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No winning ticket for Saturday nights 9 million Lotto 649 jackpot

first_imgTORONTO – No winning ticket was sold for the $9 million jackpot in Saturday night’s Lotto 649 draw.However, the guaranteed $1 million prize was claimed by a ticket purchased in Ontario.The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on Jan. 17 will be approximately $12 million.last_img

Former Sathosa chairman Nalin Fernando further remanded

Former Sathosa chairman Nalin Fernando was today ordered by court to be further remanded until April 12 over ongoing investigations related to the misuse of state funds.Fernando had been arrested last week by the Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID). (Colombo Gazette)

UN development agency teams with global fund to fight AIDS in Argentina

According to the agreement signed yesterday in Buenos Aires, the funds will support Argentina’s strategic plan to fight HIV/AIDS, including preventive measures, as well as guaranteeing the availability of antiretroviral drugs through the country’s health care system.Last week in Honduras, UNDP announced that the Global Fund allocated $2 million for that country’s anti-AIDS efforts, with the possibility of another $40 million grant for the coming four years.

UN seeks 313 million for 90day postquake rehabilitation in Iran

The flash appeal was launched in Bam by the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Jan Egeland, who lauded the quick response of the Iranian Government and the Iranian Red Crescent Society to the needs created by the disaster and “the impressive international solidarity that had been displayed” in its immediate aftermath.Of the 115,000 people who had been living in the worst-hit area, the earthquake killed more than 30,000 and injured another 30,000. The destruction of an estimated 85 percent of the mud-brick buildings has left 75,000 people homeless and levelled such prized historical structures as the world’s largest mud-brick edifice, a 2,000-year-old citadel.The greatest share of the funds sought – $6.4 million – will go to health and nutrition. With all three major hospitals damaged or destroyed, the money would be used to support the work of Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education in the area.Some $6 million would go towards accelerating the area’s economic recovery and rehabilitating its infrastructure, including farming. Another $5.7 million would provide latrines and rehabilitate wells, while $2.6 million would pay for the removal of tons of rubble, provide temporary shelter and prepare for the construction of disaster-resistant buildings.About $4 million would go towards continuing the education of local children, despite the crumbling of Bam’s 131 schools, and $3.7 million would pay for protection programmes, including mental health care for traumatized children.The remaining funds would pay for the assessment of damage to and the safeguarding of Bam’s important historical sites.The UN bid for funds was launched in coordination with a complementary appeal from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. read more

UN to help countries affected by Pakistan earthquake

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is exploring “ways in which the United Nations can assist in all efforts required to support relief and rescue operations and in subsequent recovery and reconstruction,” a spokesman for Secretary-General Kofi Annan said in New York.The spokesman said Mr. Annan is “deeply saddened by the loss of life and destruction” caused by the quake, which had a magnitude of 7.6 and struck 95 kilometres outside of Islamabad.”OCHA stands ready to dispatch an United Nations Disaster and Coordination Team (UNDAC) to help assess the damage and coordinate the response in Pakistan,” Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Jan Egeland said today.In Geneva, an UNDAC team is on stand-by ready to be deployed at the request of the Government of Pakistan. An aircraft has been made available by the Government of Switzerland to fly directly to Islamabad later today. In Pakistan, damage to buildings and houses have been reported in Islamabad. More severe damage is being reported in Muzaffarabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Peshawar. It is anticipated that the death toll might be severe..The high intensity of the earthquake in Pakistan was also felt in Afghanistan and across northern India. In India, where buildings have collapsed, official reports confirm the death of more than 200 people and more than 400 injured. There is minor damage in Afghanistan where two people are reported to have been killed. read more

