Killing of FARC’s Alfonso Cano a Huge Victory for Colombia’s Santos

first_img BOGOTÁ — The death of the supreme commander of Colombia’s largest guerrilla group in an army operation last Friday was a massive blow to the rebel force and a huge victory for President Juan Manuel Santos. Guillermo Leon Saenz Vargas, better known by his nom de guerre Alfonso Cano, led the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). He was killed by army troops in the mountains of Cauca department in southwest Colombia shortly after government aircraft bombed his camp. Cano, 63, had been constantly on the run and in July, he narrowly escaped an army raid. In recent months, troops had flushed Cano out of his longtime safe haven — the rugged Hermosas canyon in the Andes. That forced him to flee south into territory where he was more vulnerable. By the end, his personal security detail had been reduced to 10 rebels. To disguise himself, Cano had shaved off the thick beard he had worn for decades. His food supplies were down to just a few pounds of rice and pasta. In another sign of the FARC’s breakdowns, Cano was pinpointed with the help of rebel informers. “It is the most devastating blow that this group has suffered in its history,” Santos said in a televised address hours after the operation. “I want to send a message to each and every member of that organization: demobilize… or otherwise you will end up in a prison or in a grave.” Indeed, the FARC has now lost five of its top commanders in the past three years, including former maximum leader Manuel Marulanda, military strategist Jorge “Mono Jojoy” Briceño, spokesman Raul Reyes, and Ivan Rios, a member of the FARC’s ruling secretariat. “The FARC is at a crossroads: either it can continue fighting or it can seriously consider a peace process,” said former President Andrés Pastrana, whose government held failed peace talks with the guerrillas between 1999 and 2002. “This raises the possibility of a Colombia without guerrillas, a Colombia without the FARC,” said Rodrigo Pardo, a former Colombian foreign minister. “This won’t happen soon, but it opens the door for peace talks or for a continuous weakening of the guerrillas.” Cano was a Bogotá academic and communist youth leader who joined the FARC in the late 1970s. One of the few intellectuals in a rebel organization dominated by uneducated peasants, Cano taught Marxism to recruits and grew close to maximum leader Marulanda, who had founded the FARC in the early 1960s. In 2008, shortly after the 78-year-old Marulanda died of a heart attack, Cano was appointed head of the rebel army. Cano took over a guerrilla organization that was in full retreat following a decade-long military offensive. For a brief period, he managed to shift momentum on the battlefield by engineering a return to lethal, hit-and-run tactics, which the FARC had dubbed the “rebirth plan.” Peace talks remain a strong possibility In each of the past three years, the number of FARC attacks and incidents involving snipers, mines and bombs climbed. During the first half of 2011, for example, these armed actions jumped 29 percent compared to the same period last year. Over the past month, the FARC has killed more than 30 soldiers in ambushes. The rise in violence led to the August resignation of Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera. But Pardo, the former diplomat, predicted that Cano’s death will provide a huge boost to Santos and to the morale of army troops. “This will stop speculation that the security policy is failing and that the armed forces are demoralized,” Pardo said. Jeremy McDermott, co-director of Insight Crime — a Bogotá think tank that tracks organized crime and conflict in Latin America — said one of the leading candidates to replace Cano is long-time FARC commander Iván Marquez, who is believed to be hiding in Venezuela. “Intelligence suggests that Marquez has already been responsible for much of the day-to-day running of the FARC, so should he take over the top job, there will be little interruption in rebel administration,” McDermott said. “The guerrilla financial base, thanks to drug trafficking, extortion and kidnapping, is solid.” One possibility, say experts, is that the FARC could break apart, with some units pursuing its war against the government while others become more involved in drug trafficking and other crimes. Colombia has already seen this trend with thousands of former paramilitaries, who once fought the guerrillas, forming drug-trafficking gangs. “The FARC is gradually turning into a drug cartel similar to what has happened to the remnants of the Shining Path guerrillas in Peru,” said Natalia Springer, a Bogotá security analyst. “ Expert: More violence is inevitable Santos, who served as defense minister under former President Alvaro Uribe, has often mentioned the possibility of peace talks. “We must not declare victory,” Santos said after learning of Cano’s death. “We are going to achieve peace, which has been so elusive for so many decades.” For now, Santos’ job-approval rating is sky-high, which gives him the political capital to engage with rebel negotiators. Since his election last year, Santos has also supported a number of policies, such as land reform and government compensation for war victims, that the FARC has long demanded. The Bogotá newsmagazine Semana said that despite his reputation for toughness, “Santos may be inclined to make peace with the guerrillas and go down in history as a transformative president.” But even if the two sides eventually sit down to negotiate, there could be a surge in combat ahead of talks, McDermott said. “For now, the conflict will continue and perhaps even escalate,” he said. “Both sides know that there is a strong possibility of negotiations in the next couple of years. Both sides will seek to strengthen their negotiating position. More violence is inevitable.” First of all, thanks to all those who truly confront the violence in our country. I don’t mean to say our current president has been the greatest in terms of governing. But we do have to stress his successes, which have paralyzed the groups outside the law. Then, I must mention that in our country, obviously, we won’t ever be able to put an end to all these terrorist organizations, since there is a diversity of lifestyles with a lack of awareness regarding the reality they are living. These unconscious beings are children who unfortunately are educated with a philosophy related to that of their superiors. HI WE HAVE TO KEEP LOOKING FOR PEACE BETWEEN THE TWO GROUPS: THE FARC AND THE GOVERNMENT. IN THE END THEY ARE COLOMBIANS. KEEPING THE CONVERSATION GOING IS THE WAY TO AVOID SPILLING MORE BLOOD. PEACE IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE. HUGS. KEEP IT UP, SO THAT ONE DAY WE WILL ALL END UP UNITED AS BROTHERS. When I heard President Santos saying he was after Alfonso Cano I had FAITH that he would get him. That’s why I congratulate the president, the minister of defense and the Colombian army for not letting down their guard, so that one day the rest will fall if they don’t turn themselves in. I want a Colombia free of guerrillas. 32 So many years have gone by and this is one of the few victories the Colombian army has had. Many years ago, the FARC kidnapped, killed and confiscated the assets of the Torrez family, a great friend. The family was forced to leave their properties valued at $100,000 dollars, which consisted of great tracts of sesame crops, radio equipment, tractors and many goods. It’s time for justice to be done. Keep it up, President Santos. The FARC have caused much pain and peace negotiations must be set up. That’s what I say. Our government, and more directly our members of the army or troops know where those rebels who have hurt our country so much are, they have murdered so many innocent people, children, elderly who deserve a dignified death, young people with professional futures and different potentials. Why don’t you go where they are and put an end to them? Even if you don’t want to give up the conflict, we are sick of this internal war in our country. We are all Colombians and above all siblings children of one Heavenly Father GOD GOD, MY GOD YOU PUT AN END TO THIS DAMN WAR WITH YOUR SINGULAR POWER, SINCE HUMAN POWER HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO IT…..——– I agree that dialogue is needed to avoid spilling the blood of our compatriots. Peace is not the absence of guerrillas, paramilitary groups or common criminality. Peace comes automatically when the causes that generate violence are eliminated. The governing class must guarantee the right to a dignified existence, to achieve that dignified life the guarantee of other rights is needed, such as — health, healthy food, education, decent housing, recreation and worthwhile employment with fair pay, among other things. Peace is not just the absence of guerrilla or paramilitary forces or common criminality. Peace comes automatically when the causes that generate violence are eliminated. The governing class must guarantee the right to a dignified existence, to achieve this dignified existence a guarantee of other rights is needed such as – health, healthy food, education, decent housing, recreation and decent work with fair pay, among other things. WHAT A GREAT OUTCOME EXCELLENT FOR ALL OF US WHO FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY Mr. President of Colombia, you can’t negotiate with the FARC terrorists. Enough childishness, the cancer must be rooted out, you have an army, if they are not capable, it would be an incredible display of a country’s incapacity. It’s a lack of intelligence, just learn from a Pinochet or a Fujimori, who completely eliminated terrorism. WHY HAVEN’T YOU? INCREDIBLE. I have always wished for a Colombia free of violence, full of peace, where we can live together. We must find the way to achieve a peace agreement with the guerrilla groups so that we aren’t associated abroad with drug trafficking, kidnapping and terrorism. Colombia is a very beautiful country that God has given to us. Let’s save it. Yes, we must combat violence, even if it’s with force, since there is no dialogue. THE FARC-EP WILL NOT BE DEFEATED AS EASILY AS PRESIDENT SANTOS BELIEVES, BECAUSE WHEN A GUERRILLA LEADER FALLS, ANOTHER REPLACES HIM, FIGHTING WITH EVEN MORE STRENGTH AND COURAGE…. SOME DAY THE FARC-EP WILL TAKE POWER, AND IT’S VERY CLOSE ALREADY. I wish both sides good luck and hope they