additionally, Craft and sophomore guard Shannon Scott were named to the Big Ten’s All-Defensive team. Outside of the Buckeyes, here’s who earned what in the conference: Player of the Year: Michigan sophomore guard Trey Burke Coach of the Year: Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan Defensive Player of the Year: Indiana junior guard Victor Oladipo Sixth Man of the Year: Indiana junior forward Will Sheehey Freshman of the Year: Michigan State guard Gary Harris OSU (23-7, 13-5 Big Ten), which finished No. 10 in the final Associated Press poll of the regular season, is set to play in the Big Ten tournament which starts Thursday. The No. 2-seeded Buckeyes are slated to play the winner of a first-round matchup between Purdue and Nebraska Friday at 6:30 p.m. at the United Center in Chicago. read more

Anger as man professes admiration for Hitler on Irish radio

first_imgUpdated 23.07A KILKENNY MAN who was interviewed on local radio about why he was given a birthday cake with a picture of Adolf Hitler on it has angered listeners with controversial comments about the Holocaust.Larry Brennan, 79, who lives in Gowran, Co Kilkenny, came to attention when he appeared in a photograph in the Kilkenny People newspaper. In the photograph – shown on the KCLR 96fm website – Brennan appears at his birthday party last week with daughter Maria, cutting the cake which has a picture of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler (in a party hat) on the top.Brennan was interviewed today by KCLR 96FM presenter Sue Nunn over the controversial cake decoration. In the interview, Brennan explains that he collects military memorabilia and that he “admires” Hitler’s army, mostly for its appearance and equipment. He said that he also admired other armies and regiments, including the Swiss Guard which provides security at the Vatican.However, comments by Brennan in relation to the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler’s motivations enraged many listeners who rang in, texted and emailed the station during and after the broadcast. Listen to the interview with Brennan by clicking here…The interview starts with chat about Brennan’s local connections but when asked by Nunn why he had a picture of Hitler on his birthday cake, he replied:Well, I have great admiration for Hitler’s army, the way he dressed, his immaculate uniforms and his equipment.He said that equipment and clothing belonging to the German army during Hitler’s reign were highly sought after by many collectors. “It commands a very high price, unfortunately, today,” he said, pointing out that even English collectors were very interested in these items.Presenter Nunn suggested that the strongest association most people would have with Hitler was one of “absolute mayhem, the torture and death of millions of people”. Brennan insisted that he himself was “not political”.This is a transcript of what came next: Brennan: “With politicians, it’s like a race; there’s always somebody trying to get out there, the jockey trying to get out in front to win. To me, politicians are like that, they say, ‘Forget about the truth, make it interesting, that sort of thing. That doesn’t tie with me, honestly, … and I’m afraid I part company with politics in that respect.”Nunn: “But are you saying you admire Hitler, Lar?”Brennan: “I admire Hitler because his army was so disciplined and he had great command over the people, and he fought for the people of his country. He was behind them, like, and they were behind him. It took three nations to beat him, like, and you know, he must have had some power.”Nunn: “And all the people that he burned and…?”Brennan: “Yes, well, that was the sinister thing about him. Behind that as well – and I don’t want to go into politics – but apparently there are two sides to every story and I heard that the other side of the story, the people that he, am, ah, put to death were spoiling the economy of his country by devaluing the deutschmark.”Nunn: “Oh holy God. I can’t even let you say that, Larry, because I think that is just so offensive to people, you know. I mean…”Brennan: “That’s what I heard.”Nunn: “It’s been proven again and again and again and again … And why did the kids get, why did your daughter get the cake for you then, Larry? Was it a surprise?”Brennan: “It was a surprise because she knew I collected all sorts of stuff like that. I collect motorbikes – well, I’m not saying I have masses of motorbikes, I have an interest and have a few motorbikes – and guns, swords, anything that’s old and antique-ish. I’ve a great interest in history, like, you know.”Nunn: “And do you have Hitler memorabilia?”Brennan: “I do, yeah. I have some of the Luftwaffe helmets which is very, very rare. It was the ground force of the Luftwaffe. As you know, the Luftwaffe was the air force, the German air force. They also had a ground command as well and I have one of them in mint condition which is rare to have and I have a very early Nazi dagger, which I treasure. And ah, Hitler didn’t have a lot of memorabilia because it is very, very expensive and very hard to get.”Nunn: “And are you part of a kind of a group of people, are you an enthusiast with others then for Hitler and Hitler memorabilia.”Brennan: “Well, I have an interest in all kinds of people, an interest not only in Hitler but Irish – Irish are very hard to get hold of, early Irish swords make a lot of money when they come to auction and sometimes it would go beyond my means to bargain. I would like to have them but they are very scarce. I do have a 1798 sword from the Battle of Vinegar Hill and I have contacts of people who collect all sorts of things and if they have something I like, I’ll probably swop.”Nunn: “And what kind of people are into the Hitler memorabilia.”Brennan: “Well, like me, they’re into quality, the quality is amazing and ah, they last much longer. They tried to make reproductions but they are nothing like the real thing.”center_img Nunn then steers the conversation into safer territory, speaking to Brennan about his emigration from Coon West in Kilkenny to England in 1957. At one point, he was a trapeze artist but then returned to his trade as a mechanic. He came back to Ireland 22 years ago and is now retired.Listeners called into the show as Nunn interviewed Brennan and she relays one of their messages: “She is shocked to hear what Lar is saying about Hitler and that you shouldn’t have airtime and what would you say to that? People are saying that that’s racist. That you couldn’t possibly after all that’s been proven about Hitler, support Hitler. People find it almost unbelievable.”Brennan said that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that he wasn’t “condoning” what Hitler had done. He said:I’m just saying admiration for his army, I’ve also admiration for the Swiss army palace guard. They have got brilliant military dress.Brennan says that he was surprised by the strong reaction to the photograph of his birthday cake but that the photographer taking the picture for the local paper had warned him that some people might not like it.“It’s not meant as a derogatory sort of thing against the people,” Brennan said, “It could be even Stalin (on top of the cake), it could be anyone like that. People have very short memories, you know.”Later in the interview, Brennan says he had a small part in the Richard Burton movie Anne of The Thousand Days. Brennan played the role of the executioner of Sir Thomas More, as well as a deerhunter in another scene. He was also in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and a number of other films as an extra.Following the interview, presenter Sue Nunn said that she had “no idea” that Brennan would say he was an “admirer” of Hitler’s in any sense and that she was taken by surprise by the content of the interview.Hear listener reaction to the interview on the KCLR 96FM site here.Update – 16.10, 29 October 2013:The daughter of Larry Brennan has been in contact with and wanted to respond to some of the criticism of her father and the birthday cake photograph as follows: I am Larry Brennan’s daughter and I am astonished at the reaction that my father’s birthday cake has caused; it has been blown out of all proportion by the media.The birthday cake was a surprise from me and a private joke for a harmless, eccentric elderly man; the picture on the cake is actually one of ridicule and is disempowering Hitler by him being depicted in a clown’s party hat!Neither my father or myself condone the atrocities that Hitler and his army carried out, or in fact, atrocities that are carried out by other people in other countries.  It appears, and understandably so, his remark about the devaluing of the Deutschmark is what has enraged some people.  I would like to make it clear that he was saying, albeit in a rather clumsy fashion, after being asked leading questions, that this is what he had heard/read.  At no point did he say that if this were the case, that he agreed with the torture, punishment and eradication of the Jews.For my part, I would like to apologise for those that have taken offence over the cake.Finally, on a lighter note and for those of you that asked – it was a carrot cake and was delicious!Column: I survived the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp>Spanish newspaper retracts column comparing Merkel to Hitler>last_img read more