In Afghanistan attacks against schools have tripled in one year

If you are a pupil in Afghanistan, then you were three times more likely to be affected by an attack in 2018 than you were the previous year. Attacks on schools in the country surged from 68 in 2017 to 192 in 2018, according to UNICEF. This is the first time that the number of school attacks has increased, since 2015.“Education is under fire in Afghanistan,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore in a statement. “The senseless attacks on schools; the killing, injury and abduction of teachers; and the threats against education are destroying the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of children”. One of the factors behind the increase was the use of schools as voter registration and polling centres for the parliamentary elections in 2018.Education is under fire in Afghanistan – UNICEF chief, Henrietta Fore.According to UNICEF, ongoing conflict and rapidly deteriorating security across the country have led to the closure of more than 1,000 schools as of December 2018. The consequences for over half a million children affected are extremely concerning and represent a denial of their fundamental right to education, and a brighter future. An estimated 3.7 million children between the ages of 7 and 17 – nearly half of all school-aged Afghans  – are out of school in the country.Worsening insecurity, high rates of poverty and persistent discrimination against girls caused the rate of out-of-school children to increase last year for the first time since 2002. Girls account for 60 per cent of children not in the education system. UNICEF continues to work with the Government and other partners to provide informal and accelerated community-based education, including the provision of education in community buildings and homes, which is key in reducing the risk of attacks against children making their way to school on a daily basis.On Monday, the third International Conference on Safe Schools opened in Spain for decision-makers to discuss the implementation of the Safe School Declaration – endorsed by 87 nations – its challenges and lessons learned, at the national, regional, and international levels.Furthermore, the conference is an occasion to encourage cooperation and stronger gender-responsive practices. read more

Department celebrates teaching and research success

With a string of teaching and research successes lately, the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures is celebrating.In the last month, faculty in the department have received a number of teaching and research awards from students and peers.The Department, which offers full-degree programs and one-off courses in French, Italian, Spanish and other international languages, linguistics and literatures, is launching a new program in Studies in Comparative Literatures and Cultures this Fall. Tamara El-Hoss, incoming department chair, said these accolades could not have come at a better time.“These awards endorse the exceptional quality of our instructors’ work in teaching languages and literatures from other cultures to our students,” El-Hoss said. “Whether it is recognition for motivating and challenging students to learn in creative ways, adapting teaching styles to fit with students’ various learning styles, or recognition for international work, these accomplishments speak volumes about the rigorous teaching values in our area.”Recent successes include:Leslie Boldt, professor of French Studies, was invited to become a Distinguished International Fellow of the London Graduate School — a new doctoral program in contemporary critical theory launching at the end of June and starting in September. Fellows are scholars from around the world who are invited to present their current research at weekly graduate seminars in central London, in locations such as Tate Modern or the British Academy, and to participate in other school events such as conferences and graduate workshops.Astrid Heyer, assistant professor of French Studies, was presented with the Brock University Students’ Union’s inaugural Faculty of Humanities, Student Award for Teaching Excellence. Students who nominated Heyer commented that she “makes her classroom a safe place for students to experience mistakes by turning ‘corrections’ into ‘teaching moments’.” Also, “she knows every student by name and makes her lessons relevant to them.” One student, who considered Heyer the best professor she had had for two years running, decided to select French as her major.Cristina Santos, associate professor of Iberian and Latin American Studies, received a “Making a Difference” award from Brock’s Services for Students with Disabilities, which recognizes professors for their significant contributions to the academic life of students with disabilities. Students nominated the professors. “Without Prof. Santos, I would have given up and ‘made do’ with a poor listening environment, which is typically what happens for many of us who are deafened when we encounter barriers or resistance in terms of people’s attitudes,” said the student who nominated Santos. With Santos’ help, “I don’t miss much of what is said in graduate seminars. I can participate more fully in discussions and contribute with much less stress.” read more