reach an agreement, to attain precious peace. We will only be able to say we’ve won through dialogue, otherwise more blood will be spilled in this beautiful Colombia. Peace is the only key in the world to being happy LONG LIVE COLOMBIA’S GUERRILLA FORCES. PEDRO ANTONIO MARIN MARIN We should make peace, not war, but to all those criminals who don’t seem to have had a mother, be harsh with those… I live in Costa Rica, a peaceful country and I don’t understand how terrorists can kill women and children. I don’t believe they should be included in any plan to destroy democracy, justice and the security of any country in the world. Nothing justifies violence, but you can’t allow the death of innocent people in the world. GOVERNANCE IS NOT IMPROVED BY PUTTING AN END TO THE GUERRILLAS. THE COUNTRY IS IMMERSED IN POVERTY. UNEMPLOYMENT IS ON THE RISE, SO IS EXTREME POVERTY. THIS UNHAPPINESS LEAVES NO ROOM EXCEPT TO SHOW THAT OUR COLOMBIA IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE BEYOND THE BORDERS. IT’S ANOTHER LIE, WE ARE NOT BETTER. INSIDE THE COUNTRY NOBODY SWALLOWS THAT STORY. Peace is inside each one of us. In Colombia we can reach an arrangement with the guerrillas, but if they once again seek the path their ideologies; look for commonalities with democracy, with the people, little by little put down the weapons and start to learn about how the politics of government are managed. The governments have to open sources of employment to be able to sustain assistance policies, for the people who have been fighting or who live hidden because of the pressure of the state or other people’s ideas. Congratulations to the government, it’s good that they continue to chase them without giving up. But they should also go after the corrupt political class, which is still present in the institutions of government and who are and have been the reason for so much social resentment in our country. The political machinery is the same as, or maybe worse, than the guerrilla itself. They also hurt the country very much. Duplicate Congratulations to the Colombian army and to President Santos, but I don’t think this is the way to put an end to the enemy, since the government always goes around preaching that the FARC violates international humanitarian law, but they don’t realize or they try to hide that the first to do this is the government itself. I don’t think that massacring the guerrilla leaders and publishing the photos of their destroyed bodies will take us to a happy ending, to the contrary, since with this the guerrilla fighters are motivated to seek revenge for the death of their leaders and hit the government with heavy blows. I say this because I, too, was part a guerrilla fighter. …Too bad that some don’t see that Peace is forced by pressure on a group, and in this case it’s military pressure by the Colombian state since the actions of the guerrilla are illegal… the FARC have already mocked not just once, but also shamelessly, THE WHOLE COUNTRY… and they have taken advantage of this… now may the strength of bombs make them surrender… I agree with everyone who condemns violence. The FARC is not guerrilla organization, it lost its way long ago and got involved in illegal activities. They’re a bunch of savages; miscreants who just want to live well off the backs of a population that hates them. Ignorance is the characteristic that makes a human being vulnerable. Don’t they know about the secret graves that Mr. Uribe has all over Colombia?? They’re responsible for the murder of thousands of Colombians!!! We’re in the midst of a century of technology and alternative information and still they’re ignorant. War doesn’t bring anything but poverty to the world and it’s not going to end with the death of a criminal, all it does is feed the thirst for revenge. Humanitarian agreements and pardons would save the lives of many compatriots and lots of money which could be invested in education and in poverty. THE DEATH OF A HUMAN BEING IS ALWAYS PAINFUL. IT’S EVEN MORE PAINFUL WHEN IT’S CAUSED BY FIREARMS AND BY ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. ARMED CONFRONTATION DUE TO POLITICS NEEDS TO BE ABANDONED. THE TIME IS NOW, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE TODAY WE KNOW ABOUT WAYS TO FIGHT THAT CAN PROVIDE VICTORIES TO MODELS THAT ARE BETTER THAN BOURGEOIS DEMOCRACY. TODAY IT IS POSSIBLE TO CALL FOR BUILDING A SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY. THE COLOMBIANS SHOULD GIVE THEMSELVES A CHANCE AND NEGOTIATE PEACE. How sad the Colombians are bloodthirsty with their own people. They will never be at peace this way, they’ll have sadness, deaths, blood, desolation and lots of pain. As a Colombian citizen and friend of tranquility, if not to say Peace, I agree with opening a cordial dialogue between the government and the guerrilla force, but it will be exclusively to put down arms (the guerrillas) and give pardon to those who have not ordered or committed massacres. So they can be given jobs sweeping, shining shoes, washing cars, as bricklayers, caring for animals; not for employment in security; because they don’t have the mental capacity for anything else. Leave the jungle! You’ve got a better life in the city; leave the life of crime and become productive citizens. It’s never too late to turn yourselves in, now is your best chance to get out of terrorism. Long live Colombia! No more FARC terrorism!!! Colombia deserves to live in peace. Peace is achieved through education, employment, equality, social justice, and other means, which the government preaches very well from the high courts, house, senate, ombudsman, civil organizations, presidency of the republic, etc.; but they don’t apply effectively, truly and objectively to the territory and different areas of the admin… example of injustice: THE DECISIONS against and BUREAUCRACY THE POOR MUST FACE IN THE DIFFERENT GOVERNMENTAL ADMINISTRATIVE AND JUDICIAL ENTITIES AND HOW ABOUT THE SALARIES??? of Colombians minimum wage should be at least : 1,000,000 not that ridiculous MISERABLE AMOUNT, COMPARED TO THE HIGH SALARIES THE POLITICIANS GET, ON TOP OF THE CUTS, THE GIFTS, THE COMMISSIONS OR THE FAMOUS REPRESENTATION EXPENSES THAT ARE BONUSES, and what about the EXTREMELY HIGH COST OF TUITION, CLASSES, ETC. OF HIGHER EDUCATION, and who controls THIS???? DOESN’T IT FALL UNDER THE DUTIES OF THE STATE, THE CONSTITUTION SAYS THAT EDUCATION IS FREE…. this is very little given how badly off we are in reality… WITH THESE IRREGULARITIES IT IS IMPOSSIBLE AND UNFAIR TO TALK ABOUT PEACE…chasing rebels is part of the oppression and aggression against the people… THE CITIZENRY needs to be educated, to be offered opportunities for a decent life and to demand it…. When the white collar bandits finish killing the terrible and apparently sole “enemy” who will free us from the entrenched line of high class thugs who have always “governed” Colombia as if governing those they hate the most? Violence has never solved any conflict. On the contrary, it has made it worse and history shows this. We must respect our adversaries and listen to them. No one has a monopoly on the truth. Both the FARC and the Colombian government are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. It is due to the Colombian government’s servility to the government of the U.S. that they exist, since the United States created them initially, and now they have left the Colombian people with this evil. “The American Gods,” sooner or later will pay for all their evil deeds. What achievement? What has been achieved? The issue is that Santos, as Minister and now as President, has limited himself to removing this type of character, but I say that it would be good for President Santos to consider the possibility of coming to some type of agreement with the FARC peacefully through dialogue and negotiations, it’s not enough to keep killing their leaders. Instead of calming the armed group’s terrorist intentions, this awakens more resistance. The secretariat is successive and there will be no point at which the guerrilla leadership will come to an end anytime soon. They must think of the imminent freeing of all the kidnapping victims first of all. The way the government is doing things, nothing will be achieved since it would just incite the FARC to continue with their terrorist crimes. What the current government is doing is challenging and underestimating the guerrilla group, it is not achieving anything. WHY IS IT THAT THERE ARE STILL IGNORANT PEOPLE IN COLOMBIA WHO BELIEVE THAT WITH THE DEATH OF COMRADE CANO THE GUERRILLA FORCE IS DONE? THE GUERRILLA FIGHT WILL END THE DAY THERE IS SOCIAL CHANGE. We all have to die, Santos, all of us. No one escapes that. Some die one way and others another. Some for one cause and others for another. Some choose a heroic death, glorious, deeply moving. Others prefer to die of old age, of a heart attack or diabetes, after a long illness in bed or drugged up in the middle of a bordello. It’s like life, some rather live it making money and getting fat like pigs, or having surgery to keep young, stepping all over everyone else and putting on airs. Others choose more noble paths. And they are very happy that way. It’s a matter of conscience. Trying to intimidate them to make them accept living like the former is a mistake. And it’s even worse to kill them. To intend to exhibit yourself as a model of civilization and decency giving the order to have them quartered by bombs, lead and machine guns. Or however else. For example, two bullets to the back when they get home at night. Or beaten to a pulp in a cell. Or dismembered by a chainsaw. Or lop off their head with a machete. Excellent news about the possibility of PEACE in Colombia, but with the U.S.A. involved, I doubt very much it will happen. They have very large interests in Colombia and a war between brothers allows them to do their business, such as selling WEAPONS made by them to the different groups and even more importantly, while COLOMBIA is immersed in a war it won’t allow the country to become an economic power and that way Colombia will always be dependent on the nation in the north. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE the Colombian government made was to accept the involvement of the UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA on their land. PEACE FOR COLOMBIA AND ITS INHABITANTS, kick out the Americans… I am surprised at how much ignorance and recklessness people reveal in the chat room, especially if they call themselves Colombians. Verbiage like calling upon God to “put an end” to the guerrilla fighters, assuming that they are the architects of the war, is just one rampant example. What a lack of analysis; we’re standing on top of the manure itself and are unable to see the real reason it stinks so much. MURDERERS MURDERERS MURDERERS MURDERER A THOUSAND TIMES MURDERERS, YOU PIECES OF MEAT WITH NO BRAINS ARE THE WORST, YOU ARE SO COWARDLY THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO KILL 4 MILITARY MEMBERS KIDNAPPED BY YOU WITH A SHOT TO THE HEAD. YOU ARE THE PUS OF THE WORLD As long as there is injustice there will be problems. Many countries have problems, especially because of corruption, and that causes social difficulties, which make some rise up against the system. This occurs in politics, in societies and in religion. What has to be fought is corruption, in order to create an environment of credibility. Put faith in the one God who created the heavens and the earth, who one day will judge all through Christ. Put faith in his Son Jesus for our salvation. In this short life on earth, act with equity and for the welfare of all people. Use the homeland’s resources so there may be health, education, and work. Be hard and severe toward those who do evil, because in the New Testament, Paul wrote: The judges aren’t there to sow fear in he who does right, rather in he who does evil; therefore if you do evil, fear, since not in vain do they carry arms. Hi, the FARC bandits who murder defenseless people don’t deserve more than lead fruit over the camps of those bandits who only hurt Colombia, Mr. President what the guerrilla force did has no place rather it is like a challenge to you sir, I would like to add my grain of sand by putting on the uniform which I wore proudly when I was able to and I hope the new strategic plan no longer has the clause that held back the troops, supposedly because they had kidnapped prisoners, no they were following them to protect their lives, now there are no more excuses this plague has to be put to an end sir, thank you very much and may it be so and spirits up because Mr. Uribe had as much in his government, he had the full support of the people, you have it too SPIRITS UP…….. MR. PRESIDENT We should ask ourselves just one thing to realize what the FARC are about and that is tell me just one good work or fact that has benefited the Colombian people? They have done nothing, but they do massacre us, they terrorize us, they fill us with hate through useless deaths and this way we hope that one day they’ll be our leaders. Hypothetically, how would the country be in the hands of these murderous hermits? It will be like Russia, they would have to make all of us good citizen Colombians disappear to be able to govern, they are a heap of murderers, they are, and of course they would kill each other since they are already used to it, because there is no respect within the structures of these murderers and fear is their way to command themselves, might it be we wake up one day and that load of murderers will have gone off to Venezuela or Ecuador, the best places they could be in the end, the fleas are friends with every dog and those two presidents do know how to manage their assassins, of course putting an end to the honest, decent, educated and studious population, because the more stupid the people are the better they are able to operate. I do not agree with the people who congratulate presidents and ministers when they assassinate several people, whatever the cause may be, they are still human beings. Those who should be congratulated are those sons of fathers and mothers, who are the ones who expose their lives in combat, the ones who hear the buzz of the bullets in their ears while the president and his ministers are running around outside of this internal war which is killing even innocent people. Colombians, if we don’t put an end to the corruption inside government, never, unfortunately, will there be peace in this beautiful country that God gave us. It’s good to put an end to the ills that overwhelm a dying country, but my young heart is concerned that the methods used are not questioned. Shamelessly they show the dead skin of people taking away all their humanity and making the enemy look like something similar to an animal. I do not support the FARC and I am happy the group is in decline, but nor do I like the government’s methods and even beyond this I ask, What will happen when the FARC are gone? Will poverty, inequality, and hunger end? I am saddened to say so, but in my humble opinion I do not think so, we still have a long row to hoe forgotten by the people and buried by our leaders. It’s been clear for centuries!!!… Dictatorships fall, assassins die the way they assassinate, injustice generates poverty and hatred. Both the governments that take advantage of the people’s ignorance and the guerrilla force that seeks a peaceful answer using weapons ARE WRONG. Only love produces justice, only tools produce food and technology, only with more equipped schools CAN THERE BE PEOPLE TO PROTECT DEMOCRACY. So, gentlemen leaders of Colombia, and gentlemen strategists of the guerrilla force… What do you want for the people???…. More poverty and social fear, or DO YOU TRULY WANT AN EXEMPLARY COLOMBIA FOR THE WORLD!!!!.. Violence and the privatization of the life of any citizen is NOT the way to achieve PEACE. Pray and seek a means of COMMUNICATION… OR YOU WILL BE DESTINED TO LIVE IN FEAR AND WORSE TO LOSE TIME… AND SADLY TO NOT ENJOY YOUR LOVED ONES, IF YOU HAVE ANY OR YOU VALUE THEM. It’s clear through the centuries!!! Dictatorships fall, murderers die the way they kill, injustice gives birth to poverty and hate. The governments who take advantage of the ignorance of the people, and the guerrilla force that looks for an answer for peace using weapons ARE WRONG. Justice only comes through love. Food and technology only come through tools and only with more equipped schools CAN THERE BE PEOPLE TO PROTECT DEMOCRACY. So governing leaders of Colombia, and guerrilla strategists… What do you want for the people???? More poverty and social fear, or DO YOU TRULY WANT AN EXEMPLARY COLOMBIA FOR THE WORLD!!!! …. violence and privatizing the life of any citizen is NOT the way to achieve PEACE. Pray and find a way to COMMUNICATE… OR YOU WILL BE DESTINED TO LIVE IN FEAR AND WORSE TO LOSE TIME….AND SADLY NOT ENJOY YOUR TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES, IF YOU HAVE ANY OR YOU VALUE THEM. Santos should pray that Christ would make the FARC reflect, so they could form a political party, like the FMLN in El Salvador. Taking pleasure in the death of a criminal does not lead to more caring, sensitivity and reason. Let’s remember that unknown forces are not tamed through violence. Here, there and beyond, the bad will fall without one shot, if and only if there is trust in the power of Christ… Walter, I don’t understand the nonsense you’re telling us about, what graves? The ones that were later determined NOT TO EXIST? or the ones that were “confused” with legal cemeteries? Don’t cause confusion, because if that were true, YEARS ago thousands of families would have been complaining… in any case, that does not justify that the guerrilla force’s murders with no political foundation, since IT ALREADY LOST IT! SUCRE – BOLIVIA . CUCHILLA… You are so lost my friend… working for the growth of Bolivia is better than coming to look for a ridiculous death in Colombia… The guerrilla force can’t stand any more pronouncements from sleep-deprived revolutionaries or any more obtuse ideals, blinded with hate… don’t fight against 95% of the population, because all you will achieve is to be another futile martyr of that blind “struggle.” … My wishes for YOUR peace and that of my country. The day you stop producing COCAINE and stop being the largest drug producers peace will come to you, the day you stop having the U.S. in your territory peace will come, Regards from an American brother in Buenos Aires. It’s that ignorance is daring, that is why there are so many people who speak without even having knowledge of the history of their country. You have to be well informed about what is happening in the world… such as for ex.: Alfonso Cano was a leader who had already advocated for peace and unilateral liberation of the prisoners of war. But as was to be expected, the true guerrillas, in other words the Colombian state, preferred to see its soldiers dead than to exercise true democracy in Colombia. It’s been a long time since the FARC stopped being a guerrilla force with a political ideology. Today all they are is a gang of criminals, drug traffickers, assassins, rapists, kidnappers and terrorists who have to be taken out from the roots like a cancer, without contemplation or mercy. Those who still do not understand this reality and who defend these criminals, who applaud them and justify all the evil they do, surely must be part of the group or somehow benefit from their illegal actions… or they are, sadly, mentally ill as well. Whoever supports these despicable people, it’s because they’re equally inhumane and savage, there can be no dialogue with these animals, all that counts is an iron fist until they are exterminated, if Colombia can’t do it alone, it should ask for urgent help from the international community and they should stick a bomb into each guerrilla drug trafficker’s mouth, those people do not deserve to continue to be mowed down, the same for Mexico, the same for Venezuela, which is full of bad elements. The FARC has had plenty of undeniable opportunities to come back into society, but they have always mocked the country with their lies, so now then they shouldn’t complain. We Colombians want them out no matter how and those who want them so much can take them in. Only the native people of Colombia are the ones who have lived through the suffering this plague has caused us. May God be the one to have mercy on them. The true Victory for any president is not to kill a terrorist. The true Victory for a president and his country is to put an end to the corruption, injustice and social inequality that makes these people take those paths. IT IS VERY TRUE THAT PEACE MUST BE ACHIEVED BUT IF WE LOOK WE SEE THE GUERRILLA FORCE HAS CAUSED MUCH DAMAGE TO THE COUNTRY AND IT IS AN UNACCEPTABLE SITUATION, BUT THE ARMED FORCES OF THE COUNTRY HAVE also COMMITTED HORRENDOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY SUCH AS THE FALSIFIED EVIDENCE SPONSORED BY THE GREAT CRIMINAL ALVARO URIBE, SUCH AS THE RAPES AND MURDERS OF THOSE THREE LITTLE CHILDREN BY A MEMBER OF THE ARMED FORCES, AND PEACE WILL COME UNDOUBTEDLY, BUT WHAT MR PRESIDENT WANTS IS FOR THE OPPOSITION TO TURN THEMSELVES IN ON THEIR KNEES WITH THEIR HANDS TIED, LET US NOT FORGET THAT THESE CRIMINALS ARE OUR COMPATRIOTS AND THEY HAVE CERTAIN RIGHTS. Peace is not achieved by putting an end to the opposition, it is a matter of finding common ground between the players to achieve a common benefit, the government and the opposition must move forward, but not just with skirmishes, rather with proposed structures of general benefit, don’t forget the people are the most important part within a society, let’s set precedence and go outside society, let’s show we are the maximum expression of all that exists. How long will we keep killing each other just out of an ambition, to accumulate more and more power represented by weapons, possessions and political followers who don’t follow you because they find a better opportunity with you. Rather, because they have no other choice, if your differences are truly based on the welfare of the people put a stop to your fratricidal war and an end to the massacres, kidnapping, bombing, murders and all those actions that go against human integrity and join together to fight in a reasonable way against corruption, hunger, extreme poverty, injustice, extreme exploitation of man by man, ignorance and other scourges that plague today’s society. Don’t forget that the guerrilla force was created to fight for the people as much as the government was elected to watch over the people’s welfare, don’t forget there is something for all and each one of us, don’t be one more of those who believe it’s all for them BE LEADERS THROUGH CONSENSUS, NOT THROUGH IMPOSITION I do not agree with showing how the armed forces operate since that exposes them and they will take action to exploit areas where they fail to improve and in this way be successful at another time. The Liberal Party lacks criteria. It always gets on the victory bandwagon. When there are elections, it goes to the leaders of each region to get votes from them and then they want to seem as if they had nothing to do with it. They chase after positions. Rafael Pardo, you were bought off by a Ministry. Why don’t you expel Piedad Cordoba from the Liberal Party, which would make you more democratic or more opportunistic. Poor Liberal Party. Poor Colombia. Corrupt political class. Make up your mind, either you are or you aren’t. We’re done. No divided kingdom can prevail…Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, to God what belongs to God and to the people what belongs to the people. Brothers fighters of the FARC, we know of your strength of spirit and the truth of your struggle, that is why we Cambas (from Santa Cruz, Bolivia) send you our support in solidarity, faced with the abuses and trampling of the governing fascism, fight with the truth of your principles, as do the Camba people in the Grigotan plains of South America. CAMBA HOMELAND — WE WILL LIVE The violence in Colombia is a business the U.S. has with our corrupt governments to be able to loot the state and the oil wealth, the violence is an armed conflict that is very profitable to the weapons producers and if there is peace who will they sell weapons to. Every human being wants to make changes, it’s good to start with oneself and turn into a model, an example to be imitated, Jesus, considered to be son of Jehovah God, sowed the path, he only chose 12 people without caring about their activities, their race, their creed and he left them a command, continue to do this in memory of me and take the message all over the inhabited world, baptizing people who embrace the truth of what is written. Would you like to be a person who embraces changes and along with you be able to form an army of people so that along with the other 143,999 you will be at the forefront and have followers like you. Remember you can start any day, any day you can stop doing things and choose to change, the change can be now, tomorrow, in a month, maybe in a year, two years, three years, four years, five years, each of us decides when to be ready for that change. I was a believer in the ideas of the Colombian left, I felt represented by a guerrilla force that many years ago said it was of the people and for the people, I feel so disappointed today, so frustrated, THE TRUTH IS THAT NOW THEY DON’T REPRESENT ANYBODY, JUST THEMSELVES AND THEIR PROFITS FROM DRUG TRAFFICKING, recruiting minors, where do the commanders’ children go to school??? The best universities in the world if the people aren’t aware of this, the only thing they are provoking is for the governments to take huge amounts of money from their budgets to militarize the country and win the war, and the truth is they are doing it, But all that money could be put to better use, for social matters, but since the guerrilla force is “working for us, excused the government” WE WANT A COUNTRY WITH NO LEFT OR RIGHT JUST THAT WE ALL BE COLOMBIANS AS ONE, let’s not distance ourselves more from each other PEACE, PEACE, PEACE, I think this what the vast majority of Colombians are asking for, many generations have been born and if we continue like this we are going to die and the country will be at war, how sad. This is no triumph for the Colombian Government, it is another murder by the U.S. Army with bases in Colombia and what is the financial and social cost to the Colombian people? The war in Colombia will go on for a long time because of the obsession with power and wealth of the oligarchy and the need for work of some poor people, who sign on as mercenaries and the cheering squad for the Useful Idiots. The president should be congratulated because he is making the Colombian people feel safe, since the FARC are terrorists they can’t be pitied because they have no pity for anyone else. We don’t know what they do nor why they do it all we know is that they have a leader and after that one they have another one, well may God forgive him, but truly we have many ways of thinking about this life and what they do is not good — killing, trafficking, kidnapping, or other things, it’s for money, well, and if we think about it who gives them the weaponry and the desire to kill? it comes from many things 1. from government that provokes them 2. the people who have power over everything 3. some who want to betray the government. ””””””””’ who make up those groups of armies who are based ””””””””’ no one knows ””””””””’ what they do to eat, they look for the most powerful and exploitative, because in order to please the government that has them in a state of crisis, what can be done is an agreement, this isn’t about war or about spilling more blood, think about it, a lot of INNOCENT people die, no, no that’s not what is wanted, and anyway they’re in crisis, there are going to be more CRISES, look, there are lots of young people who don’t know why they’re in those groups. Lots who would have wanted a healthy life have essentially died without spilling blood. Well that’s how I think. I DON’T WANT ANY YOUTH OF MY AGE TO DIE, I KNOW IT’S GOOD TO WEAR A UNIFORM BUT IT CAUSES GREAT PAIN TO SEE A FRIEND DIE AND ONE THINKS THERE HAS TO BE REVENGE, NO NO NO FRIENDS let’s not do that… Ok, may God protect you, ejtvnz. Colombia needs a political force based on SOCIAL JUSTICE, but not like those who claim to be spokespersons of the class most in need of opportunities and a decent life. Some in jail for theft, others embedded in the bureaucracy, others wearing a uniform and even THE COLOMBIAN FLAG ON THEIR ARMS, have turned into PREDATORS OF THE POOR, and social assassins. How much money has the economy lost due to: corruption, kidnappings for ransom, extortion, pyramids schemes, BUT NO ONE SPONTANEOUSLY GIVES AWAY ONE PESO TO PUT AN END TO THE CAUSE OF THIS SOCIAL RESENTMENT: HUNGER. The best way to get those insurrectionists out of the jungle is to put Regoxal in all the rivers in Cauca and Magdalena . And then fill those cowards full of lead. Spirits up, President. We’ve learned to fly like birds, to swim like fish; but we haven’t learned the simple art of living like brothers…. Martin Luther King. Fully identified in the words of our President. The serpent is being hit hard; straight on the head and there are more black bags for those who follow or an outreached hand for lasting peace; as long as they turn over those who have been kidnapped. If they want to take it; but they aren’t going to do this for the basic reason that they completely lack any purpose that would relate them to the people. So our country only has the option of using military force to bring them down and giving our President all the support needed. Unfortunately the cowardly Colombian guerrilla forces, the savage guerrilla forces, who are well known for their criminality and for their leadership in drug trafficking, in addition to being the worst terrorists in Latin America, except for Presidents Chavez, Castro and Correa, and, of course, add to them Ortega and Morales, always attentive to the pronouncements of the former, who carry on the same way. This is my criticism: it’s never representative of the dear people of Venezuela and Ecuador, who support our country and acknowledge our struggle. Why are you celebrating a smoke screen, you should realize what’s going on behind your back, while the ignorant people celebrate, the government stabs them in the back and everyone is so happy THERE’S NO EASY SOLUTION, WE HAVE MORE THAN 100 BOOKS BY AUTHORS WHO ANALYZE THE PROBLEM, AND THE DIFFICULT SOLUTION, REMEMBER THAT COLOMBIA HAS HAD 12 DECLARED CIVIL WARS AND THE CURRENT ONE HAS LASTED 45 YEARS, EACH PRESIDENT PROMISES A SOLUTION WHEN HIS TERM IS OVER, YET THE PROBLEM CONTINUES TO EVOLVE. NOW IT’S A BUSINESS THAT MOVES MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! EVERY DAY THEY BECOME INCREASINGLY ORGANIZED AND IMPLEMENT NEW SMUGGLING TECHNIQUES BY AIR, LAND, SEA AND EVEN TECHNIQUES INVOLVING SUBMARINES! As a woman I do not believe it is right to show a corpse like a trophy the way the government does with the fallen guerrilla fighters, it’s a matter of dignity, the winner should not be as cruel as the vanquished, it is a human principle, I have always seen photos of the dead in Colombia because of the