Van Persie treble fires United to 20th title

first_imgWith 24 goals, United’s £24 million ($37 million, 28 million euros) man now leads Luis Suarez by a goal in the top scorers’ chart, to further blacken the Liverpool striker’s mood after he was charged by the Football Association for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic on Sunday.Van Persie further illustrated his value by heading off the line from Weimann early in the second half, while David de Gea saved smartly from Benteke and Karim El Ahmadi. Rafael da Silva’s delivery from the right appeared overhit, but Giggs rescued it by volleying a cushioned cross across goal for the Dutchman to tap in from barely a yard.A chant of ‘Championey!’ rang out from Old Trafford’s Stretford End as United continued to press, Rafael hitting the post with a crisp strike from 20 yards. Shinji Kagawa freed Giggs, who unselfishly squared to van Persie, and the former Arsenal striker neatly side-stepped Guzan before lifting the ball into the roof of the net. ROBIN VAN PERSIE hit a first-half hat-trick as Manchester United cantered to an unprecedented 20th English league title with an emphatic 3-0 victory at home to Aston Villa on Monday.Manchester City’s 3-1 loss at Tottenham Hotspur a day earlier had handed United a chance to regain the title and Alex Ferguson’s men needed no second invitation, swamping Villa to claim the championship with four games to spare.Van Persie, United’s number 20, was the man who brought United their 20th top-flight crown, netting inside 90 seconds and then scoring a breath-taking volley before completing his hat-trick 12 minutes before half-time.With 13 Premier League titles, United manager Ferguson and veteran midfielder Ryan Giggs, creator of two of van Persie’s goals, have now each won as many English league crowns as Arsenal.Eternal rivals Liverpool, meanwhile, now trail United by two championships on the all-time honours board.Villa never threatened to poop the party and remain under threat from third-bottom Wigan Athletic, who could suck Paul Lambert’s side into the relegation zone if they win their game in hand.The evening’s outcome was never in doubt from the moment, just one minute and 23 seconds into the game, when van Persie put United in front.center_img Villa threatened to spoil things when Christian Benteke side-footed over from Andreas Weimann’s pass, only for van Persie to double United’s lead with a strike to rival any goal scored in Europe this season.Wayne Rooney floated a 40-yard pass behind the Villa defence and van Persie met the ball first-time with a technically immaculate volley from outside the box that rocketed past goalkeeper Brad Guzan and into the net.On a night rich with symmetry, van Persie’s third goal arrived in the 33rd minute. Kagawa spurned a glorious chance to make it 4-0 when he blazed over the bar, but by then the match, like the title race, had long been decided.- © AFP, 2013As it happened: Manchester United v Aston Villa, Premier League>VIDEO: Stunning Van Persie strike puts United in control against Villa>last_img read more