Islamic State fighters try to shoot down RAF jets with missiles

first_imgA major offensive to liberate Islamic State’s last stronghold in Iraq will begin within weeks the Defence Secretary has said, as it was disclosed the militants have tried to shoot down RAF jets with surface-to-air missiles.Tornado and Typhoon jets are carrying out the RAF’s most intensive strike campaign for more than 25 years as they launch scores of attacks to back Iraqi and Kurdish forces preparing to move into Iraq’s second city of Mosul.British commanders have for the first time disclosed the risks of the air campaign as they admitted Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil) fighters have repeatedly used missiles to try to bring down jets. He went on: “There is always the possibility that the piece of air that you are flying through could be contested. It might be contested by a Daesh bullet or a Daesh missile.“As the campaign changes they will try different tactics and certainly firing at coalition aircraft is a tactic which thus far has proved to be pretty fool hardy for those who are doing it.” “They are not a comfy armchair up there. Toilet arrangements are possible, but challenging.”As the jets patrol a 30 miles square ‘kill box’, every 90 minutes or so they climb to around 29,000ft to meet a Voyager refuelling tanker that accompanies them.Pilots must guide their refuelling nozzles into a waiting basket-shaped drogue suspended at the end of 90 feet of hose, while both aircraft are travelling at around 480mph and buffeted by turbulence.Once connected, the jets take on thousands of kilograms of aviation fuel, which allows them to continue their mission. There is no doubt now that Daesh is facing defeat. Indeed we are on the cusp of liberating the last major city it holds in Iraq – MosulMichael Fallon They try to shoot at our aeroplanes. When they do, they expose themselves and invariably when they expose themselves, we strike themAir Cdre Martin ‘Sammy’ Sampson Pairs of aircraft from the 903 Expeditionary Air Wing based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus fly armed reconnaissance missions day and night, circling above northern Iraq collecting intelligence or striking targets in sorties lasting six or seven hours.“They are long old missions to be strapped to a single seat,” explained one Typhoon pilot who cannot be identified for security reasons. This week the Telegraph joined an RAF Voyager refuelling tanker to accompany Typhoon and Tornado jets carrying out close air support sorties near Sharqat and north of Ramadi. Iraqi forces are gathering in staging areas such as Qayara air base before the assault on MosulCredit:Susannah George/AP A general view of Qayara air base on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016 that Iraqi forces say they plan to use as a key staging area for the long awaited operation to retake militant-held Mosul, which has been almost completely destroyed by the Islamic State group British pilots have used evasive manoeuvres, electronic defences and decoys to avoid ground fire including missiles and anti-aircraft artillery.The militants, also known as Daesh, have launched “sporadic” attacks against RAF planes in the past 12 months.Air Cdre Martin ‘Sammy’ Sampson, commander of the UK’s air war, said: “They try to shoot at our aeroplanes. When they do, they expose themselves and invariably when they expose themselves, we strike them. Ground crew working on a Typhoon fighter bomber at RAF Akrotiri Sunni militants used ageing shoulder-launched, anti-aircraft missiles against US forces throughout their occupation of Iraq. But Isil fighters and other rebel groups have since either looted or been given more sophisticated versions. Several Iraqi government and Syrian regime aircraft have been shot down.Air Cdre Sampson said he could not recall a British aircraft being damaged by ground fire and “we’ve not had anything that’s caused us any problems”.RAF aircraft have carried out more than 200 strikes to help Iraqi and Kurdish troops manoeuvring on Mosul since June.center_img Air Cdre Martin ‘Sammy’ Sampson, UK air component commander for the war on IsilCredit: Heathcliff O’Malley Air Cdre Martin 'Sammy' Sampson, UK air component commander for the war on Isil Ground crew working on a Typhoon fighter bomber at RAF AkrotiriCredit:Heathcliff O’Malley An RAF Tornado GR4 refuelling over IraqCredit:Heathcliff O’Malley While their aircraft stock up on fuel, the pilots keep going on sandwiches, soft drinks and chocolate bars.Another Typhoon pilot explained: “Yesterday I was halfway through eating a sandwich when we got called in to do a second strike, so with a mouthful of beef and pickle sandwich I was trying to get on the radio.”Last month the RAF announced it had carried out more than 1,000 strikes since the air war against Isil began in September 2014.One Tornado navigator, who earlier this week helped destroy a truck bomb being ferried by barge across the Tigris, said: “You never forget the sense of danger that is involved, both for you and more importantly for those on the ground. We are there to support the Iraqi security forces and they are the ones who are down in the fight.“When a target gets hit and you know that that vehicle could have potentially been driven into a town, or anywhere where there are civilians or friendly forces, and exploded, and therefore we have denied that to the enemy, then that’s a satisfying feeling.” The crew of a Tornado GR4 aircraft at RAF Akrotiri Credit:Heathcliff O’Malley The crew of a Tornado GR4 aircraft at RAF Akrotiri  Michael Fallon said: “There is no doubt now that Daesh is facing defeat. Indeed we are on the cusp of liberating the last major city it holds in Iraq – Mosul.”The city of around 1 million residents was seized by Isil in June 2014 as the Iraqi army melted away in the face of the militants’ dash across the Syrian border.An Iraqi army plan to encircle and cut off the estimated 3,000 remaining Isil fighters in the city is scheduled to begin next month. An RAF Tornado GR4 refuelling over Iraq Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Ontherun Romanian criminal  killed boss who took pity on him during first