violence, now I see the famous bandits who were financed by the government in power, and then were persecuted until they assassinated them, we have not learned the lesson, they speak of the Jews/Israelis as murderers, of the Mossad their secret police as merciless assassins, but I think the most merciless assassins are in the government of my country, Colombia GENTLEMEN OF THE FARC THE ONLY THING BEING ASKED OF YOU IS TO RELEASE THE KIDNAPPED VICTIMS — WE WANT THEM ALIVE, NOT SHOT, HAVE PITY. YOU, TOO, HAVE FAMILIES — DO IT FOR THEM. PUT YOUR HAND ON YOUR HEART AND TURN THEM OVER SO THEY CAN SPEND THE END OF THE YEAR HOLIDAYS WITH THEIR FAMILIES. AS A COLOMBIAN WOMAN, I IMPLORE YOU. Everyone who is outside the law and against humanity has to be dealt with, no matter what. A dialogue between the victim and the perpetrator is like that of a cat and a mouse. Part of the guerrilla force’s mission is to create organisms to promote pity, to manipulate public opinion, Rómulo Betancourt told them: surrender and turn in your weapons, and you will have due process of the law, to the contrary you will be processed by the force of arms, the result, Rómulo beat them, sadly much blood was shed, but everyone learned that it wasn’t good to use violence to impose erroneous political views. Much less when they are drug traffickers’ mercenaries, who murder defenseless peasants and make their families move away. Violence generates violence, and it is in the interest of the state and its population that violence not be perpetrated by anyone. Long live Democracy and the Rule of Law, Happy New Year When the guerrilla movement was formed in Colombia, they had a socialist ideology. Today they continue to preach that ideology, but all their leaders are just simple crooks who get rich from the illegal trafficking of narcotics, and from the struggle of poor people enrolled in those guerrilla ranks for the miserable wages that are paid as a product of the drug trafficking. If there were no guerrilla force, the Colombian government would direct its efforts toward another area, such as, health, education, etc. There would be more prosperity and fewer deaths. HOW IGNORANT AND DEVOID OF ALL PRINCIPLES ARE THESE COLOMBIANS WHO CROW AT THE DEATH OF THEIR PEERS AND SHOW THEM OFF LIKE A TROPHY FOR THEIR ACTIONS IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD, IGNORAMUSES, DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT THEY ARE YOUR COMPATRIOTS, YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS, SONS OF THE SAME LAND, IN ADDITION, YOU FEEL PROUD AND HAPPY ABOUT THE DEATH OF A HUMAN BEING, HOW LOW CAN YOU GET! WHATEVER YOU SAY OR DO WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU, WELL THE GUERRILLAS ASKED FOR THAT AND THAT’S WHAT THEY DESERVE, THEY’RE NOT REVOLUTIONARIES, THEY’RE BANDITS. HOWEVER, PUTTING AN END TO THE LIFE OF A HUMAN BEING IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM AS SERIOUS AS TERRORISM IN COLOMBIA. WELL, IF IT GIVES SATISFACTION TO THE FAMILIES WHO, UNDER ORDERS FROM THIS individual, WERE MURDERED, KIDNAPPED, DISPLACED, AS WELL AS MANY ACTS OF TERROR. A CORDIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MILITARY FORCES OF COLOMBIA, MAINLY TO OUR GLORIOUS NATIONAL ARMY… DUPLICATE The FARC say they are the army of the people and they speak ill of the Colombian oligarchy, which they are a part of, since they’re just a few oligarchs with a few thousand slaves. that is who they are, given that while the poor guerrilla fighters eat rice they enjoy the money from extortions and drug trafficking. The only truth is that if the government would apply the laws correctly, which by the way are well made, and wouldn’t wipe their feet on a whole people… education, health, recreation, commerce, industry and everything that has to do with society and the economy, I believe and I am sure there would be no “guerrilla force”, or left-wing groups, because it has been proven that in countries where there is no misery, hunger, nakedness, and all that is inconvenient to a truly peaceful life for a human being… on that day there will be no insurgency… no drug trafficking.. no organized crime.. no common criminality… all that budget spent on weaponry, soldiers and police and military intelligence, the government is expected to spend on educating and advancing true human beings… Dr. Santos, with all due respect and admiration for your government, my message is: THERE IS NO PATH TO PEACE, PEACE IS THE PATH ITSELF.- my EMAIL ADDRESS IS .- [email protected] Well then, first of all I just want to contradict those who say the guerrilla force is declining, since in truth this is a lie, given that while they are demobilizing 10 bandits in the north of the country, in the south this terrorist group is recruiting 50 children, young women, etc. At that very same time on our Caribbean coast, 500 kilos of coca is being sent out that was produced in our mountains, all the while all over our Colombian territory our soldiers, our heroes, are being kidnapped… so why do you say the guerrilla force has declined if its main source of financing grows like rice… Colombia is positioned in the world as the main exporter of cocaine, so the many hectares of coca crops that have been eradicated do not mean that the percentage is falling…. what is really being done…. but we’re on the right track now, we can travel on the highways without worrying, well anyway, we saw during the presidency of Andres Pastrana that you can’t negotiate with the FARC, that with them it’s armed conflict to destroy them.. A President like Alvaro Uribe, without much negotiating and more action is what we need here… Thank you very much ….. The FARC have never had any direction at any point in their miserable existence, they have always been bullies, kidnappers, thugs, drug traffickers, they talk about social justice and all they do is displace the peasants to the city, set up antipersonnel mines that kill children and peasants; they have no soul, how many throats have they cut, people have they burnt alive, they force children into their ranks and they rape them, they get women pregnant and make them abort. The only Pity (Piedad) they have is Piedad Córdoba, who is only interested in opening a space for them so they can keep on with their crimes, they are very mistaken if they still think they’ll come to power. There will be peace in Colombia when they stop producing drugs and exporting them to the rest of the world, peace is not fought with more violence, but with a sincere dialogue. IT IS SO SAD THAT THERE ARE COLOMBIANS WHO PRAISE THE INSURGENT FORCES, ALL THEY DO IS CAUSE PAIN WITH THEIR COWARDICE AND A WEAK GOVERNMENT THAT THINKS JUSTICE IS FOR THE MOST CLEVER ONES. IT DOESN’T MAKE THE CORRUPT RETURN THE MONEY THEY ROBBED FROM THE PUBLIC TREASURY. EXAMPLE: MAYORS, GOVERNORS, COUNCIL MEMBERS, HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES, SENATORS. THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, WHO WILL PUT AN END TO THE INSURGENTS, WHO WILL DO AWAY WITH THE CORRUPT IN A BEAUTIFUL COLOMBIA THAT AS A COLOMBIAN MAKES ME VERY PROUD Long live Uribe and Santos for unifying Colombians on the mission to put an end to the murderous narco-guerrilla movement! IT IS SAD TO THINK THAT VICTORY IN DEATH, IS WITHOUT CHRIST, THE DEATH OF CANO IS A GREAT VICTORY FOR THE DEVIL, NOT FOR COLOMBIA, BECAUSE THE DEATH OF COLOMBIANS AT THE HANDS OF THEIR COLOMBIAN BROTHERS IS NOT A VICTORY FOR EITHER OF THE TWO SIDES, CHRIST IS LIFE AND DEATH WITHOUT CHRIST IS VICTORY FOR THE DEVIL, SO DON’T BE HAPPY ^-SANTO^^ FOR HAVING DELIVERED A LIFE TO SATAN, LEADING IT TO HELL. TRY TO FIND A PEACEFUL SOLUTION AND NOT THROUGH WEAPONS. WHY DON’T YOU FIGHT INSTEAD TO BENEFIT ALL COLOMBIANS AND CREATE A GOVERNMENT WHERE THE POOR IN COLOMBIA FEEL THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO ENJOY WHAT BELONGS TO THEM FROM THEIR LAND, THE RIGHT TO PEACE, TO FOOD, TO THEIR OWN ROOF, TO HEALTH AND TO LIVE TOGETHER AND IN HARMONY. IS IT HARD TO GET COLOMBIA TO LIVE IN PEACE/ WILL THERE EVER BE A PRESIDENT WHO ASKS THE GUERRILLA FIGHTERS, WHAT IS YOUR CAUSE FOR STRUGGLE, IS IT FOR THE PEOPLE, FOR DRUGS, FOR THE POOR, BECAUSE OF SOCIAL INJUSTICE, FOR PEACE, AND BRING THEM DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINS NOT THE MASSACRE THEM LIKE BEINGS WHO HAVE NO REASON TO EXIST. AREN’T THEY, TOO, COLOMBIANS, SANTOS, CHRIST FORGAVE ALL THOSE WHO CRUCIFIED HIM, WHY ARE YOU NOT CAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING, SINNER THAT YOU ARE, THAT YOU WERE FORGIVEN AT THE MOMENT WE ALL DESERVED TO DIE, IF CHRIST HAD NOT SAID; FATHER FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. NO ONE WOULD HAVE ESCAPED GOD’S WRATH, BECAUSE WE, TOO, ARE PARTICIPANTS IN THE DEATH AND CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST. KINGS WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD. The President must be tired of offering to dialogue with the guerrillas, and what is the response from them? Do they accept in good faith to demobilize and to stop massacring the people? No. Then how many are willing to surrender their lives and the lives of their families? Because if they are willing to do that, we should ask the Government to cease the fighting and allow them to do it. Keep doing what they like and both the Government and the people will be a joke. I agree with some of the previous comments and my opinion is: HOW SAD THAT THE DEATH OF A HUMAN BEING MAKES US HAPPY. Furthermore, we do not know even the reason for their struggle. They believe they are right to come to the point of dying for their cause. Someone who is not sure of their acts doesn’t do that. In addition, WHO IS FARTHEST FROM GOD: THEY THAT KILL US, OR WE THAT ARE PLEASED THAT THEY DIE? Definitely, if the corruption within the Government does not end, the war will never end. The inequality that exists in the country will not end. We see rich people get much more rich, and the poor people get even poorer. The fate of Cano is the same fate that awaits anyone who raises arms against Colombia. Congratulations Armed Forces. And as always, it doesn’t make you happy… ….but you do breathe a small sigh of relief. One should not speak ill of the dead. He’s dead, good. The government should not consider just putting an end to the guerrilla movement, the first thing to consider is putting an end to corruption inside politics which is the main source that creates violence, it’s those guys in