I was literally contemplating Do I want to be here anymore Do

first_img Jun 28th 2018, 7:01 PM By Paul Fennessy Drennan was in digs with Graham Burke at Aston Villa. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOAlong with Drennan, a number of other promising Irish youngsters, such as Derek Williams and Enda Stevens, were also on the fringes of the first team. Graham Burke, who recently made his international debut and had a superb spell in the League of Ireland at Shamrock Rovers before returning to England with Preston, stayed with him in digs. Drennan is delighted by his friend’s recent success.“He’s a quality player. I used to love playing with him. Any run you’d make, he’d pick you out,” he remembers.Drennan was looking as impressive as any of the other youngsters at the time, scoring prolifically for the reserves. Yet a badly timed injury knocked his confidence. A foot problem that initially didn’t seem too serious kept him out of action for almost a year. Off the pitch too, he was struggling, with this setback exacerbating feelings of depression and isolation.“There were a lot of bad things that a lot of people don’t see. When you go out and play football, you try to forget about what’s going on in your head. You try to forget about everything. It was up until my third year, everything was going well. Then I got the injury. Everything kind of went downhill from there. It wasn’t a good time.“You’ve got a lot of spare time after training. It’s just boring. As you get older, you start to go out more and you can gamble all the time. You’re just passing so much time and yet you’re just losing all your money, because you never win.There should be something in place for young lads that are going over like that. Even once or twice a week, just to get them out and have something [to look forward to] — bowling or anything. Just getting them out and active instead of just leaving them in digs.“[The standard of care] wasn’t good enough when I was there. I don’t know about now, but with the money that the clubs have, it should be much better.”On the issue of gambling, he continues: “It started off with small money and then it got massive. I wouldn’t gamble now, I’ve stopped. But at the time, I think of the amount of money I could have had and what I could have done with it. You’ve so much time and you just go with it. It might be a tenner and then the tenner will turn into 20s and the 20s to 50s and 50s to 100s. One in about 20 [times] you’ll have a good day and you might win a bit of money. But it’s rare that you win.“When you’re young and have the money there, you can’t be going out drinking, so you go out buying loads of expensive clothes and all that sort of stuff. And you can’t really afford it at that age, but you still have more than enough money compared to what the average person would be getting.” Drennan pictured during his time at Aston Villa. Source: PA Archive/PA Images*******After returning from injury, in 2014, Drennan was sent out on loan to Carlisle and later Portsmouth.“I had just come back from my injury. I was a bit overweight. I would have liked to have played there before the injury, I think I would have done well when I felt sharper — scoring goals and confident. But it’s all ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. I think when I did play, I wasn’t good enough.”A year later, the former Ireland underage international left Villa. There were offers elsewhere in England, but by then, Drennan wanted to go home. In January 2015, a move to Shamrock Rovers was confirmed.One aspect of Drennan’s personality that comes through when speaking to him is that, unlike a number of other footballers, he is certainly not shy when it comes to self-criticism. While he earned praise for his early performances at Rovers, he describes his only full season as a first-team player as “okay,” before adding: “I still should have done much better and scored an extra 12-15 goals.”In the two years away from the League of Ireland, Drennan’s main focus was to rediscover the pure enjoyment that can be derived from sport. He lined out for local hurling side, James Stephens GAA, and also went back to Evergreen. Last year, he helped guide the Kilkenny team all the way to a first FAI Junior Cup final appearance in 33 years, scoring a crucial goal in their semi-final win over Boyle Celtic, before being part of the side that lost 2-0 to Sheriff YC in the climactic encounter at the Aviva Stadium.It was going back and playing with my friends I’ve had since I was younger,” he explains. “It made it that bit easier, because it was junior football. It was more relaxing and you can enjoy it and have a few drinks after — the junior way. That’s what everyone does after a game. The camaraderie that you have is good as well.” Having emerged from the cosseted bubble of youth football in England, Drennan also began to lead a more ordinary life, working in the Three shop in Kilkenny, selling phones, while also attending counselling sessions around this period.It may not have encompassed the dizzying highs of scoring an exquisite goal or producing a perfect pass in front of a big crowd, but for Drennan, regaining this sense of normality in his life was vital.“I got more mature. For my head and from my own perspective, my game matured. I was playing centre mid [with Evergreen], I rarely played number nine. I was enjoying my football, getting on the ball and all that stuff.“The standard is okay and we had a very good team. We won the treble two years in a row — the first team ever to do it in Kilkenny. So it was good that way and it was good to go back and enjoy my football — I think that’s the main thing, I think I will enjoy my football [at Sligo].”******* Former Ireland U21 international Brian Lenihan has spoken about his struggles with depression. Source: EMPICS SportThe level of pressure on young footballers has been well documented. Just last week, ex-Hull and Cork City defender Brian Lenihan spoke of how a mental health battle forced his retirement at the age of 23. Drennan, meanwhile, says his only regret is that he didn’t seek help sooner.“I wasn’t enjoying [football] at all. I just didn’t want to play anymore. I was literally contemplating: ‘Do I want to be here anymore? Do I want to be alive anymore?’“Things like that, what I did — it did help me when I got the help that I needed to look after myself. And it helped other people as well, just from seeing my own story, which was great.”The young forward knows the depression will always be there to an extent, but now feels better equipped to deal with any issues. The interview concludes with Drennan offering invaluable advice to anyone who is struggling.Literally just talk. Talk to anyone. Talk to someone who you trust. That’s a massive thing. Even if it’s someone in the club, if it’s a friend, if it’s a coach, anything. If you’re struggling, just talk. Even if it’s just for two minutes, it will make you feel that little bit better.”If you need to talk, contact:Pieta House 1800 247 247 or email (suicide, self-harm)Samaritans Call 116 123 Email Text 087 260 9090Aware 1800 80 48 48 (depression, anxiety)Teen-Line Ireland 1800 833 634 (for ages 13 to 19)Childline 1800 66 66 66 (for under 18s)The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! 