Football–Heisman & Playoffs

first_imgThis past week both the Heisman Trophy winner and the 4 playoff teams were announced.  Marcus Mariota of Oregon is this year’s Heisman Trophy winner!  He was a runaway choice, and I have no complaints against this.  Marcus’ record at Oregon was almost spotless this year, and he has led his team to one of the 4 playoff spots.  As far as I know, all he did this year was play football and go to school.The 4 playoff teams are Ohio State who will play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Oregon who will play Florida State.  I find it hard to argue with the first 2 teams listed here.  Alabama had just one hiccup this year, and it came early.  They were playing strong at the end of the season.  Ohio State’s dismantling of Wisconsin earned them their shot at the playoffs.Oregon, like Alabama, lost just once.  At the end of the season they are really playing well.  They were in the top 4 basically all season.  My argument is with Florida State.  I know you can’t keep an undefeated team out, but their wins (in my opinion) were more luck than skill.  I will highlight in an article later this week what I think is wrong with the Florida State program.On January 1 we will know who the final 2 will be, and they will play for the National Championship on January 12.last_img