ties who make a lot of people consider fighting against the government and engaging in violence. They are the ones who steal from the treasury of the people, and then they go around hoping the people will elect them. I wonder what goes on with the money they take away from drug trafficking. What do they do with the properties. What do they do with the vehicles. What happened with the Ramírez Abadía (aka “Chupeta”) money? Where is the housing they were going to build? and So on lots of questions Why are elder care homes closed with all the money they seize== ?????? Let’s first consider putting an end to all those white collar thieves, And then get the guerrilla movement to stop the violence a bit, The people want answers The FARC, like the groups acting in Argentina in the 70s, were trained by Castro to produce a revolution, like the Cuban revolution, with the pretext of liberating the people, no one asked them to do it, no one agreed with the bloodshed they brought, today the left in Argentina can’t even unite, among them they don’t even contribute a decent percentage to Congress, if we put them all together they’d be about 3%, these criminals can’t govern a country, and I think the same thing is happening in Colombia. IT WOULD BE GOOD TO END THE SCOURGE OF THIS PLAGUE OF FARC ASSASSINS IN COLOMBIA, THEY ARE NOTHING BUT ORGANIZED CRIMINALS I DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY GET THE LABEL OF GUERRILLA MOVEMENT WHEN THERE’S NEVER BEEN A GUERRILLA MOVEMENT IN COLOMBIA, JUST CRIMINALS WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING FOR OUR COUNTRY, LET’S LOOK AT THE DISASTERS THEY’VE CAUSED BY BLOWING UP ELECTRICITY TOWERS, OIL PIPELINES, SPILLING CRUDE OIL, HOW MUCH DOES THAT COST THE COLOMBIANS, ALL OVER THE TERRITORY THEY LEAVE BEHIND WIDOWS ORPHANS INNOCENT DEAD BECAUSE OF THE INSANITY OF THIS CANCEROUS GARBAGE, I HOPE OUR PRESIDENT SANTOS GIVES COLOMBIANS A HEALTHY COUNTRY FREE FROM THIS CANCER OF A PLAGUE. The FARC are murderers like any other communist in the world; they should be exterminated; I hope that’s how we get rid of that tyrant dictator Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua We must not let our guard down and we must put an end to that army of addicts, they don’t mind killing their own mother, much less putting an end to the country. Colombia is a big country and even with all these problems it keeps moving forward, how would it be without those countryless unadaptable thugs, Colombia would keep growing and overcoming obstacles. THAT’S THE WAY IT IS, THAT’S HOW THEY UNDERSTAND, AND THEY’LL SEE IT HURTS TOO, AND IF NOT, REMEMBER RAMBO, MR FIDEL. LONG LIVE URIBE, LONG LIVE SANTOS. I believe the problem in our country needs to be dealth with deep down and a solution found at its roots, and not with kid gloves, since it seems this is a very profitable deal for the government forces. COLOMBIA: THE CAIN OF LATIN AMERICA These guys are murderous animals, they should all be in jail or dead after having caused so much damage to the country. I believe they’re thinking more about a North American way of life for the whole country instead of a way that would guarantee our sovereignty in terms of food, health and education, while most of the people on this forum believe peace is achieved by using lead, I believe we have to invest more efforts into understanding what is ours. How can the military forces massacre a large amount of people, displacing them from the land they have occupied for years and that they have planted with their native plant species, who know about ancestral medicines that do away with the need for a health system as precarious as ours, only to open the land up to the large transnational corporations that sell the food of the rest of the peoples (hunger marketers) and they come to expropriate those who try to come back to their home, claiming they don’t have deeds to the property? But of course! We are submerged in a model in which we prefer to eat what the commercials and T.V. have imposed upon us, I would like to ask the participants: Do you know how it is that the sugar cane, palm and plantain companies get their small farms to plant, or do you know how much of the biodiversity that belongs to us we eliminate forever, simply to satisfy a made-up need for progress? Obviously, we don’t care, because we’re used to having the system provide for our needs to “cure us” of the damage the system itself has caused us. The war responds to economic whims of the “powerful” and even those who proclaim that they are fighting for equality are immersed in the same system, I invite you to reflect on whether we really need to feed ourselves, dress, become displaced, and live the way other cultures believe we should live… I JUST WONDER IF THE FARC MEMBERS HAVE HEARTS, IN MY VIEW THEY DON’T, WHY DON’T THEY GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR EXAMPLE TO CUBA OR VENEZUELA, THEY WANT THEM THERE, WE COLOMBIANS DON’T WANT ANY MORE FARC, TAKE A HIKE CRIMINALS, LEAVE US TO LIVE PEACEFULLY IN THIS AWESOME COUNTRY, THANK YOU It’s time this war ended, which has caused more poverty in certain territories of our country, I think the government is showing a willingness to negotiate, and I think the FARC should negotiate, and put the intellectuals that the organization has to the service of our country, just look at Gustavo Petro and Navarro World. The government should propose more employment for all Colombians and a better education including health care, to put an end to this war between countrymen, where the poor kill each other and the capitalists just look on. I am sorry to say it, but it is necessary that a Country have a single unified security force, anything else is mercenary, attacking innocents, who don’t know how to load a weapon, or how to study the science or art of war, it’s a crime, they aren’t even at the level of militias, who used to function in the absence of soldiers, all these supposed attacks perpetrated by the government or by the mercenaries, so-called guerrilla fighters, or by the Cubans or by whoever… These are the acts of cowards, evil raptors, that is why Bolivar insisted that a man with no education is an incomplete BEING, you have to think before saying things. Eliezer Gaitan, as much of a colleague or good lawyer and friend he may have been, was a tool for others, we the old liberals, of whom few remain, we wanted to give another message, not this nightmare, we wanted to carry Bolivar’s project to Unite South America, but it was decapitated, our Gothic nemeses didn’t want to see anything other than their half of a square meter, they didn’t want to accept that there is strength in being united, that the United States of America is a project, (Nova Scotia), in which several cities united to defeat the British Empire, and they saw that strength was good up to a certain point, so now, why can’t we do the same thing, not that I want to attack my dear brothers in North America. IS THERE MORE TO EAT IN COLOMBIA? HAVE POVERTY, THIEVERY AND EXPLOITATION COME TO AN END? IS THERE LESS CORRUPTION? IS THERE NO MORE DECEPTION, HYPOCRISY, LIES AND OFFICIAL MAFIAS? HOW MANY FARC LEADERS HAVE DIED? HOW HAS COLOMBIA CHANGED WITH THOSE DEATHS? THE GUERRILLA STRUGGLE IS NOT TO BLAME FOR THE COUNTRY’S PROBLEMS, IT’S NOT EVEN TO BLAME FOR ITS OWN BIRTH, OR DO WE NOT KNOW OUR HISTORY? LET THE CORRUPT AND THIEVES IN COLOMBIA BE GLAD ABOUT THE DEATH OF A GUERRILLA LEADER. LET THE EXPLOITATIVE OLIGARCHS AND BUSINESS OWNERS WHO HAVE GOTTEN SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT MAFIA BE HAPPY, TO CONTINUE THE MENTAL ROBBERY OF A PEOPLE THAT THEY DON’T WANT TO EDUCATE AND OF A PEOPLE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THIS. BUT THEY WILL FALL, SINCE IN BOGOTA WE CAN ALREADY SEE THE NEW PRESIDENT OF COLOMBIA. WHY IS THERE NO PEACE AGREEMENT WITH REGARD TO THE INSURGENCY? BECAUSE THOSE IN THE PUBLIC REALM, WITH JUST A SPEECH, CAN KICK THE OLIGARCHY OUT OF THE HOUSE OF NARIÑO. Remember that if we want to achieve peace the government must concern itself with offering support to all the children who grow up in the midst of the armed conflict, given that these children grow up affected by these people, because they’re the ones who are around in a large part of our country, for clear examples: LA MACARENA, URIBE, LA JULIA. It’s sad that the teachers who work in these regions have to witness their students become part of the armed conflict. Why isn’t there enough help for them, help for the children who have to receive instruction in precarious situations, as happens in many places across our country. We Colombians get nothing out of killing these bandits while they receive protection and training in Venezuela, I think Mr. Santos needs to dot his i’s and have a frank conversation with Chavez, what does he intend to do with these provocations, naming a Minister who supports the FARC, it makes it difficult to have peace in this beautiful country. The results of these operations are important, to show the criminals of the FARC-EP that the government is on the side of good in this country, we have to keep the offensive going, to not let them rest, whenever there is information about a location, bomb it immediately, that’s why we have well-trained military and police forces, who want to continue making progress; Mr. President there is no more time to for dialogues, these bandits were given that chance already and they didn’t take it, they want a no-man’s land, to be able to create an independent republic and regain strength (We’ve already experienced this with the Caguan); That’s is why I say let’s use the best subversive style, moving forward ready to fight, to combat these crazy people. The results of these operations are important, to show the criminals of the Farc-ep that the Government is on the side of the good people of this country. We must continue the offensive, not let them rest, if information about the site where they are is received, it must be immediately bombed, that’s why we have highly trained military forces and police and eager to make progress; Mr. President there is no time to talk. The opportunity for dialogue was given to these bandits and they did not take advantage of it, they want no-man’s land in order to create an independent Republic and regain strength (an experience that we had at the Caguán); That is why I say that we must be subversive, and go continue the fight against these crazy people. The bad thing