31,930 Views Southampton sign Celtic midfielder for €8 million>France and Denmark stroll into the last 16 after drab affair in Moscow> Mikey Drennan has returned to League of Ireland football after a two-year absence. Image: Ryan Byrne/INPHO 7 Comments Share10 Tweet Email1 center_img Mikey Drennan has returned to League of Ireland football after a two-year absence. Image: Ryan Byrne/INPHO ‘I was literally contemplating: “Do I want to be here anymore? Do I want to be alive?'” After a difficult few years, Mikey Drennan is back playing in the League of Ireland with Sligo. Short URL Follow us: PICTURE THE SCENE: it’s the Dublin Derby at Dalymount Park, Shamrock Rovers against Bohs in April 2016, with an impassioned crowd watching on.After a promising first half for Bohs, their bitter rivals take the lead in stoppage time of the opening 45 through Gary McCabe.Brandon Miele adds a second just after the break and a third with 17 minutes remaining. Gavin Brennan puts the icing on the cake with the fourth on 78 minutes.Mikey Drennan completes 90 minutes of the match. He comes close to scoring after half an hour, but his powerful attempt from distance goes just wide.Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter. Rovers run riot and secure their biggest league win over Bohs in 52 years.Understandably, there is elation in the dressing room afterwards. Everyone is on high, seemingly, except for one man. Mikey Drennan steps outside and starts crying. He hasn’t played a League of Ireland match since.*******Earlier this month, it was announced that Drennan had signed for Sligo Rovers. He will consequently resume his League of Ireland career two years on from that Rovers-Bohs game.The move came about after he received a call from Sligo boss Gerard Lyttle. He was effectively given a trial, but an impressive performance saw him offered a contract immediately thereafter.“There were one or two options, but I think Sligo probably was the best one for me,” Drennan tells The42.The 24-year-old forward previously considered returning just prior to the 2017 season. Negotiations had begun, but the youngster says he needed to feel 100% sure it was the right time, and so ultimately decided against signing for anyone. Now though, Drennan is certain he can give 100% commitment to his club of choice.I feel more mature [and can] deal with things better,” he says. “For myself, I think it was the best time to go back. If I didn’t come back now, I don’t think I ever would have. With my head and how I feel, I feel great. Obviously, I need to get a small bit more fit, but that will come with training and in games.”In Ger Lyttle, Drennan is confident that he has a manager who believes in him and wants the player at the club. Lyttle has spoken of his respect and admiration for how his new signing dealt with past troubles. Drennan says the respect between the pair is mutual, while he is excited about the prospect of representing “a great club” and “a real football town”.Yet as enthusiastic as Drennan is about joining, he is under no illusions about the scope of the task at hand. Sligo are currently seventh in the Premier Division table, just five points above the relegation places. Drennan is surprised the club are in this perilous position, having witnessed first-hand their most recent performance — an impressive 3-0 win over St Pat’s at Richmond Park the week before last.There is competition for places in attack. The talented likes of Adam Morgan and Raffaele Cretaro are already on the books at the club. Drennan recently joined Sligo.Drennan also acknowledges that there will be sceptics he has to win over. In 2015, still his only full season in the Premier Division, he managed a decent haul of 12 league goals, but a long time has passed since then.“I still have something to prove and I need to be better than what I was,” he says. “I think now I’m more mature, my attitude is going to be much better. Overall, I think I’m going to be much better. [In my last spell in the League of Ireland] I scored some goals and that’s what I’m going to Sligo for — to score goals.”The other Sligo players have been welcoming, while he already knows midfielder Rhys McCabe, with both individuals having spent time on loan at Portsmouth in 2014.With a little under three and a half hours of driving between Sligo and his native Kilkenny, Drennan has unsurprisingly decided to move closer to the club. He will stay in an apartment with one of his new team-mates, Patrick McClean (brother of Ireland international James McClean). His girlfriend is set to join him up there in a couple of weeks. That way, it should feel a little more like home, and less like the difficult situation he found himself in a few years ago in Birmingham.“That’s basically it,” he says. “I need to keep busy and keep active.”*******It was at the age of “around 11 or 12″ while playing for local side Evergreen FC that Drennan first became aware of interest in him from abroad. Both Man City and Aston Villa were reportedly watching intently. He eventually linked up with the latter.I think I was 14 when I went over and literally every time I went over, bar the last time, I scored,” he recalls. “I think I went over 16 or 17 times, so I think that was a big factor as to why I signed there.”Drennan impressed both at underage level for Ireland and for Villa’s U18 side. The club’s academy director Bryan Jones spoke of how he “scores goals for fun”. Just after turning 17, he signed his first-ever professional contract with the then-Premier League club. In these same weeks, he was named Ireland U16 Player of the Year at the FAI awards. For a brief moment, Drennan could be forgiven for thinking he had the world at his feet. Unfortunately, his feet — or at least one of them — would become a problem.*******Villa were going pretty well at the time too. Under Martin O’Neill, they secured three consecutive sixth-place Premier League finishes. Drennan watched on in admiration as the likes of Richard Dunne, James Milner and Ashley Young impressed as part of one of the best sides in the English top flight.Despite these awe-inspiring surroundings, nerves, he says, didn’t really come into the equation.“I didn’t realise how big it was. I was just going over and trying to score goals. I kind of just thought that was ordinary — that’s what I do. When I was at home, I used to score goals. Every time I was going over there, I was scoring goals and it made the decision [to sign for Villa] that bit easier for me.” Thursday 28 Jun 2018, 8:04 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Aquaphobie traitement symptômes questce que cest

