The first theme park Fun Park Mirnovec opens on July 15

first_imgThe first theme park for children and adults in Croatia, Fun Park Mirnovec, which is being built in Biograd na Moru, following the example of the world’s famous adrenaline entertainment centers, will open its doors on July 15. 2017In Biograd na Moru, along the Adriatic Highway on 45.000 square meters, final preparations and completion of works are underway so that everything is ready for the first guests from July 15, so Croatia will finally get top tourist content that we chronically lack. “The official opening is 15.7., While from 05.07. a limited number of tickets will be released for sale and can be purchased through the park’s website, and after the opening it will be possible to buy them at the entrance to the park. Prices will range from 110 kn to 190 kn depending on the type of ticket and season. Every day we receive a large number of inquiries from foreigners and locals via info e-mail and telephone, which confirms the great interest in the region. ”Points out Slobodan Bursać, director of sales and marketing.The construction of Fun Park Mirnovec, the largest investment in the entertainment industry in the country, is worth about 12 million euros, and the investor is a regional leader and well-known producer of film and entertainment effects, Mirnovec pyrotechnics from Samobor. The uniqueness of the park is a business concept that has been successfully proven for decades in far more developed markets around the world, and it is a combination of adrenaline rides and fun for children in one place.Visitors to the park will have at their disposal 24 attractions divided into three thematic units: Pirate City, Space and the Wild West. Of the 24 attractions, the most interesting are certainly the Adria Eye, from which you can see the entire panorama, from the Kornati islands to Lake Vrana, as well as the Tornado and Big Blue rollercoaster. Also, within the park there will be a meaningful animation program, as well as a rich catering offer, both for children and for children. The great news is that the park will be open all year round, and the working hours of the park will be from 11 am to 23 pm. ” The park will be open from Easter to the New Year, while in the pre-season and post-season it will work on weekends, and in the tourist season of course every day. Although the season is the main part of the park’s business year, we will provide team building services, celebrations, theme parties and other entertainment to complete the offer and operate in the pre / post season.. ”Bursać points out.Fun Park Mirnovec has a capacity of 5.000 to 8000 people, and the annual number of visitors is estimated at about 150.000-180.000. This whole great tourist story counts 120, of which 20 are full-time employees and the rest are students and seasonal employees. “The opening of a park of this size and this kind of content will have great positive effects for this part of the region. New jobs, student jobs and attracting foreign guests are just some of the positive effects from which the surroundings will benefit. We have excellent cooperation with local authorities and tourist boards, and the common goal is to extend the season. ”Concludes Bursać.Biograd na Moru is a great location because it is located in the center of the Adriatic, and the focus is not only on Dalmatia, but on the entire wider region. Also, the amusement theme park is a phenomenal tourist content, which our tourism lacks so much. This is proved by the interest of current guests from Zadar, Šibenik and other destinations, who can hardly wait for the opening of the amusement park.Global trends in the amusement park industryWhether it is a theme, amusement, water or educational park, a technology museum, a zoo or an aquarium, the demand for this type of entertainment is not growing. All over the world, existing parks are being continuously upgraded and improved, and new ones are being opened.According to research by the International Amusement Park Association (IAAPA), the amusement park industry has a significant impact on national economies. The United States is the most developed market in the world. With 400 parks and 330 million visitors a year and revenues of $ 13 billion, they make up 52% ​​of the total world market.Europe is one of the most developed in terms of the number of parks per capita. It is a market with 300 parks, 163 million visitors a year and total revenues of $ 6 billion. Although comparisons with the booming Asian market are ungrateful, the old continent and the cradle of industry continue to grow at a rate of over 3% per year. The industry employs 53.000 people, and the number of visitors in the leading parks reaches a growth rate of up to 25% per year.Content, content and only quality contentThe motive for the arrival is not accommodation, but diverse, quality and authentic content of the tourist destination. Our biggest tourist advantage is precisely our incredible diversity and authenticity. Thousands of amazing stories that tourists want to see, experience and taste. It is through theme parks and museums that Croatia must build its tourist product in order to tell all our indigenous incredible stories.The first amusement theme park in the first year of operation plans to attract 180.000 visitors, and this great tourist story will certainly be a real impetus to the development of the destination and will increase the competitiveness of Biograd, Zadar County and beyond on the tourist map of Croatia. Also, such investments and tourist stories through the aspect of generating quality content must be declared strategic tourist projects, as well as have the great support of tourist institutions.An excellent tourist story that will raise the whole region to a higher level, primarily through the additional quality content of the tourist destination, which is chronically lacking in our tourism.last_img