about this pro narco farc pamphlet is that they’re lying when they say that the killer Tirofijo died of a heart attack, it’s totally false, this killer did die of an attack, but it was a bombing attack on the heart of the papaneme region, which was impenetrable for security forces and was where this wrongdoer kept his lair. 60 aircraft of the air force dropped more than 1200 bombs in the vicinity of where this bandit was, and his henchmen after six hours of bombardment picked up his pieces, because the bombs had struck him. There are parts of his jaw that have not been found yet. This triumph belongs to President Uribe, giving birth to the final defeat of the narcofarc. Observing and analyzing the comments that you make, I guess you people believe that they exploit generations of Colombians, where children grow up and became parents and die with very little education, with poor nutrition their entire lives, due to very low wages. This caused them any number of diseases and deficiencies and a large percentage of the deaths in the child population. The vast majority of Colombians cannot study at a University because they do not have the economic resources and lack a the government infrastructure. They are often labeled and marginalized for not having money, but their work is appreciated, the labor force with which that money is produced goes to enriching only a few Colombians. I imagine that they do not see all of this as war crimes, killing children through hunger, and excluding the vast majority of Colombians from the the wealth produced by their own hands. Nobody with sufficient wisdom feels happy about the death of a human being, although there have been cases, there are paths that men consider right or correct, but they end in death, if the devil is cheerful it’s not his fault, human beings lose their own souls, because that same sacrifice was made for all of us and the payment for sin is death and God made man honest, but they, we, we seek our own perversions. THIS YEAR TIMOCHENCO IS NEXT (RIP) Congratulations to the Colombian Armed Forces and its President, it’s time to put an end to these vultures, there’s the starving and stupid CHE, whose image lefties take as reference and forget that he murdered and assassinated in Cuba, a country in which he was a foreigner and he died like a pig in Bolivia, asking for relief. It’s time to put an end to the Gorilla of the Orinoco’s 21st century socialism. And to think that there are stupid countries that still follow this fantasy, I hope that they get rid of the FARC once and for all. What the Government is doing seems useless, why rejoice the killing of a human being when everyone has the right to life, you should pay more attention to the security forces who commit all kinds of atrocities among the poorest populations, raping girls of 12 and 13 years of age, and for them, there is no law. What kind of country is this? HOW CAN YOU BE HAPPY ABOUT THE DEATH OF YOUR NEIGHBOR, THE WHOLE WORLD EXCEPT COLOMBIA KNOWS THAT THE FARC EXISTS BECAUSE OF SOCIAL INJUSTICE, HOW CAN WE BE HAPPY ABOUT THE DEATH OF SOMEONE WHO SACRIFICES HIS LIFE BECAUSE HE WANTS A BETTER COUNTRY FOR HIS FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COMPATRIOTS, SANTOS NEEDS THE AIR FORCE TO KILL A MAN, BECAUSE MAN TO MAN, GUN TO GUN, SOMEONE WHO IS FIGHTING FOR AN IDEAL WILL ALWAYS END UP WINNING. After so many years fighting, they should avoid any further deaths on either side and look for a definitive peace agreement and start moving toward peace and progress in this beautiful country of Colombia. TO PUT AN END TO THE MALIGNANT CANCER OF THE FARC DRUG TRAFFICKERS, WE SHOULDN’T OFFER TO DIALOGUE, WE SHOULD MAKE THEM SWALLOW AS MUCH LEAD AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE THEY ARE TRULY EVIL AND MURDERERS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. THE MOST POWERFUL DRUG CARTEL CAN ONLY BE DONE AWAY WITH BY MAKING IT SUBMIT TO THE REPUBLIC’S WEAPONS, AS LEGITIMIZED BY THE PEOPLE. ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN SUBDUED THEN THEY CAN HOPE TO BE HEARD, NOT BEFORE. THEY ONLY UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE OF WEAPONS BECAUSE THEY ARE A BUNCH OF ILLITERATE CRIMINAL MURDERERS, THEY KNOW NOTHING ELSE. BE HARSH WITH THESE GROUPS, VERY HARSH. THERE’S NO OTHER WAY. LONG LIVE MY CAUCA, FREE FROM THIS MAFIA!! I don’t know how you have conversations about peace with murderous drug traffickers and kidnappers. If there’s just one he’s put in jail, but since there are many, there are conversations about peace. with the death of ALIAS CANO, they are going to get more deaths and confrontations between the FARC EP AND THE SOLDIERS, AND THEY HAVEN’T WON THE WAR, WHICH RESULTS IN MORE SOLDIERS’ DEATHS AND IF THE PRESIDENT WON’T TALK ABOUT PEACE Excellent News!!!! I truly hope that Colombia continues working to eliminate all of these vulgar criminals HEHEHE THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MURDER ALL THE GUERRILLA FIGHTERS, THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OF COLOMBIA, SUCH AS THE GENTLEMAN OF THE SHADOWS, THE SO-CALLED CRIMINAL URIBE, THEY SPOKE OF THE END OF THE END AND WITH ALL THEIR POWER AND WEAPONRY THEY WERE NOT ABLE, NOR WILL THEY BE ABLE, TO SHAKE THE CRIMINALS OF THE GOVERNMENT AND THE STUPID CITIZENRY WHO, THROUGH HUNGER, ARE THE SUBJECTS OF THOSE WHO OPPRESS AND EXPLOIT THEM, BECAUSE THERE IS A GOD AND THAT GOD IS CERTAINLY NOT WITH YOU, HE IS WITH THE POOR It is sad to see how so many compatriots are on the side of those people who for years have murdered, displaced, kidnapped, extorted thousands of Colombians and have never demonstrated the true cause for their struggle, have never told their countrymen why they fight, why they have murdered so many peasants, they have sat around a table to negotiate and at the same time they have been killing people, is that their way to peace? to those people who support them I invite you to the affected areas to experience it for yourselves I DON’T LIKE THAT THEY KILL PEOPLE WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT THE WELFARE OF THE POOR, WHO ARE AGAINST THE OLIGARCHY. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE MEDIA TAKE IT UPON THEMSELVES TO LIE, TO MAKE THE PEOPLE BLIND AND STUPID. Dr Santos, end the pain of those who have been kidnapped, take over the guerrilla camps by force and kill all those murderers.!!!!! It is sad, very sad, to see that there are people full of hate who try to believe that violence is fought with violence in a country that in some way has been destroyed by people who resolve everything with money and lead, men with no names who still haven’t graduated into full human beings, but they do know how to be savage beasts, full of hate and evil, thirsty to spill blood under the pretext of the same thing they produce, We need soldiers, soldiers for life, soldiers for courage, faces to the rising sun, soldiers to live and to think, who are lucky to love, soldiers to fight for life in silence, reveling in the joy and suffering with the pain, soldiers who go beyond the nightmare of lead, soldiers who go beyond the times, a soldier for life, far away from death, far from cancer and death, a soldier full of love, of tenderness, full of peace….. FROM THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: THE COLOMBIAN GUERRILLA MOVEMENT LOST ITS ESSENCE AND ITS ORIGINAL SENSE OF DIRECTION THE MOMENT THEY USED DRUG TRAFFICKING TO SUSTAIN THEMSELVES. I BELIEVE AND I TRUST COLOMBIAN MEN OF GOOD FAITH TO CREATE A COUNTRY IN ABSOLUTE FREEDOM AND SOCIAL JUSTICE. COLOMBIA DESERVES A TRUE AND ENDURING PEACE, WITHOUT GUERRILLAS OR DRUG TRAFFICKERS. LONG LIVE HEROIC AND GALLANT COLOMBIA, WORTHY OF THE BEST FATE! MAY THE GOD OF PEACE, CHRIST OF GLORY COME TO BE KNOWN AND SERVED BY ALL COLOMBIANS. COLOMBIA FOR CHRIST! WITHOUT GUERRILLAS AND WITH JUSTICE FOR ALL. Mahatma Gandhi liberated India from the realm of the great Spanish empire without using even one weapon, just by sticking to non-violence and the civil disobedience of Henry Thoreau; years later Martin Luther King liberated the colored community in the south of the United States by following his example. According to Gandhi the ends and the means cannot be separated, therefore assassinating a.k.a. “Cano” makes the Colombian government equal to the FARC, since now both engage in assassinations (regardless of their cause). I’m not defending terrorism, I’m just saying that war is ended with peace; not with more war. The reason the guerrilla movement started in Colombia was because the right wing killed their leader and 50 years later they keep killing their leaders, think again murderers. I AM A FIGHTER AND I AM NOT SORRY ABOUT IT, I WILL FIGHT UNTIL THOSE NARCO TERRORISTS ARE FINISHED, THE ONLY THING THEY DO IN COLOMBIA IS TO INCREASE VIOLENCE, IF THAT ORGANIZATION DIDN’T EXIST IN COLOMBIA EVERYTHING WOULD BE BETTER AND I AM GLAD AND I WILL BE GLAD EACH TIME OUR ARMED FORCES ARE ABLE TO DEAL TARGETED BLOWS AGAINST ARMED GROUPS OPERATING OUTSIDE THE LAW, WHETHER THEY’RE CALLED ELN, FARC, BACRIM, EPL OR WHATEVER SOME DAY WE WILL WIN EVEN IF BLOOD IS SPILLED, WHATEVER NEEDS TO BE SINCE THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY REFUSE TO SIGN TRUE PEACE AGREEMENTS. BECAUSE THE REAL GUERRILLA FORCE THAT USED TO FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE HAS BEEN GONE FOR A WHILE NOW AND SO ARE THE PUBLIC FORCES THAT USED TO VIOLATE HUMAN RIGHTS, NOW EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT SO DON’T WRITE COMMENTS WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT YOU’RE SAYING IGNORANT IDIOTS YOU CAN TELL YOU DON’T LIVE FROM WHAT YOU HEAR ABOUT AND NOT TRUE REALITY EXCELLENT, CONGRATULATIONS, GOOD COLOMBIANS ARE HOPING FOR MORE GOOD NEWS WITH REGARDS TO THE ANNIHILATION, ONCE AND FOR ALL, OF ALL THESE TERRORISTS WHO HAVE HURT THE PEOPLE AND RURAL COLOMBIA SO MUCH, NO MORE EXTORTION NO MORE BOMBS fcdzambo and Nelson Eddy Hilario : A Colombian who kills another Colombian.. is not Colombian.. how can you argue that the guerrilla fighters are for the poor? Fight for ideals?.. When those same soulless men destroy the smallest and most defenseless towns.. they set up leg-breaking mines 3 meters from schools, they kidnap and kill with no mercy.. for the poor?