first_imgAquaphobie : traitement, symptômes, qu’est-ce que c’est ?L’aquaphobie, plus rarement appelée hydrophobie, est une phobie courante caractérisée par la peur panique de l’eau. Sans prise en charge médicale, ce trouble anxieux peut être handicapant dans la vie de tous les jours.Qu’est-ce que l’aquaphobie ?L’aquaphobie est un trouble psychologique de la famille des phobies. Elle peut se définir comme une peur irraisonnée et excessive de l’eau. Selon les individus, cela ne concerne pas uniquement les grandes étendues d’eau profondes comme les lacs, la mer et les océans. Dans les formes les plus sévères, même l’eau contenue dans une baignoire ou simplement la pluie peuvent en effet déclencher une vive anxiété. Les aquaphobes peuvent également avoir peur d’être éclaboussés par surprise, refuser de placer leur visage sous le jet d’eau de la douche ou se sentir angoissés à la simple évocation de l’eau.Les symptômes de l’aquaphobie Le principal symptôme de l’aquaphobie est une angoisse irrépressible, déclenchée par la présence ou l’évocation de l’eau. Cette peur irraisonnée peut entraîner différentes manifestations physiques, comme de la tachycardie (accélération du rythme cardiaque), des tremblements, de la pâleur, des sueurs, des difficultés à respirer, des vertiges, voire des pertes de connaissance. Il faut aussi noter que l’aquaphobe met généralement en place des techniques d’évitement pour ne pas être confronté à l’objet de sa peur : il peut refuser un poste au bord de la mer par exemple, décliner systématiquement toutes les invitations à la plage ou à la piscine, etc.Les causes de l’aquaphobie La cause de l’aquaphobie n’est pas toujours simple à déterminer selon les individus, mais bien souvent, elle est liée à un traumatisme psychologique remontant à l’enfance. Elle peut par exemple être due à un accident (chute dans l’eau en courant autour d’une piscine), à plus forte raison si l’enfant ne savait pas encore nager à cette époque : la peur et le sentiment d’impuissance éprouvés ont ainsi pu marquer durablement son esprit, au point de provoquer un trouble anxieux à l’âge adulte.Quels sont les traitements de l’aquaphobie ?À lire aussiTrypophobie, l’étrange peur des petits trousIl est conseillé de consulter un psychothérapeute, si l’aquaphobie perturbe profondément la vie quotidienne. En règle générale, les psychothérapies comportementales et cognitives donnent de bons résultats, en aidant l’aquaphobe à se confronter progressivement à l’eau. Unepsychanalyse peut aussi être utile : elle vise à déterminer l’origine exacte de l’aquaphobie pour mieux la combattre. Autre approche possible :l’hypnose, de plus en plus souvent utilisée contre les phobies. Enfin, il faut noter que des piscines municipales et des centres nautiques proposent aussi des stages contre l’aquaphobie, sous la surveillance d’un maître-nageur, pour apprendre à mieux nager et aider à apprivoiser sa peur de l’eau.Le 12 avril 2017 à 12:19 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Heat wave spurs record-breaking electricity use

