Diving tourism in Istria generated 200.000 overnight stays

first_imgRepresentatives of companies engaged in diving tourism in Istria, gathered at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Pula County Chamber, where a session of the Professional Group of Diving Tourism ŽK Pula was held to discuss this year’s tourist season. THE FIRST CROSS ROAD UNDER THE SEA IN THE WORLD OFFICIALLY OPENED IN TROGIR The tourist season in diving centers lasts for almost half of the year, and there are many centers that work all year round. Tourist diving is a strong motivator of arrival for guests who prefer special forms of tourism, so diving centers are recognized as an important stakeholder in the development of tourism in the Istrian County. “Diving centers are an important factor in preserving the seabed and ecology – after diving, divers almost always bring the waste they have collected underwater”Concluded Srečec. The diving tourism professional group of ŽK Pula points out that next year the professional group, among other things, plans to organize guest lectures at colleges and high schools in order to promote occupations in diving tourism and present activities to as many potentially interested young people who could future employment. found right in the diving centers. “Therefore, it is important to cooperate with the local community and network with other service providers in tourism in order to create the highest quality destination service that can meet the needs of guests in all segments of the stay in the destination”Points out Marko Srečec, president of the Diving Tourism Professional Group of ŽK Pula. The underwater world of the Istrian peninsula is rich in diverse and preserved flora and fauna, but also attractive underwater walls and reefs, caves and shipwrecks. NEW DIVING RULE ON DIVING ON THE CROATIAN COAST PRESENTED Istria is an increasingly interesting destination for guests of diving tourism, and this is best illustrated by the concrete figures of 200.000 overnight stays, not counting the daily visits made by tourists whose main motive for coming to the destination is diving. Diving centers (Cmas, paDI, NITROX, apNEa) are organized by diving centers throughout Istria, which take guests to attractive underwater locations. Also, they can rent quality and proven equipment or service their own. And it is important to point out that greater proximity to diving is provided by the proximity of the hyperbaric chamber located in Pula. Cover photo: Pexels.com by Maël BALLAND RELATED NEWS: In 2019, on the basis of a public tender of the Ministry of Culture, permits were obtained for performing underwater activities in inland waters and territorial sea in areas where cultural goods are located. The diving centers pointed out that they are satisfied with the cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, emphasizing the mutual interest in the maximum preservation of the underwater cultural heritage of the Adriatic. For the promotion of diving tourism, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County in 2012 issued a brochure in five languages ​​with diving locations and a brief description of all locations. Attachment: BROCHURE: ISTRIA DIVING last_img