… Gentlemen, read.. you are the ones who are blind.. count the number of orphaned children, soldiers, with no legs, mutilated, defenseless towns overrun… FIRST THANKS TO THE COLOMBIAN ARMY THAT WATCHES OVER US EVERY DAY WHILE WE’RE SLEEPING THEY GIVE THEIR LIVES FOR US I CAN FIND NO EXPLANATION FOR THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THE GUERRILLA MOVEMENT IF WE KNOW THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS THAT THE ONLY THING THEY DO IS TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE KIDNAP CHILDREN AND TAKE THEM TO THE JUNGLE TO FIGHT NO THEY ARE SO UNMANLY THAT THEY CAN’T EVEN SHOW THEIR FACES BECAUSE THEY’RE A BUNCH OF COWARDS AND IF IT WERE UP TO ME I WOULD FORM AN ELITE CORPS TO PUT AN END TO THE URBAN GUERRILLA AND BE ABLE TO LIVE IN PEACE THESE LOWLIFES WILL CEASE TO EXIST AND I HOPE OUR GOVERNMENT PUTS AN END TO THIS WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHO ARE UNFIT TO BE BORN WHO ARE WORTHLESS ALL THEY CAN DO IS DAMAGE AND THAT THE PEOPLE OR FOLLOWERS OF THESE PEOPLE LIKE MR. JAIRO NUÑEZ HE’S ANOTHER GUERRILLA FIGHTER AND FINALLY MR. PRESIDENT ASK FOR HELP FROM THE UNITED STATES ASK FOR F16 PLANES TO OVERTAKE THE CAMPS BY FORCE AND THIS WAY PUT AN END TO THIS PLAGUE RATHER THIS CANCER THAT COLOMBIA HAS WHICH IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF TRASH WHICH IS THE GUERRILLA MOVEMENT It’s too bad many people feel proud to kill and annihilate everything in their path using bombs, the saddest part is that they are those who govern us and who supposedly should guarantee the citizens’ safety, when killing is the same thing for any group or what’s the difference between them and the alleged terrorists where are they when they should protect the people from the outrages some officials commit against the weakest in order to favor individuals, I don’t share in the policies of the government, paying large amounts of money to (terrorists called this way by the government itself) in exchange for information to be used to shoot others because their name is more famous and that’s how they get more screen time on the public media in a country full of needs and with very little support from the government in a territory peace is not achieved through killing rather by educating the people and guaranteeing the most basic rights for those who need it the most get busy with that and not with killing people who might be even better than many of those who govern us It is inarguable that in Venezuela and neighboring countries the FARC narco terrorists find refuge with or without the knowledge of the government forces, if these fly near they will not take refuge on the borders I assure you that going forward the governments in power will put an end to them filling them with lead : I wonder. What can you expect from a human being who loads 50 kilos of dynamite onto a donkey and makes it explode in front of ten policemen, 8 uniformed men dead and obviously the little donkey too. Or another human being who throws pipe bombs into houses without finding out if there are children, elderly, innocent civilians in the house or they go out to the highway and burn up a bus which is the means of support of one or two families : Or simply in the midst of a battle they assassinate their kidnapping victims who are chained to trees with no chance to defend themselves from anything. These subjects have beastly ideas stuck in a configurative human body, how long have they been telling these criminals to lay down arms the two past governments have used all kinds of channels or media to tell them that there is a better way of life and that they will give them precisely better opportunities examples: The guerrilla fighter who brought Congressman Liscano to freedom today lives in France with his family. Even with this you find some readers who comment defending the cause of these seditious barbarians. There is no right … With regard to this subject I can say that our government is a cowardly government, how can it be that to kill just one guy, who is sick and fleeing, they use and have available a military device launched from the air, do you know how much it costs us to throw Cluster Bombs at a dying man ???? Why don’t they just go at him by land with infantry which is much less costly ???? The soldiers who went down later just got acknowledgment and congratulations, do you know how much money the president, the minister of defense and the high military command put in their pockets as a bonus ????? Then they appear in front of the media giving the news of a cowardly act ….. LONG LIVE THE FARC EP, WHO FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE The guerrillas in Colombia have lost — if they ever even had them — their ideological aims and therefore their continued existence is due to the large incomes they’re earning from drugs, which allows their leaders to enjoy lifestyles where they lack for nothing and many of their children even study in Europe. If foreign professionals conducted an impartial study in Colombia, then the whole world would realize that no town in the country supports the guerrillas. The FARC should go set up shop in Venezuela, where they dedicated a park to Tirofijo and his fellow pricks, and where they have a moment of silence when one of those leaders falls. This detestable organization has seeded this country with land mines and uses “human bombs”, and a little while ago even tried to set off a “horse bomb”. For those people who like to defend terrorists, let me tell you: the FARC narco-terrorists have NEVER built one school or health center in any town; they’ve never even build a bridge. For all their money, and they have a ton, they’re just killers of poor, innocent people, and they don’t do anything to the country’s wealthy people either. I think they should try to control the FARC guerrillas so that we can have peace and so there won’t be any more deaths. I think that they should try to control the FARC guerrillas so peace can be achieved and there are no more deaths. Solution for this country is running an unconventional warfare, attacking the spiritual part of the guerrillas is their weakness. With the help of ministers they can experience what happened in Uganda, see the video of the power of God, you just have to use prayer, and the destroyer will be defeated. just want to give a contribution based on the recent attacks when a team or a front wants to distract the rival it generates distractions at the corners of the field to take advantage of it and gain ground in the points in which the eyes are not focused perhaps to enter or remove who knows that only I leave to the imaginationnnnnnnn UNFORTUNATELY, THE GUERRILLAS LOST THE APPROACH THEY HAD AT THE BEGINNING, OF THE PEOPLE OR FOR THE PEOPLE, THEY ARE AGAINST CIVIL SOCIETY,THEY SHOULD BE AGAINST THOSE WHO ARE UNJUST AND HAVE THE POWER TO DO WHATEVER THEY PLEASE WITH THOSE WHO HAVE NO WAY OF DEFENDING THEIR RIGHTS…. THEY LOST THE SOCIAL PURPOSE… WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE AND SOCIAL EQUITY? YOU, LIKE THE GOVERNMENT, OVERRIDE US…. YOU COMMITTING BARBARIC ACTS AND THE STATE WITH POLICIES THAT ONLY FAVOR THE FEW OWNERS OF THIS COUNTRY, THE MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES…. WHO CAN WE TURN TO SO THEY CAN REALLY GIVE US SOLUTIONS….? THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE SIMPLY BECAUSE IN THE PRACTICE THERE IS NO EQUITY…. THERE IS NO EQUALITY… ON THE CONTRARY, THERE IS MUCH CORRUPTION OF THOSE WHO HAVE POWER, INFLUENCES, ETC. WE ARE ALL TO BLAME FOR BEING THE WAY WE ARE….SCREWED…… BECAUSE WE ARE PERMISSIVE… EVERYTHING GOES ON HERE, THERE IS SOME NOISE FOR A WHILE AND IT IS FORGOTTEN AND SO FORTH…. FOR CENTURIES OF OUR MISFORTUNE AMEN. This is the harsh reality that Colombia lives, we cannot deny the armed conflict that exists in Colombia, neither can our neighbors deny that these sewer rats of farc are hidden in their borders, and that somehow they are protected by someone in the neighboring Governments, otherwise they won´t flee to our neighbors when our troops chase them. It is also true that in Colombia there are powerful people that benefit from the massacres of the farc and it is the case of the former Governor of Sucre whose surname is Arana; these narco-terrorists of farc today have lost ideology and are playing to be rich, they want to have a lot of money, they will never negotiate peace with the Government, that is not what they pursue, that much is clear, there is the example of the M-19, that was an armed illegal organization that wanted to govern, but they realized that they could get to power without weapons and they have achieved it. On the other hand, I would respectfully ask the Que Tal newspaper to removes this article from the platform, even though this is a reality and a wise move of the columnist, I believe that is enough. For Coridefe, you should take a good history lesson, why is that you are wrong? sheer ignorance and lack of preparation? or is it the anti-Spanish chip with which education is taught in Colombia? MAHATMA GANDHI DID NOT FREE INDIA FROM ANY SPANISH EMPIRE! BUT RATHER FROM THE BRITISH DOMINATION, THAT IS GREAT BRITAIN, ENGLAND, UNDERSTAND?, HERE IT SEEMS THAT THE ENGLISH HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LITTLE ANGELS! Enough of blaming Spain for everything gone bad. YOU BETTER STUDY HISTORY AND INVESTIGATE A LOT SO YOU CAN GIVE AN OPINION!!!! ALL THE ILLEGAL ARMED GROUPS ARE SO IGNORANT THAT THEY STILL DON’T KNOW THAT LIFE IS ONLY ONE, AND THEY THINK THEY ARE GOING TO SUCCEED WITH THEIR WRONGDOING. FORTUNATELY THE TWO RECENT RULERS HAVE BEEN THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY. THE REST HAVE BEEN NO GOOD. Kill all that scourge that is good for nothing, if it was up to me, don’t even leave the memories behind THE GOVERNMENT OF COLOMBIA DOES NOT EXTERMINATE THE GUERRILLA BECAUSE IT DOES NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY OR IF THE GUERRILLAS ARE OVER, THE ARMY WILL ABE OVER TOO AND THERE WILL NO LONGER BE AWARDS FOR THE LIFE OF A COUNTRYMAN. The landlords and the Colombian entreguistas supported by the U.S.must think more about the Colombian people, so peace can return to this tormented land, that peace must go along with social justice. The FARC-EP, have thrown the ball to the Government’s court so they can express a gesture and a serious negotiation can be carried out and the thousands of political prisoners can be released. The United States is responsible for drug trafficking and war. Long live the unity of Colombians. Long live Bolívar. From Dominican Republic. By Dialogo November 10, 2011last_img