Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Oct. 19

first_imgPrint media shifted from neutral to liberalThe recent letters of George Nigriny (“Liberal bias comes from Times, Post”) and Mike Eplite (“Paper has shifted too far to the left”) accurately sum up the Daily/Sunday Gazette, and 99 percent of the printed U.S. news media of today.Like The Gazette, the U.S. print media abandoned AP and UPI since their historically neutral position no longer fit the modern media liberal bias. Thus today, UPI exists in name only and AP exists in much-reduced form, with only about 30 percent of its income from the United States.But the ultra-radical,-far-left New York Times and Washington Post do fit – a perfect fit.And that is the status of modern printed “news” media in the United States today. If you want the biased, liberal news, sadly you can read it in The Daily Gazette; if you want unbiased news, go selectively to digital news sources.Clyde MaughanSchenectadyCyclists don’t belong on roads with carsAs a motorist, using roads is a privilege. I must first get a permit and learn the rules. Then I must take a test to get a driver’s license, proving that I know how to use the roads. I have to pay for license, inspection, tolls, taxes, registration and really expensive car insurance.If I don’t follow these rules, I will get a very pricey ticket. And after a few of those, I can lose my license (a privilege).When I am driving, I am trying to pay attention to other drivers. Most are texting, eating, putting on makeup or otherwise not paying attention. Now I have to watch out for someone riding a bike on the road. If I have to swerve around you, I have to cross over into another lane, trying not to hit someone head on or push another car into another lane. If you get hit while riding in the road, it is automatically my fault. And my insurance goes through the roof. If the weather is bad, that’s a whole other mess.You have sidewalks and bike paths. I cannot drive on either. You are a danger to everyone around you, including yourself.Brian PelletierBallston LakeGrateful for all who help make a differenceI’m writing in response to the article, California Woman, 97, gone missing found by “junior detectives” on bicycles, in the Oct. 13, Sunday Gazette.I applaud these children for taking a positive, helping initiative that made a powerful difference.I’ve had such helpers in my life in caring for my husband, who lived with Alzheimer’s for 10 years.I got help from my children, grandchildren, neighbor, Catholic Charities and my co-workers, to name a few. My granddaughter found my wandering husband on her bicycle, too. The local police also brought my husband home.Project Life Saver gave me peace of mind, as well as a tracking device on my husband’s phone, thanks to his son, who knew of such things. It takes more than a spouse, more than one person, to care for someone with Alzheimer’s. It’s an all-consuming disease. It tries to take the caregiver, too. So I applaud these children for stepping up. I also applaud all those who’ve stepped up to help the afflicted, and their caregivers. We don’t have to look across the continent to find these marvelous people. They live here in our own community.Linda MosseyScotiaMore from The Daily Gazette:Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Saturday, Oct. 26 is our first opportunity to vote early in local elections. Two weekends of voting and weekday hours at Niskayuna Town Hall between Oct. 26 and Nov. 3 make voting more accessible.I’m voting early for Rosemarie Perez Jaquith for Town Board. Rosemarie went to kindergarten speaking only Spanish. But with a supportive community behind her, she became a lawyer, a huge volunteer in our community and a member of our Board of Education. She credits her commitment to service to her upbringing, including her dad who, as a recent immigrant, had a daily mantra: “This is the best county in the world.”Rosemarie was co-founder of the annual St. Baldrick’s “head shaving” fundraising event benefiting local children with cancer. As a member of Niskayuna School Board, including as board president, Rosemarie worked with fellow members of all political affiliations to build a board that is effective and collaborative.Her list of priorities reflects my concerns with speeding on neighborhood roads, holding the line on taxes, improving walkability and bikeability around town, preserving green spaces and reducing our carbon footprint. Rosemarie Perez Jaquith is endorsed by the Democratic, Independent, Conservative,and Working Families parties.Susan PolsinelliNiskayunaDalton has best traits for Public Safety seatThe race for Public Safety commissioner in Saratoga Springs calls for bipartisan support. The commissioner works closely with our police and fire departments, and the community at large. This person must have integrity and be trusted by those they serve in order to effectively carry out their duties.The traits needed for success are not owned by a particular political party, but rather by one candidate in particular, Robin Dalton.As part of deciding to run for this office, Dalton has met with the police and fire departments, gone on multiple ride-alongs with local police, and met with a broad and diverse range of community members. This has enabled her to truly understand the needs of our community and how to best ensure public safety goals are met.Robin’s opponent was not endorsed by the party whose ticket he is running on, and other local Democratic candidates have rescinded their support of him.We urge voters to put aside party-line thinking and vote for the best person for the job. That person is Robin Dalton.Kelly KaneMelissa ZiekerSaratoga SpringsFilm tax credit has had positive effectsThe Oct. 6 editorial “More reasons to rethink TV/movie tax credits” makes several inaccurate statements and relies on a flawed study to assess the New York State Film Tax Credit Program without consulting Empire State Development.The program drives employment and investment in communities around New York that, as several states have learned, would disappear without it.The editorial incorrectly states the program doesn’t “nearly return the investment.” It actually has a positive return on investment, which is repeatedly