Brand South Africa partners with the Soul City Institute

first_imgThis year marks 25 years of a democratic South Africa. Since it’s much celebrated liberation in 1994, the country has achieved great strides through social and economic redress, and equally continues to grapple with the consequences of its past – racism, poverty, discrimination and inequality. Despite its challenges, South Africa has been able to punch above its weight to redress and rebuild the nation with a world renowned Constitution, at its core, Freedom and Socio- Economic Rights.As the country heads to its sixth democratic elections on 8 May, this provides a period of reflection and introspection. Have we achieved our collective goals, are we ensuring that no man, woman, youth or child is left behind? Are the values enshrined in the Bill of Rights being upheld for the benefit of all South African citizens and all who live in it?According to the Soul City Institute, women make up 52% of the country’s population, and majority of registered voters at 55%, yet the representation of young women in leadership positions ranging from government, business or civil society still falls short when compared to their male counterparts.Brand South Africa in support of its civil society partner organisation, The Soul City Institute, is embarking on a nationwide campaign to stimulate dialogue around the rights and representation of women in the country . The campaign seeks to engage young women to use their vote wisely in the upcoming national elections; to promote substantive gender equality and to fight against gender-based violence. Brand South Africa continuously encourages all South Africans to play their part in creating safe spaces for women and girls as an essential component of economic growth strategies and to tackle social norms that reinforce and condone inequalities between women and men.The campaign launched on 8 March 2019 and will extend throughout April. You can follow and join the discussion on social media: Twitter: @SoulCity_SA and catch the Facebook Chats: @SoulCitySA.Learn more about the Soul City Institute and its various programmes here: