Minister Horvat presented the first 10 measures to help the economy

first_img1. Reprogramming of existing loans (with the introduction of a grace period in repayment of loan principal) and the introduction of a moratorium on credit obligations of HBOR clients and commercial banks on existing placements; 4. Increasing the scope of the guarantee fund for export insurance by including the eligible beneficiaries in the tourism sector, economic operators engaged in indirect exports or suppliers of direct exporters; 8. Moratorium on all installments of ESIF Micro and Small Loans until 31.12.2020. years; 7. Increase of the guarantee rate of HAMAG-BICRO from 65% to 80% of the loan principal with shortening of the processing procedure and additional allocation of EUR 15 million for Micro working capital loans (up to EUR 25.000), with a maximum interest rate of 1%; Below is a set of proposed measures: Finally, Minister Horvat notes that after ensuring the conditions for the implementation of the first 10 measures, talks have begun on creating new tools that will be able to intervene in a timely manner to all possible situations in the economy segment. 10. Possibility of activating part of the budget funds as a contribution to the intervention sector support to entrepreneurs (national grant). 2. Approval of new liquidity loans to economic entities for financing salaries, overheads and other basic operating costs, in cooperation with commercial banks; After the decision preventing the growth of prices of key products for the supply of the Croatian market and export of those products for which there is a possibility of shortage in Croatia, Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Darko Horvat presented tonight the first 10 measures from the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. which will be presented as a proposal at tomorrow’s session of the Government. 6. Intervention purchase of surpluses in livestock and field production, fruit and vegetable growing, and other products from potentially endangered industrial and agricultural producers; 3. Approval of guarantees (insurance policy) to exporting commercial banks and HBOR, within the export insurance guarantee fund; In the first step, it is important to provide the necessary liquidity to entrepreneurs “The purpose of all the measures we plan to take and about which we have had very intensive talks so far is to save jobs and the domestic economy, and to provide the necessary liquidity to our entrepreneurs in the first wave, through a moratorium or deferral of loan obligations, introduction of new working capital credit lines. and similar”, The minister explained. 5. Provide for the possibility of introducing extensions of deadlines for the implementation of investment projects and introducing an additional grace period of three years for the preservation of jobs through the Amendments to the Law on Investment Promotion; 9. Increasing the de minimis support limit from € 200.000 to € 500.000; He also stressed that in the coming period we expect changes in certain economic relations, both nationally and globally, which is why it is important to remain rational and flexible. “At the moment, we are aware that carriers, traders and exporters suffer the most, but we must take into account all possible scenarios, taking into account all branches of the Croatian economy, from craftsmen, through micro, small and medium enterprises to large companies.” said Horvat. These measures will be intended primarily for entrepreneurs and craftsmen with the aim of mitigating the negative impact of coronavirus on their business and on the overall Croatian economy. As the Minister pointed out, this is only one part of a broader package of measures that have been agreed in recent days with all departments, chambers and institutions, as well as representatives of employers’ associations, banks, exporters and others.last_img