noted in legislatively-mandated, publicly available biannual studies that are published online.Instead, the editorial bases many of its opinions on a Koch Foundation-funded study that claims there’s been no change in industry employment since the credit was created in 2004. Yet the industry grew in 2005, 62 productions applied for the credit and spent nearly $900 million here; and in 2017, 229 productions applied and spent nearly $4 billion. The number of hires rose from more than 68,000 to more than 112,000.The study’s data set excludes many below-the-line workers on film and TV productions. It also measures the percentage change in employment, not the actual number of jobs lost or created. So numbers that look negligible actually represent significant changes.In just the last few years, 35 productions that filmed in the Capital Region have spent over $307 million, including Succession, A Quiet Place, The Place Beyond the Pines and many others. Film and TV productions support livelihoods for production workers, caterers, hospitality workers and many others throughout the state.Rhoda GlickmanAlbanyThe writer is senior vice president, Film, Arts and New Media Development, Empire State Development.Meg Kelly is capable, committed as mayorOn Nov. 5, I will vote to re-elect Meg Kelly, mayor of Saratoga Springs. Collaboration, compromise and communication are the guiding concepts of her administration. Meg is a Five C’s candidate worthy of serving a second term. Meg is:Caring: Meg is a champion for CODE Blue, Saratoga’s homeless and other deserving populations, consistently seeking partnerships and funding for those most in need.Centered: Meg is goal-oriented and self-confident. Whatever the issue, you can count on Meg to listen well, consider all options and engage partners in productive dialogue and action.Committed: As an example, Meg’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship has resulted in numerous initiatives including recycling, solar panels, transportation options, open spaces, enhanced natural resources and trails.Constructive: Meg has linked partners, settled pending lawsuits and negotiated the development of the new parking structure at the City Center. The long-awaited Geyser Trail will break ground this fall.Creative: Meg is close to locating a new Fire/EMS station for the Eastern plateau, seeking out all options, using her resourcefulness to establish a much-needed viable alternative.Let’s join together to re-elect Meg: capable, competent with a can-do attitude for all Saratoga Springs residents.Connie SullivanSaratoga Springs Trump puts personal profits above livesWhy would Donald Trump withdraw our troops supporting our Kurdish allies, resulting in a bloody assault by the Turks, causing hundreds of deaths and purging thousands of Kurds off their land?For the same reason he does everything else: his own self-interest.Throughout his life, this egomaniacal narcissist, who claims to be a “stable genius” with “unmatched wisdom,” has had one top priority: himself and his business interests.This is followed by his family, his billionaire cronies, dictators like Putin and, lastly, his “core.”Trump Towers Istanbul is actually two towers holding shops, cinemas and offices for many businesses based in Europe and the Middle East. Trump actually admitted in 2015 that he had “a little conflict of interest because I have a major, major business in Istanbul.” Ergodan and others demanded that Trump’s name be removed after Trump placed an immigration ban on Muslims. But it now seems they are cozy again.But Turkey is only one of many countries where Trump has investments, which should raise concerns about potential foreign influence. Although he supposedly transferred control to his adult children with the promise of “no new deals” while in office, new properties have opened since, with several providing direct income to him.Trump has holdings in China, Georgia, Russia and Saudi Arabia and hotels in the United States where foreign officials pay him exorbitant rents. Several groups have filed lawsuits alleging violation of the Constitution’s Emolument Clause, but the money keeps rolling in. And the Kurds keep dying.Richard W. Lewis, Jr.GlenvilleGarcia most qualified for Supreme CourtTo the citizens of the 4th Judicial District: I am writing this letter as an endorsement of Julie Garcia for the Supreme Court of the 4th District. I have known Julie my entire life as a resident of her hometown of Moriah and as a teacher at Crown Point Central School where I teach Social Studies.As district attorney for Essex County, she engaged public and private partners to minimize crime and maximize public safety, all while reducing government spending. She also worked proactively to reduce crime, collaborating with treatment agencies, law enforcement, probation and other organizations to decrease underage drinking, driving while intoxicated, drug abuse and domestic violence.Julie is from the North Country of New York and knows what the people’s needs are. She has been tempered by personally tragedy and gained valuable experience around New York in various law professions. Julie is fair, reasonable and intelligent. She will make an excellent judge for our area.In addition, Julie is the only candidate that has years of experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney. Please join me in voting for Julie Garcia on Nov. 5.Shane A. ThelenMineville Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionFollow the leash law at Riverside ParkThe Riverside Park in the Stockade is a place my dog and I very much enjoy. However, I no longer feel comfortable taking her for walks there.On a daily basis, there are a number of other dog owners who completely ignore the signs posted to keep their dogs leashed.Recently, my leashed dog was attacked by a dog off-leash. Two deep bite wounds, a 4-hour visit in the animal hospital, two weeks of pain and a $500 vet bill could have been completely avoided if the owner had followed the leash law.We were lucky in that our dog will eventually recover. However, the situation could have been much worse. This leaves me wondering how another situation like this could be prevented.Could the police who drive through the park come at more heavily populated