first_imgCustomers of the Bonneville Power Administration, which includes Clark Public Utilities, broke records for electricity use three days in a row during this week’s heat wave, the federal power marketing agency said in a news release.As temperatures hovered around the 100-degree mark, people turned on so many air conditioners and fans that they surpassed the BPA’s 2014 power consumption record of 7,861 megawatts. On Aug. 1, 2 and 3, customers consumed 8,048, 8,226 and 8,208 megawatts, respectively.One megawatt is usually enough to power roughly 700 homes in the Pacific Northwest and 1,200 megawatts can power a city the size of Seattle, the agency said.David Wilson, a BPA spokesman, said the agency forecasted the heat and a subsequent spike in demand and they prepared for it.“When we see a weather event coming it’s all hands on deck,” he said.Bonneville is a Portland-based agency of the federal Department of Energy that regularly distributes electricity within the U.S. portion of the Columbia River drainage basin. The Ross Complex is its facility in Clark County.The BPA worked with other federal agencies to make sure turbines in federal dams were operating at their best, delayed routine maintenance where it was safe to do so until cooler weather returns and worked closely with the Columbia Generating Station, the Northwest’s only operating nuclear energy plant.last_img read more

Tax statements mailed to property owners

first_imgProperty tax statements for the first half of 2018 have been issued. The statements include property tax levy amounts, special assessments and certain fees.The Treasurer’s Office sent 89,936 paper statements, 80,274 postcards to taxpayers whose mortgage companies pay their taxes, and 5,432 e-statements to people who registered to receive tax bills online.According to a county news release, property owners who pay taxes directly to the county rather than through a mortgage company should receive their statements this week. If they don’t, they are advised to visit or call the Treasurer’s Office at 564-397-2252.The first installment of 2018 property taxes is due April 30, according to the news release. After that, interest and penalties will accrue.County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick said earlier this year that property owners should expect to see a tax increase as a result of legislation aimed at satisfying a Washington Supreme Court decision mandating that the state fund basic education.Payments can be mailed to Clark County Treasurer, Caller Box 35150, Seattle, WA 98124-5140. Payments also can be made in person at the Treasurer’s Office on the second floor of the Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St. in Vancouver.Other payment options are online at or by phone at 1-877-778-4606. Paying from a checking or savings account costs $1 per transaction. Credit card payments carry a 2.39 percent convenience fee.last_img read more

Localized frost possible tonight

first_imgThe flip side to today’s sunshine and clear skies could be areas of patchy frost tonight, according to the National Weather Service in Portland.Forecasters say that the abundant sunshine and offshore winds have dried the moisture out of the air. As winds die down after sunset, some areas of Clark County and Southwest Washington may experience frost overnight.The best advice is to shelter sensitive plants tonight, forecasters said in a statement.last_img

Tow truck driver killed after car pins him to ground

first_imgPLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) – A tow truck driver was killed after a car slipped and pinned him to the ground in Plantation, Friday.According to police, the tow truck operator was either picking up, dropping off or adjusting a vehicle, near the Westfield Broward Mall on West Broward Blvd, when the vehicle slipped and pinned him to the ground.The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.Police continue to investigate.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Missing Child Alert for West Palm Beach baby toddler cancelled

first_imgWEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has cancelled a missing child alert for a baby and toddler who were last seen in West Palm Beach.The alert was issued Wednesday for 2-year-old Caitlin Smolen and 5-month-old Kai Smolen.Authorities believed the two children may have been in the company of 34-year-old Sondra Smolen. Her relationship to them is unknown.The children were last spotted near the 4000 block of Virginia Terrace .Wednesday night, FDLE officials cancelled the alert.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Time Inc Makes Four Acquisitions

first_img Terms of the deals were not released. The company will keep its name and remain based out of its Soho headquarters, and Scott Cullather, founder and global managing partner, will continue to lead the company. The third company acquired by Time Inc. is iScore—a scoring app that’s a digital version of a baseball scorebook. iScore also has scorekeeping apps for basketball and football. The baseball app sells for $9.99 in the App Store. Two of the acquired companies—League Athletics and SportsSignup—are turnkey providers of league and team management tools. Organizations can sign up to register teams and leagues, and create websites to manage scores, schedules and payments. According to the company, the two services reach more than 8 million participants across 8,500 leagues and 300,000 teams. Time Inc. has carved out a new business in the youth and amateur sports markets on the heels of three recent acquisitions, and added a live event division as part of another purchase. The acquisitions and new divisions coincide with an announcement also made today on the launch of a new digital vertical called theDrive, which will focus on the automotive market. That, too, will appeal to a younger audience. The new site is set to launch in the fall. Jeff Karp, a digital gaming executive who held roles at Electronic Arts, Zynga and GSN Games, has been hired to lead the division. The sports-focused deals will combine to form a new company called Sports Illustrated Play. The youth market has been a prime focus for many publishers, and with this launch Time Inc. is attempting to extend the Sports Illustrated brand to a younger audience.  “Live media is a great way to deliver targeted audiences to marketing partners,” Ripp says in a separate statement. “inVNT provides proven event expertise that will make our company a more attractive strategic partner for global advertisers. This acquisition complements our traditional and digital advertising assets, and I see enormous potential to grow this business.” Time Inc. also announced the purchase of inVNT on Tuesday, an experiential company specializing in live media and creative services. The firm contributes to production of more than 200 events each year in consumer and B2B settings. A client roster that already boasts many of Time Inc.’s own advertisers opens up a host of opportunities for integration. “We believe Time Inc. can bring greater value to this growing segment and provide a more rewarding experience to its passionate audiences,” says Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp in a statement. “This opportunity represents a natural extension of the trusted Sports Illustrated brand. It was developed internally by George Linardos, an involved youth sports dad, who conceived the idea for Sports Illustrated Play and was a driving force behind the acquisitions and business plan.”last_img read more