A Romanian criminal on the run in Britain killed the boss who took pity on him on his first day at work, a court has heard. Andrei Ilie, 22, was preparing dishes and cleaning at a pizza takeaway in Birmingham when he knifed his boss Masoud Esmailian, who had just given him the job, in a frenzied attack.Mr Esmailian, 46, let him stay at his flat in West Bromwich, West Mids, but Ilie stabbed him in what police described as an “unprovoked” attack.After the brutal stabbing, Ilie changed out of his blood soaked clothes, took the takings from the takeaway and wrapped Mr Esmailian’s body in a blanket and left it on his bed and fled.He then fled back to Romania in August 2015, but was arrested on his return for a separate robbery in his homeland, and jailed for three years. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. After the sentencing, Mr Esmailian’s family said: “We’ve waited nearly three years for justice to happen and for the man responsible for our father’s death to be found guilty of his murder.”Detective Inspector Justin Spanner who led the investigation, added: “This was an unprovoked attack on a man who was simply trying to help Ilie in a time of need.”We worked closely with Romanian authorities to ensure he was returned to the UK as quickly as possible to face justice.” Masoud Esmailian had just given Ilie a job at his takeawayCredit:WM Police He was later extradited to the UK to face a murder charge, and he was sentenced to life after being found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court.The court heard police found a blood-stained knife and a towel during a search of the flat which contained Ilie’s DNA. He also left a fingerprint on the packaging of the knife used to murder Mr Esmailian. Masoud Esmailian had just given Ilie a job at his takeaway read more

Mens EHF CL Round 8 Minsk took a point of hope

← Previous Story Men’s EHF CL (Round 8): Celje PL and Bosna retained TOP 16 chances Next Story → Men’s EHF CL (Round 8): Draw in Mannheim – Barcelona protest Dinamo Minsk kept good form in away matches with an draw in Spanish Valladolid 27:27 and saved a chances for fantastic possible achievement – TOP 16. Kadetten won very important match against Pick Szeged 31:27. Kolding and Veszprem won easily at home in group “B”.Group BSaturday:Kolding : Sävehof 33:27 (22:11)Veszprem : Tatran Prešov 33:22 (21:10)Sunday:17:00 Hamburg – MontpellierStanding:1. Veszprem* 8-142. Montpellier* 7-103. Kolding* 8-104. Hamburg* 7-95. Sävehof 8-26. Tatran Prešov 8-1 Group CKadetten Schaffhausen : Pick Szeged 31:27 (12:15)Valladolid : Dinamo Minsk 27:27 (10:14)Sunday:16:50 AaB Handball – Čehovski medvediStanding:1. Čehovski medvedi* 7-112. Valladolid* 8-113. Pick Szeged 8-84. Kadetten Schaffhausen 8-75. Dinamo Minsk 8-56. AaB Handbold 7-4 read more

Two Swiss tourists murdered in Egypt

first_imgTWO SWISS TOURISTS have been found murdered in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Switzerland’s ATS news agency reported today.No immediate details of the crime were available from Swiss authorities, but ATS cited the foreign ministry confirming the deaths of two Swiss citizens in Egypt.Quoting Egyptian media, ATS said that the Swiss couple had been reported missing a week ago, and had been found dead in a villa, with the building’s guard allegedly the prime suspect in the killing.This photograph shows investiagtions at the villa:Images: AP Photo/Khaled Kandil- © AFP, 2014last_img

Apple auraitil perdu un prototype diPhone 5 dans un bar

first_imgApple aurait-il perdu un prototype d’iPhone 5 dans un bar ? Selon le site CNET, l’un des employés d’Apple aurait perdu dans un bar un prototype d’iPhone encore non dévoilé. Si rien ne le confirme pour l’instant, il pourrait s’agir d’un iPhone 5. Ce serait la deuxième fois qu’un tel incident se produit, un employé ayant déjà égaré l’an dernier un iPhone 4 alors non sorti.C’est un incident qui risque encore de coûter cher à Apple. Selon le site CNET, l’un des employés de la firme à la pomme aurait à nouveau égaré un prototype d’iPhone, cette fois-ci dans un bar mexicain de San Francisco appelé Cave 22. “A nouveau”, puisque si la rumeur se confirme, ce ne serait pas la première fois qu’un employé fait une telle boulette. En effet, l’an dernier, un iPhone 4, avait déjà été perdu dans un bar bien avant que le smartphone ne soit dévoilé au grand public. Le prototype avait alors été vendu au blog Gizmodo pour la modique somme de 5.000 dollars. À lire aussiLes applications pour entraîner son cerveau sont-elles vraiment efficaces ?Cette fois-ci, selon les informations dévoilées par le site Gizmodo, Apple aurait en fait contacté la police pour l’avertir de la perte d’un téléphone “inestimable” et lui indiqué le lieu potentiel de l’incident. Toutefois, les autorités et les enquêteurs d’Apple ne seraient pas parvenus à retrouver le précieux iPhone, qui pourrait bien être le futur iPhone 5 mais sans certitude. Et si l’on en croit CNET, il serait d’ailleurs trop tard aujourd’hui pour le récupérer : le mystérieux smartphone aurait été vendu sur le site de petites annonces Craigslist pour 200 dollars. Jusqu’à présent, aucune information n’a cependant filtré sur cet iPhone, ni sur son apparence, ni sur ses caractéristiques techniques.  Contactée par le site CNET, la firme à la pomme a refusé de répondre aux questions et malgré les investigations, il semblerait qu’aucun rapport de police ne fasse état de cette perte. De même, le site Craigslist n’a pas commenté ces rumeurs. Il faudra donc attendre une confirmation d’Apple, ou les révélations du nouveau propriétaire de l’iPhone perdu pour savoir réellement ce qu’il en est.  Le 1 septembre 2011 à 08:25 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Mourinho denies having anything to do with agents comments

