The tests and a point separate each other from the Champions League mana

first_imgChampions. LaLiga suspects that they will still put a lot of clubs on the wheels before they can play again. The tests were the first handicap, but there will be more. The interests at stake are many and each one counts the fair as it goes in it. For example, there are clubs that are now in the Champions League, but that by giving up one more point can lose that right. Conversely, there are those who, by winning a single point, can enter the Champions. Just look at the ranking to realize. And that carries many millions of euros for the clubs involved and also win or lose good bonuses for the coaches and players affected.The positives. The protocol that the Ministry of Salvador Illa for the return of professional football it is one of the most complete Europe. But the virus hides behind any corner. Germany, which has been at the forefront of the crisis, has already had positives. The Colony has reported three cases as soon as they return to training. No one can guarantee zero risk. But LaLiga fears that, although the protocol establishes isolation and quarantine in the event of a positive, doubts will return to question playing the first setback again. The next two weeks will be decisive. The first, to check the reliability of the tests; the second, to know the availability of the soccer players and their coaches. It will be seen depending on whether they are missing or missing a point. Tests. Players will reappear tomorrow at club facilities to restart individual practice. But before must pass the coronavirus detection tests. The doctors of the teams will dispose of the tests, since the Health protocol dictates that “the initial examination will include a test (test) for the presence of viral genetic material if the convenience of carrying it out derives from the medical examination and the symptoms of the athlete”. All footballers will pass the coronavirus test, but the tests will not extend to their family circle, as stated in the first draft that was sent to the CSD and that Health corrected. The tests will not be voluntary, since the companies (clubs) can demand it from workers (players) according to article 14 of the Labor Risks Law.last_img