SOA Adoption Stats

first_imgAnalyst reports are confirming that adoption of SOA is growing, but just how fast is another question.  And depending on which industry you’re looking at the numbers are quite different. The Aberdeen Group report “Enterprise Service Bus and SOA Middleware” published in June and sponsored by IBM, TIBCO and Fiorano finds that 90% of their survey respondants of 120 IT and business professionals expected to have had some level of SOA planning, design or programming completed before the end of 2006.In July, a survey from Evans Data of 400 respondents showed acceptance of SOA, but not at such high levels.– 24% of developers said that they’ve used SOA techniques, up 85% from the previous year– More than 30% will be using more than 20 Web Services by the end of the year, up 58% from the previous year.John Andrews of Evans Data said “While we are still at the beginning of this major software architecture shift, it is clear that the benefits of both SOA and Web Services are beginning to be realized.”Gartner’s report from November 2005 found that SOA was growing, especially in vertical sectors that are highly dependent on Information Services.  They looked at Banking, Insurance, Investment, Healthcare, Government, Oil and Gas, and Media.  Of these, banking, insurance, investment and healthcare are the industries with the leading adopters, banking having an adoption rate as high as 78%.One area that shows up as an exception is government.  A Merlin SOA Coalition did survey of IT workers that paints a different picture than what’s happening in industry.  Merlin consists of Amberpoint, Systinet/Mercury and BEA.  The survey covered 196 government IT professionals and it found that only 17% of respondents were involved with SOA and one third of the SOA projects they were involved with were considered to have been failures.last_img