first_imgJose Mourinho claims he had nothing to do with his agent’s comments regarding his Manchester United futureThe Portuguese coach has come under increased scrutiny this season with United eight points adrift of fourth-place Chelsea in the Premier League.While United have fared better in Europe, this hasn’t stopped reports spreading that Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino is the favourite to succeed Mourinho at Old Trafford.Speaking on his client, Jorge Mendes made a rare statement last week in which he denied that United were unhappy with Mourinho and that the former Chelsea coach remains content to stay on.But, apparently, not even Mourinho himself was aware of Mendes’ statement.harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“Which statement?,” said Mourinho on the Belfast Telegraph, when asked about the intention behind Mendes’ statement.“No, I’ve nothing to do with the statement. It’s Jorge’s statement, not my statement.”As for whether he knew of Mendes’ plans, Mourinho added: “No, I didn’t know. I didn’t know at all and I don’t care about it.”Mourinho will lead his United side out against Valencia tonight in their Group H finale of the Champions League.last_img read more

Woman sentenced to life in prison for murdering husband and daughter in

Worker killed in industrial accident at Vancouver steel fabricator

first_imgAn employee of Thompson Metal Fab was killed in an industrial accident Friday, according to the Vancouver Fire Department.The accident was reported at 4:27 p.m. at the company’s facilities at 3000 S.E. Hidden Way, said firefighter-paramedic Kevin Stromberg.The victim, a man whose name, age and city of residence was not released, was crushed by a large piece of steel and died before firefighters and a heavy rescue team arrived, Stromberg said.Information about how the accident occurred was not available Friday. Thompson Metal Fab President John Rudi said the accident is under investigation.last_img