TS made rapid strides under KCR Mayor Gunda Prakash Rao

first_imgWarangal: Telangana has made rapid strides on all fronts under the leadership of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Greater Warangal Mayor Gunda Prakash Rao said. Distributing proceeding copies to Asara pension beneficiaries here on Friday, the Mayor said that Telangana is way ahead of all other States in the country. “In fact, Telangana has become a beacon to other States by taking up some unique programmes such as Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, Asara pensions, Mission Bhagiratha, Mission Kakatiya, KTR Kits etc,” he said. Also Read – Two Urban forest parks inaugurated in Hyderabad Advertise With Us Stating that all the eligible people would get Asara pensions, the Mayor said that TRS Government is not one like that previous Congress governments that never kept their word. The Congress which gave just Rs 200 pension during its regime made a lot of pomp about it, he pointed out. Wardhannapet MLA Aroori Ramesh said pension scheme is a boon especially for the old-aged. Schemes such as Kalyanalaxmi, Shadi Mubarak, Kanti Velugu etc have been immense help to the poor, he added. Later, the leaders participated in the Haritha Haram programme. Corporators Chintala Yadagiri, Jorika Ramesh and Baski Srilekha were among others present.last_img read more

Disney lets the Club Penguin domain name expire

first_imgIt’s not like Disney to let the domain name for one of its hottest online properties up and expire without warning. Even so, that’s exactly what happened earlier today with Club Penguin, Disney’s web-based children’s game. The domain name expired on June 13th, but the site finally vanished on the morning of the 20th.It didn’t take long for people – or at least parents with unhappy children – to take notice that the site was gone. In its place, visitors found a generic Network Solutions parked-domain page, advising them to place a backorder request for the domain if they’re interested in purchasing it, or to renew the domain if they’re the rightful owner.AdChoices广告As soon as Disney learned of the situation, they contacted Network Solutions to renew the domain and bring the site back online. At the time of this writing, the site is back up and working normally, although the site notes that some users may not be able to see it yet. Since the URL has been re-registered, Club Penguin users will have to wait until DNS servers around the globe have been updated before all users can access the site again, which in some cases can take up to 72 hours.The issue first appeared on Club Penguin fan blogs like Club Penguin Insider, which went the extra step to squash rumors that the site may have been hacked or inadvertently shut down without warning. According to ZDNet, Disney has been swamped with calls from parents asking when Club Penguin will be available again, and that the company will take corrective action to make sure this doesn’t happen again.Disney purchased Club Penguin from New Horizon Interactive back in 2007 for well over $350 million, and since then the site has grown to become the go-to massively multiplayer game for children 6-14. The game is perhaps best known for its child-centric atmosphere, heavy parental controls, and strict focus on child safety.Read more at Club Penguin, via Club Penguin Insiderlast_img read more

Framing inspiration

first_imgCultural exchange has always benefited people around the world, be it through Fine Art or Performing Art forms. The 2nd edition of International Art Symposium is an upcoming event presented by ‘I Art’ and conceptually developed by two Delhi based emerging contemporary artists Sangeeta Kumar Murthy and Suchismita Sahoo. the duo are not only engaged  to paintings and art installations but also have a focus of bringing a little change towards Indian Art in the global platform through intercultural exchange programmes. Their togetherness has brought a new platform for emerging artists from India and abroad. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf Artists from six countries and another eleven artists from different corners of India are participating in the symposium. ‘I Art’ starts scouting for young and upcoming art talent throughout the world and invite them for a few days’ stay in India. During their stay at a private residence they can freely show and present their work. Separate workshops are arranged for every form of art (Painting, Sculpture, Art installation, Photography and Apparel designing).  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIt is intended that during their stay, the artists can show their capabilities and skills by making their own art. The presentations and works are discussed while a file of their work is laid out. Participating artists from around the globe include Lukaszk Rupski (Poland), Luka Radojevic (Serbia), Tg Thet (Myanmar), Sabiha Hadzimuratovic (Bosnia), Yura Tkachenko (Russia), Valentina Dusavitskaya (Russia) and Constantin Migliorini (Italy).Artists participating from India include Sudha Sama, Kamlesh Gandhi, Parveen Upadhaya, Ashish Bose, Barkha Jain, Ritu Gupta, Rajesh Harsh, Kavita Wig, Shraboni Banerjee and Manissha Khanna.  According to Rajesh Harsh, a participating artist, “This platform would help us in maintaining good relations with people who think differently, as inspiration can be drawn from anyone and anything. This platform would help the line blur between the artists of different countries. Sangeeta Kumar Murthy and Suchismitha Sahoo says, “We have always represented India in different countries in various symposiums and the cultural exchange that happens has always been enriching because it helps open avenues.It helps in understanding different cultures, traditions and minds of people. We conceived the idea of holding one in India as this would give an opportunity to Indian artists to showcase and discuss their work. It would open new horizons for artists who might not have got the kind of exposure they wanted. This time we have artists who are exhibiting paintings as well as sculptures. Also, the ratio of female participation is more.”last_img read more