times and speak to the owners breaking the law? Could more signs be posted? Would a dog park in the abandoned tennis courts be beneficial in Riverside Park?Megan NoonanSchenectadyWill vote for Jaquith in early votingcenter_img As a senior citizen and active member of this community, I support Rosemarie Perez Jaquith for Town Board, and appreciate the opportunity of participating in early voting at Niskayuna Town Hall.Rosemarie is running for Town Board for the first time. As an elected member of the Niskayuna Board of Education, she regularly reached out to individuals in our community to understand their interests and concerns: one is our school budget. During five years of board service, Rosemarie voted for a  zero-percent increased budget whenever possible, but never in favor of exceeding the tax cap.Further, she deserves our thanks for her leadership during the years she served as school board president and vice president.It’s about time for New York to proactively improve voter participation. The flexibility of allowing nine days of early voting, including two weekends, eliminates barriers for many seniors and others in our community facing obstacles on Election Day.Early voting at Niskayuna Town Hall starts this weekend on Oct. 26. I will cast my ballot during early voting at Niskayuna Town Hall, Oct. 26 through Nov. 3. Rosemarie Perez Jaquith has earned my vote.Lynn SchnellNiskayunaRep. Stefanik lacks healthcare answersLast week. Rep. Elise Stefanik was at a community meeting in Johnstown. I asked questions on health care and her poor voting record. I questioned her on her vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA), and her response was, “I did not like the way this bill was originated.”My follow-up question was if that were the case, why didn’t the Republican Party, which had control of the Senate, House and presidency in 2016-2018, reform the ACHA? They were dealing from a position of strength. The Republicans could have forced the minority party to alter or change the issues they were unsatisfied with. Instead Rep. Stefanik voted to repeal entirely the ACHA with no replacement plan. She had no answer.Stefanik has voted consistently to undermine the ACHA. Currently, the Republicans have legal cases to undermine the ACHA. On further questions to Rep. Stefanik, I asked would she prefer to go back to a health care system that was in place before 2009. Her reply was “No.” Yet Rep. Stefanik has no viable health care plan. Instead she vehemently decries she is against Medicare for all. It seems she is just against any health care.When will the congressional district hold Rep. Stefanik accountable for her poor record on health care?Jim NovotnyGloversville Hadam, Ringuette will move town aheadI am excited to see the town of Wright attracting so many young, new families who are bringing vitality and talents with them. Jackie Hadam and Anne Ringuette have chosen to locate in Wright and to raise their families here. They have also chosen to apply their talents and skills to town government by running for the town board.Jackie and Anne know the importance of creating a caring community. They and their families participate in events at the Gallupville House. Their children attend our local schools. After more than 10 years here, they have set down deep roots. Their professional knowledge and commitment will enable the board to wisely utilize tax money. Anne, a teacher, lives on a town road and knows how important and costly local road maintenance can be. Jackie is an attorney with a wealth of knowledge regarding unions and contracts.Both Jackie and Anne have done their homework to understand the town budget as well as the highway budget. They are sharp, intelligent, and ready to serve the residents of Wright. They will keep the town moving forward. I support them 100 percent.Jean BurtonGallupvillePratt deserves second term on LegislatureSara Mae Pratt was selected to fill a slot on the Schenectady County Legislature last spring. She has since decided to run for that position in our local elections next month. I’m pleased to have such a fine citizen running for office in Schenectady County, and I’m proud to give her my vote and my support.Sara Mae is an entrepreneur. She’s the owner of Puzzles Bakery & Café in Schenectady. Restaurants are a tough business to run successfully— many of them fail in the first year. But Puzzles is alive and well since its opening in 2015. If you didn’t already know, they employ people with developmental disabilities. Every purchase at Puzzles is a victory for our whole community.Sara Mae is smart and caring, as well as compassionate and strong. She understands the struggles of people and families who are affected by disabilities. Her drive, her compassion and her creative thinking are what we need to bring more solutions to the lives we live here. These are just some of the reasons why she is, and will continue to be, an excellent legislator for the people of Schenectady County.Steve OillGlenvilleRybak runs firm, fair court in Clifton ParkI am proud to support Clifton Park Town Justice Robert Rybak, who has served our community for 40 years. His record of community involvement has benefited the residents of Clifton Park in a variety of ways.I worked with Judge Rybak and a group of concerned citizens who successfully fought to preserve 37 acres of pristine forest that the school district wanted to sell to a commercial developer. This land is now owned by the town for community use. His leadership kept us focused on winning this fight.Judge Rybak requires defendants to pay for any damage that they cause, attend a Victim Impact Panel when convicted of drunk-driving, and have a parent or legal guardian appear in court if they are under the age of 18.Judge Rybak is an experienced judge who runs one of the most transparent, efficient and effective courts where the rights of all parties are protected. An indication of his wide support is his endorsement by the Democratic, Conservative and Independence parties. He will also appear on the Working Families and Green parties’ lines. I hope the residents of Clifton Park will join me in voting for Judge Rybak on Nov. 5.Daniel MathiasBallston LakeVote early for Jaquith to Niskayuna boardlast_img