Criteria for defining the status of “vulnerable businessman” in the hospitality sector

first_imgOperational measures aimed at providing assistance to thousands in self-isolation and saving jobs by ensuring minimum economic activity in the hospitality industryVouchers for food delivery to citizens in isolation and the elderly RELATED NEWS: Value vouchers co-finance part of the invoice up to HRK 20,00, and the difference is paid by the client.  I. Criteria for defining the status of “endangered businessman due to the action of infection with the new virus COVID-19 (coronavirus) At this point, it is important to note that all business people are at risk due to the effects of the infection. Turnover has fallen to such an extent that in most cases it is no longer there, and it is realistic to expect that the economic activity of the sector will be reduced to a minimum. Stoga se traži donošenje odluke o privremenom zatvaranju ugostiteljskih objekata svih kategorija na nacionalnoj razini uz iznimku rada pripreme i usluživanja (dostave) hrane i pučkih kuhinja uz pridržavanje svih protuepidemijskih  mjera donesenih od strane Hrvatskog zavoda za javno zdravstvo te žurno provođenje mjera u nastavku. Measures aimed at ensuring the payment of salaries to employees and retaining employmentSubsidizing 100% of wages for workers who are currently out of work or working at a significantly reduced intensityExemption from the obligation to pay taxes and contributions on the salaries of workers who are currently out of work or who work at a significantly reduced intensityAdmission of people to the labor exchange without notice and severance pay with the obligation to employ them by the employer after normalizationIntroduction of a temporary moratorium on the application of the provisions of the Minimum Wage Act and collective and branch agreements for the affected sectors, as well as the provisions on the minimum wage for directors and business ownersSuspenzija dijela obveza po radnom pravu  i pojednostavljivanje poslovnih procedura u radnom odnosu ( raspored sati, preraspodjela, dnevni odmor ) obzirom na izvanredne okolnosti Introduction of value coupons for employment needs to perform occasional jobs in the hospitality industry Measures aimed at regulating relations with the State and Local and Regional Self-Government UnitsReduction of the VAT rate on the preparation and serving of soft drinks and beverages, beer and wine inside and outside restaurants from 25 to 13% without delayReduction of the VAT rate for tourism from 13 to 5% without delay until the end of 2020.Moratorium on VAT payment until the end of 2020 with further agreement on installment payment for a period of 3 yearsExemption from VAT on donation of surplus goods / exemption from VAT on failed goods due to the decline in economic activityAbolition of advance payment of income taxRepeal of the obligation to pay a flat fee of membership fees and taxes on extra beds50% reduction in flat income tax and tourist tax on permanent bedsRepeal of the obligation of “recategorization” which enters into force in November this year (Article 11 of the ZOUD)Abolition of consumption taxes at the state levelSuspension of payment of parafiscal benefits that will not jeopardize fiscal stability (eg HRT, ZAMP, HOK, HGK)Suspension of collective agreements of public services until the normalization of the systemSuspension of payment of utility fees, fees for terraces and advertisements, surtaxes, monument rents, services of utility companies (to the extent that they do not jeopardize the normal operation and provision of services of local governments and utility companies) Fellow citizens in isolation and the elderly are the most at-risk group and we must pay special attention to them. Delivering food to your doorstep will help them stay disciplined and minimize the need for exposure to coronavirus. Measures aimed at regulating relations with banks and ensuring liquidityMoratorium on loan repayment during an exceptional decline and closure of economic activityOsiguravanje posebne beskamatne kreditne linije  (HBOR) uz 100 %-tne garancije HAMAG BICRO-a za osiguravanje likvidnosti gospodarstvenika, s počekom od najmanje 12 mjeseci  u iznosu troškova 3 mjeseca plaće i hladnog pogona iz 2019. do 36 mjeseciSecuring commercial bank loans on commercial terms with a 100% guarantee from HAMAG BICRO to ensure the liquidity of businessmen, with a grace period, in the amount of the costs of 3 months of salary and cold drive from 2019 to 36 months Decrease in revenues of at least 20% in the observed month compared to 2019, taking into account the corrective factors concerning available / engaged capacities in the observed period.  Uslijed djelovanja zaraze novim koronavirusom, zbog iznimnog pada i privremenog gašenja gospodarske aktivnosti mikro, mali i srednji gospodarstvenici  su suočeni sa: The National Association of Caterers has published criteria for defining the status of “vulnerable businessman” in the hospitality sector in accordance with the current situation around the coronavirus. The proposed measures were sent to the Ministry of Tourism, which we enclose in its entirety. cessation of the need to perform certain tasks due to the decline and closure of economic activity, retention of employment and the inability to pay salaries and contributions to employees inability to pay credit obligations to banksinability to meet obligations to the State, Local and regional self-government units and suppliers. Vouchers are usable in the specified monthly period, and caterers will create a special offer for them up to 30, 40 and 50 kuna NATIONAL CATERERS ‘ASSOCIATION: Criteria for defining the status of “endangered businessman due to infection with the new COVID-19 virus (coronavirus)” and measures to help entrepreneurs to reduce the negative consequences of infection with the new COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) Photo: Therefore, as a criterion for defining the status of “endangered businessman due to the infection with the new virus COVID-19 (coronavirus)” we propose: Issuance of daily value vouchers in the amount of HRK 20,00, a total of HRK 600,00 per month, by the state and local self-government for all residents who are in isolation and those older than 60 with residence in the Republic of Croatia to co-finance delivery prepared, thermally processed food from catering facilities. Measures to help the economy and the tourism sector are being coordinated and should be known and in the hands of the government tomorrow, when they should go through the parliamentary procedure through legal proposals and finally be implemented at the end of the week.  Marin Medak, President of the National Association of Caterers II. Measures of assistance of the Government of the Republic of Croatia to businessmen with the aim of reducing the negative consequences caused by the infection with the new virus COVID-19 (coronavirus) PROPOSAL OF THE NATIONAL CATERERS ‘ASSOCIATION: VOUCHERS FOR EVERYONE IN SELF-INSULATION AND THE ELDERLY NATIONAL CATERERS ‘ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCES PROPOSAL FOR EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES IN CATERING AND REQUIREMENTS TOWARDS THE STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS The proposed measures are based on existing information and announcements. Given the current situation, the measures should enter into force without delay. If circumstances worsen, it will be necessary to take a wider range of measures.last_img