Satish Gujrals Lifetime Award

first_imgSatish Gujral’s Lifetime Award from the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu comes at a perfect time.Gujral is a versatile and consummate draughtsman, painter, sculptor, architect and writer.Gujral’s artistic career has spanned more than six decades and several mediums and genres.In 1961 in the New York Times, a critic penned his impression of the brilliant artist Gujral.”Gujral is a young Indian painter whose pictures concern themselves with the dialogue between single tragic figures and buildings set down around them with all the apparent solidity of a stated fact. This dark, parched environment is part of a locked-in world, in which figures and buildings stand among the soundless fall of shadows, so that our inspection seems like a trespass. There is something hauntingly Indian in his work, although he consciously refuses to exploit traditional Indian styles. Perhaps this quality lies in the dry colour, sunburned and gritty, that is dragged across the surface to create a uniform mat texture,” wrote the article. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”His pictures are most impressive when subtleties of colour begin to play across this harsh surface like hints of a mirage in a dry desert. But these pictures have an elusive quality that retreats into profundity as you attempt to grasp it. They involve one more and more, so that eventually their seeming solidity dissolves into sliding planes of colour that are somehow slightly desperate, like a house of cards built before some infinite horizon.” (B O’Doherty, New York Times, May 31, 1961, published in Satish Gujral, exhibition catalogue, Forum Gallery, New York, 1964, unpaginated) Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveGujral’s work will be in the Saffronart Auction this September in Delhi on 20th September at the Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi.This stunning wooden sculpture is among one of his best. The sculpture in burnt wood and gold is a result of his experiments with burnt wood-a medium he grew fascinated with after seeing the multi-hued embers emerge from a burning log of wood. Intrigued by the possibilities of sooty wood, he created sculptural forms with this material-often abstract representations of deities-interspersed with vermillion and gold colours, such as in the present lot. He explores the spatial elements of depth and texture through a unique technique and his multi-faceted, contemporary sensibilities.But it also references multiple imagery from Indian mythology. Gujral’s paintings too stand him in good stead.Whatever he has done he has done so with his own intuition and hard work and unique sensibility. About his paintings Gujral said in an interview: “Thematically it is passion, but inside me, there is an expression of inner fury. You can see it in the whirls on the canvas, through the movement. The whirl is not what is painted. I found out what I had done when I finished. In my Partition paintings there is the same movement in the contorted muscles: the coils symbolise snares in our memory. The inner storm is in the gesture. The motivating expression may be of despair, anger, sorrow or sexual passion, but no artist ever reached the final riding on content.”One of his best series was ceramics , taking the painter to the boundary of the world between art and art decor. His murals done in the 70s were walls in themselves: The Hindustan Times building, Delhi High Court; Sultan’s palace, Muscat; Agricultural Institute, Hissar and many other places are succinct examples.Sculpture has been a very important phase: black burnt wood, and metal have been constant creations. But the real take-off for Gujral was architecture.. Huge domes of some Kubla Khan dream metamorphosed on Indian landscape in red brick. The magnum opus in Delhi by Gujral is the Belgian Embassy . The University of Goa and the Computer Management Corporation, Hyderabad are also important architectural works.In an interview in the 1990’s he said: “An artist should not be connected with anything he has not created himself. When I did ceramics I did it all myself. Many asked me to do tea sets which would be mass produced in my name but I refused…Artists are influenced by craftsmen: actually artists are basically craftsmen endowed with poetic vision. When I did a ceramic mural I didn’t go to a factory. I sat down and studied chemistry, how to build kilns.”last_img read more

Police issuing tickets to motorists using bus lane in town centre

first_imgGet the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailPolice are issuing tickets to car users driving down a bus and cycle lane in a town centre. A camera is due to be installed on the route on South Walls/Mill Bank in Stafford – with officers handing out tickets to motorists who use the lane before then. A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: “We stopped a vehicle on Thursday for failing to comply with traffic directions, going through the bus/cycle lane on South Walls junction with Mill Bank. “A camera will be installed but until then officers are issuing tickets to motorists that disregard the traffic directions.” Police called about suspicious silver vehicle in village Want to keep up to date with the latest traffic and travel news?Each day Stoke-on-Trent Live journalists bring you the latest news on the roads and railways across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and further afield to help keep you on the move. For the very latest updates on roads including the M6, A500, A50 and more, visit our dedicated traffic and travel news channel here. We also run a live news feed each weekday, which you can access on our website’s homepage from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday. And for more as-we-get-it updates on the roads across the region and beyond, join The Sentinel’s traffic and travel Facebook group here. Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know – Tweet us @SOTLive or message us on our Facebook page. And if you have pictures to share, tag us on Instagram at StokeonTrentLive.last_img read more