Gifts for the graduating gamer

first_img See All reading • Gifts for the graduating gamer Laptops Consoles Gaming Accessories Computer Accessories Desktops Sarah Tew/CNET See at Oculus See at Microsoft When you’re sharing space with a roommate, clutter is the enemy if you want to keep the peace. Logitech’s sub-$100 each wireless mouse and mechanical keyboard (see at Amazon) play way above their price. And the $126 Arctis 7 wireless headset (see at Amazon) is one of the best around without being the most expensive one, too. These are our 15 favorite gifts for grads in 2019 14 great graduation gifts for under $50 9 great graduation gifts under $100 Best gifts for grads from $100 to $250 Best streaming boxes and TVs for your grad Laptop, PC and tablet gifts for grads Best phones to gift to your grad Best headphones for grads Best wireless speakers and audio for grads Best gifts for grads looking to stay fit Gifts for the graduating gamer Gifts for foodie grads The best graduation gifts for a first apartment The Cheapskate’s top gift picks for grads Nine automotive gift ideas for your graduate If you just finished paying the bills for higher education or are just embarking on that journey, the thought of another big outlay probably makes you shudder. The 15-inch Dell G5 is one of the best budget gaming laptops we’ve tested and it starts at only $900. Not a cheap gift, but a great value. If your budget only stretches to accessories, the Aukey KM-G6 (see at Amazon) is a terrific-feeling mechanical keyboard (I’m typing on it right now) with RGB lighting that costs less than $35. The Logitech G300s (see at Amazon) is a highly rated wired mouse for only $20 that’s good for the righty or lefty. See at Dell See at Best Buy 5:18 Now playing: Watch this: See at Amazon For the cable-free space: Logitech Lightspeed G903 mouse, G613 keyboard, SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset 0 Jun 26 • Dorm TVs and more: Best back-to-school streaming boxes and TVs For the gamer on the go: Nintendo Switch, SteelSeries Stratus Duo or Nimbus controllers Read preview Aug 29 • Best college laptops for 2019 While the app library for Oculus’ new headset is small, it’s the best wireless option available — perfect for remaining untangled in a small dorm room or bedroom. But it provides an immersive VR experience with great controls and full positional tracking — no phone, PC or game console, and costs $400, which isn’t bad. If they’re more PC-inclined, the pricey $200 Razer Nari Ultimate (see at Best Buy) headset for PC or PS4 adds state-of-the-art haptic feedback for wholly immersive gameplay. James Martin/CNET • For the unconventional grad: Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller Sarah Tew/CNET For snatching moments between classes or on lunch break, get a portable console: the Nintendo Switch. If that’s too expensive a gift at $300, a controller designed to work with a phone is a lot more affordable and still gives provides an edge when jumping into a quick battle royale. The $50 SteelSeries Nimbus (see at Amazon) is good for iPhone devotees, while the $60 Stratus Duo (see at Amazon) goes with a Galaxy — or any other Android phone or Windows PC. center_img See at Razer James Martin/CNET Oculus Asus HP Logitech Razer Nintendo Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. When you’re in that demon-killing mood, you should be able to frag with the best of them. Help your favorite grad overcome the frustration of using mainstream game controllers. Microsoft’s $100 Xbox Adaptive Controller maps all the typical controller functions to a design which requires less coordination to operate. While it works with an Xbox console, it also works with PC games. Read full review Read full review Aug 23 • 11 great gadgets that can smarten up a dumb dorm room Read More Read full review Read full review For the budget-conscious gifter: Dell G5 15, Aukey KM-G6 keyboard, Logitech G300s mouse Sarah Tew/CNET Jun 23 • The Apple Watch is still on sale starting at $199 at Amazon and Walmart Tags For the cutting-edge gamer: Oculus Quest Sarah Tew/CNET For the graduate who’s looking forward to Borderlands 3 or The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening more than a new smartwatch, feed their need for speed with a great gift to celebrate. At a loss as to what will thrill them? Here are some suggestions to get you started, no matter how little — or how much — you want to spend. Disclosure: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Share your voice Razer’s gaming gear is almost uniformly great, if pricey, and doesn’t go overboard on the gaming bling. The $1,500 Blade 15 has the minimalist aesthetic to look at home in a sea of MacBooks, but is ready for mayhem after a long day in a new job. And the laptops are fast, despite being thin and relatively light. We took Oculus Quest on vacation For the new professional: Razer Blade 15 Post a comment Grads Tech Gift Guidelast_img read more

