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first_imgWebsite of the week: www.longservice.comOn 4 Dec 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Nobody acknowledges the importance of rewarding long service more than HR,but finding the time to administer and manage it in a structured way isn’talways easy., owned and run by WH Business Gifts, offers asimple, Web-based system that takes care of the whole business. Service periodscan be determined online (for instance, five years, 10 years and so on) and arecognition level allocated for each one. Once Longservice is supplied with thenecessary employee data (this can be done annually or monthly), the systemrecognises when an employee is coming up for a service reward, and provides fora gift to be chosen for them or by them from the appropriate recognition level,and then delivers it. HR can control whether it wants the gift to be deliveredto the recipient’s home or to be presented, and can choose from optionsincluding personalisation. There is no set-up fee or contractual agreementrequired, and the service can be extended to birthdays and leaving presents.The site allows you to take a simple tour and clicking on the “HRinvolvement” section will explain exactly what the HR department has to doto get it up and running. Related posts:No related photos.last_img