CHANNEL 44 TV: Election Day Abstention, Electing Not to Vote

first_imgElection Day Abstention, Electing Not to VoteNOVEMBER 8TH, 2016 LAUREN LESLIE CAMPAIGN 2016, EVANSVILLE, INDIANA Even with the huge voter turnout, Nationwide and here in the tri-state, some people decided not to vote. With an election cycle chocked full of controversy, some who are eligible to vote are electing to abstain.Non-voters attribute a variety or reasons as to why they choose not to vote. According to the top reason for not voting is scheduling issues followed by illness. Decision 2016 was the first election for scores of millennials but having to choose between the two candidates turned some away, “We’re screwed either way, so I just didn’t vote, it’s my first election but, just no…I want Obama back in the house,” said Nautica Wiley.“I just have to be at work all day, I have no one else to come in and work…I was rolling with Hillary, I mean I would have voted for her, not Trump, definitely not, can’t take what he says, he’s been dumb since day one,” said Davianna Stewart.69% of American voters said they would definitely be voting in the 2016 election.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare last_img