Going further than Food Stamps in rural Alaska

first_imgMarcia Anderson (l) and Karolyn Ceron (r) demonstrate how to make fruity salmon salad at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. (Hillman/Alaska Public)For most of the United States, the most effective way to get food to people who need it is through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly called Food Stamps. But what happens if you live in a place where stores are limited and expensive? Hunting, fishing, and gathering don’t provide everything that people are accustomed to eating anymore. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has part of the solution through an alternative to Food Stamps for members of federally recognized tribes in rural areas of Alaska and on Indian Reservations.The program is operating in 18 different villages in Alaska, including Sand Point, a town of just over 1,000 people at the start of the Aleutian chain. Sand Point has a couple different stores, but because of the price of shipping and store overhead, like in many rural communities, “it gets pretty spendy,” said Wendy Gardner, the administrative assistant for the Qagan Tayagungin Tribe of Sand Point.People in the community and other participating areas who make below a certain level can apply for Food Stamps and receive anywhere from $20 to $300 per person, depending on their income. They can try to stretch them out at the store, or they can join the USDA food distribution program. Every month, each eligible person can select a large assortment of foods to fill their pantries.Gardner is the local administrator of the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations. She said she often hears the same reaction from participants: “’Gosh, this can last me for more than one month!’” Some people who have extra end up donating to the church for others who are in need.Here’s how it works. Once a month Gardner orders food from a list of 72 different options like canned peas, frozen bison, and containers of light buttery spread. They’re all products from US farms plus some wild caught salmon. USDA food distribution programs are designed to help American farmers as well as people who need food.People pick out which foods they want from the tribe’s warehouse. For each person in the household, they can fill a large box, including up to five pounds of pasta, 8 quarts of shelf-stable milk, and three pounds of meat. There’s even a limited amount of fresh produce.“I am happy to say that most clients who want the fresh stuff, get the fresh stuff along with their cans,” said Gardner. It’s often hard to get fresh produce in rural areas because of expensive and lengthy shipping.Statewide, more than 800 people participate from 18 different tribes, and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium helps coordinate the program. A USDA study shows that most of the people across the US who participate live well below the poverty line. Nearly one-third supplement the food they receive with hunting, fishing, and gardening.So given how much more food you can get through this program versus Food Stamps, why doesn’t everyone who is eligible participate? Gardner has a theory.“I know some people are kind of skittish about trying my program because it’s a nutritional based program,” she said. Meaning none of the foods have added salt or sugar. They aren’t like the commercial products people are accustomed to. Plus it’s easy to run out of ideas for broccoli or beans if you didn’t grow up eating them.Marcia Anderson, the health promotion program manager at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, has a solution for that. She understands because she grew up in rural Alaska, too, and didn’t eat lots of fruits and vegetables that she couldn’t find on the land.The food from the program “may taste differently. They may look different,” she said. “They’re all kinds of colors. Different textures. So people are not always familiar with how to use all of the food items.”To try to combat those feelings and to increase nutrition education, Anderson and her assistant Karolyn Ceron have been traveling around the state teaching nutrition classes that highlight new ways to use the foods in combination with traditional items. They put on enthusiastic demonstrations that are reminiscent of cooking shows on television. One of their popular recipes is fruity salmon salad, which combines canned salmon with apples, raisins, and celery — all items from the program.Anderson said she was skeptical at first, “I thought my salmon. I don’t want to ruin my salmon!” But she tried it out and loved it.The goal of the food distribution program is to go beyond just getting food to people who are hungry, Anderson said. They also educate communities about nutrition and how it affects your body. Western foods are available everywhere in the state, and they want people to know how to make healthy choices and pass on that information to their families.“You visit around foods. We have cultural and traditional customs around foods,” Anderson said. “So it isn’t just about getting the food. It’s about all the things that go and surround food that we as human beings enjoy.”Administrators at ANTHC said they’d like to expand the program to other tribes but need additional logistical support like more warehouse space.last_img read more

Waive property registration fee for women Manoj Tiwari to

first_imgNew Delhi : Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari has written to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal demanding that the city government exempt women from the four per cent registration fee on purchase of properties in the soon-to-be regularised colonies. In his letter to Kejriwal on July 25, he said a similar model is already in place in Jharkhand where the BJP government has waived seven per cent registration fee for women on purchase of properties. Women have to pay just `1 for registration of properties in Jharkhand, he said. Also Read – Shashi Tharoor accepts Modi’s language challenge Advertise With Us Tiwari said since June 2017, when the scheme was launched, nearly 1.25 lakh properties have been registered in Jharkhand. “This will be a big step towards women empowerment (in Delhi) as registration of properties in their name would ensure social security of women, particularly those belonging to the lower strata of society,” Tiwari said.last_img

I feel like crying for no reason After Deepika Padukone Alia Bhatt

first_imgAlia Bhatt speaks about suffering anxiety.Alia Bhatt/ TwitterAfter Deepika Padukone had spoken about her fight with depression, Alia Bhatt in a recent interview talked about how she has been facing anxiety.Alia has been having a happy phase, both professionally as well as personally. She has been giving back to back hit movies, and is now one of the top actresses in the industry. Her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor also seems to be going strong.However, the young actress revealed that she has been facing anxiety since the past few months, and she often feels like crying for “no reason”.”I haven’t been depressed but I’ve had bouts of anxiety. It comes and goes. It’s been happening quite a bit since the past five to six months. It’s not like an anxiety attack but I just feel low,” she told Filmfare recently.”No matter how bad it is, I just let myself feel it. Sometimes, I feel like crying for no reason. Then it passes. Initially, I would be a little confused. I would constantly give reasons that it’s because of work or maybe I am tired or haven’t been able to meet anyone,” she added.The Raazi actress further said that she has spoken about it to a lot of her close friends, and she believes one should never hide such negative feelings.”The kind of personality I have, I become a little on the edge. I spoke to friends about it. I spoke to Ayan (Mukerji) about it, I spoke to my sister’s friend Rohan (Joshi). Everyone told me that you have got to realise that it will go away. What is important is to accept it and not say that you are fine. If you are not feeling fine, then you should just say you are not feeling fine,” Alia told the publication.Alia revealed that her sister, Shaheen Bhatt also has been a victim of depression, and she fought it out. She said that Shaheen wrote about her experience in her book. Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone on Koffee with Karan 6.InstagramEarlier, Deepika had opened up about facing severe depression. She had said that she would often feel “empty” from inside, and would cry without reason. After fighting it out with the help of psychiatrist and counsellors, Deepika started “The Live Laugh Love” foundation to help people with depression.last_img read more

Hotel Questions Revised Timeline of Las Vegas Massacre

first_imgTwitter user @Democratic_repSheriff Joe Lombardo.A day after authorities revised the timeline of events on the night of the Las Vegas mass shooting, the hotel where the gunman was staying is casting doubt on the changes.Police said earlier this week that they believe Stephen Paddock shot a hotel security guard through the door of his high-rise hotel suite six minutes before he unleashed a barrage of bullets into a crowd at a musical performance below. The injured guard ran down a hall using his radio and possibly a hallway phone to call for help, reporting he had been shot in the leg.That account differs dramatically from the one police gave last week: that Paddock ended his hail of fire on the crowd, where 58 people were killed and hundreds injured, in order to shoot through his door and wound the unarmed guard, Jesus Campos.But late Tuesday, the company that owns the Mandalay Bay hotel casino questioned the new timeline.“We cannot be certain about the most recent timeline,” said Debra DeShong, a spokeswoman for MGM Resorts International. “We believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate.”Las Vegas police did not respond Tuesday night to questions about the hotel’s statement or whether investigators stand behind the revised timeline released earlier in the week.The revised timeline raises questions about whether better communication could have allowed officers to respond more quickly and take out the gunman before the attack. It remains unclear if police ever received a call for help from the injured guard.“This changes everything,” said Joseph Giacalone, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a former New York City police sergeant. “There absolutely was an opportunity in that timeframe that some of this could’ve been mitigated.”Nicole Rapp, whose mother was knocked to the ground at the Route 91 Harvest Festival and trampled by panicked concertgoers as bullets rained from above, said she’s “having a hard time wrapping my head around” why police changed the timeline of the shooting.“It’s very confusing to me that they are just discovering this a week later,” she said. “How did we not know this before? It’s traumatic for the victims and their families not to be sure of what happened.”Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said on Tuesday that the guard had been responding to a door alarm on the hotel’s 32nd floor when he heard an odd drilling sound.Paddock had power tools and was trying to drill a hole in a wall, perhaps to mount another of the security cameras he set up around him, or to point a rifle through, but he never completed the work, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. He also drilled holes and bolted a metal bar to try to prevent the opening of an emergency exit door near his room.As the guard notified maintenance and security of the stairwell issue, several single shots were fired into the hallway before he shot again, unloading more than 200 rounds at the guard and a maintenance man, McMahill said. Campos, the security guard, was struck in the leg and injured, police said.Campos reported to hotel security dispatchers that he was shot before Paddock opened fire on the crowd, Assistant Sheriff Tom Roberts told The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday.It wasn’t clear exactly what time Campos called for help or if the hotel had relayed the information about the shooting to police. Las Vegas police did not respond to questions from The Associated Press about whether hotel security or anyone else in the hotel called 911 to report the hallway shooting.“Our officers got there as fast as they possibly could and they did what they were trained to do,” another Las Vegas assistant sheriff, Todd Fasulo, said Tuesday.The six minutes that transpired between the hallway shooting and the start of the gunman’s fusillade wouldn’t have been enough time for officers to stop the attack, said Ron Hosko, a former FBI assistant director who has worked on SWAT teams. Rather than rush in without a game plan, police would have been formulating the best response to the barricaded gunman, he said.“Maybe that’s enough time to get the first patrolman onto the floor but the first patrolman is not going to go knock on that customer’s door and say ‘What’s going on with 200 holes in the door?’” Hosko said.McMahill defended the hotel and said the encounter that night between Paddock and the security guard and maintenance man disrupted the gunman’s plans. Paddock fired more than 1,000 bullets and had more than 1,000 rounds left in his room, the undersheriff said.“I can tell you I’m confident that he was not able to fully execute his heinous plan and it certainly had everything to do with being disrupted,” McMahill said. He added: “I don’t think the hotel dropped the ball.” Sharelast_img read more