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East Grand Forks is holding its Bazaar and Luncheon Tuesday Nov 7 with the bazaar beginning at 10 am and the luncheon from 11 am to 1 pm For more info call Gail at (701) 740-7303After posting my reasonably favorable review of Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 smartphone last night I started checking out some of the other early evaluations The diversity of opinion is fascinating Nobody thinks that this phone is a massive embarrassment or a landmark But the reviews break down into two types: those by people who think the phone is half full and those who think it’s half empty Here’s the Wall Street Journal‘s Geoffrey Fowler whose piece accentuates the negative: Samsung may market the Galaxy S5 as a significant upgrade but it is best seen as a refinement Smartphone technology may be reaching a plateau where core elements like the processor screen and sensors no longer matter as much as the software that helps you use them And that is an area where Samsung still trails I agree with everything Fowler says in those three sentences but I still have a more favorable overall impression of the Galaxy S5 than he does and I’m not bothered by the possibility that the whole category has plateaued Here’s why: Plateaus are natural and this one isn’t new No product category gets better at a breakneck pace forever In the case of smartphones the period of wild innovation that began when Apple shipped the first iPhone in 2007 ended at least a couple of years ago (At least I can’t think of any feature anybody’s introduced lately that’s the least bit transformative) They invite refinement With technology evolution is as important as revolution When a company such as Samsung or Apple isn’t adding all-new capabilities it can polish up those that a product already has Samsung did that with features such as the Galaxy S5’s camera And though Fowler is right that Samsung still has considerable catching up to do when it comes to software I’d rather see it invest its energy in thoughtful usability tweaks than wacky stuff such as controlling your phone by waving your hand around You don’t want to upgrade your phone every year anyhow Recode’s Walt Mossberg says that he wouldn’t recommend the S5 to anyone who already has a Galaxy S4 or a current iPhone That’s a sensible stance but it’s not a knock on the S5 particularly For one thing it’s rare that any tech product improves on its immediate predecessor by awe-inspiring leaps and bounds For another it makes no economic sense to buy a new smartphone every year especially if you’ve committed to a two-year contract — so the most relevant question about a new model is whether it improves meaningfully on phones from two or three years ago (The GS5 does) You never know what will happen next Smartphones have plateaued before A decade or so ago in the heyday of the BlackBerry and Palm Treo the category was improving only incrementally and it wasn’t clear what would change that dynamic Then the first iPhone arrived and it was suddenly obvious that radical improvement on the status quo was possible I’m lousy at predictions so any guesses I hazard to make about future smartphones such as the iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 are likely to be utterly wrong But if those phones turn out to be just a little bit better than the models they replace it won’t be surprising or a sign that the industry is broken Even though Apple and Samsung will never ever use the word “plateau” when describing new products they’d like you to buy Contact us at [email protected] drinking can contribute to disease and early death but the health effects of alcohol at lower levels are less clear Now a new study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology offers some of the best news yet for people who enjoy a daily drink: Light-to-moderate alcohol use is associated with a reduced risk of death compared with no alcohol consumption at all In the analysis more than 333000 people were surveyed about their alcohol consumption and lifestyle habits and tracked for an average of eight years Light and moderate drinkers (14 or fewer drinks per week for men and seven or fewer for women) were about 20% less likely to die from any cause during the studys follow-up period compared to those who have never consumed alcohol They were also about 25% to 30% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease These protective effects were more pronounced in women white participants middle-aged and older people and non-smokers TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news plus: burning questions and expert tips View Sample Sign Up Now More drinking was not associated with more benefits however People who consumed higher-than-moderate amounts were 11% more likely to die of any cause and 27% more likely to die of cancer compared to the never-drinkers (No significant link was found between heavy alcohol use and death from cardiovascular disease) People who binge drank at least once a weekdefined as having five or more drinks in one daywere also at increased risk of dying especially from cancer Previous findings on this topic have been inconsistent; it can be hard to separate the effects of alcohol itself from other related factors For example people who choose not to drink may do so because of underlying medical reasons that can also affect their risk of getting sick or dying early MORE: Alcohol Is Good for Your Heart Most of the Time But in this analysis researchers took "rigorous statistical approaches" to address those issues said co-author Dr Sreenivas Veeranki assistant professor in preventive medicine and community health at the University of Texas Medical Branch in a press release For one they compared current drinkers to lifetime abstainers rather than people who used to imbibe but have since stopped They also adjusted for many demographic lifestyle and health variables Yet the researchers saw a clear J-shaped curve for the association between alcohol consumption and mortality In an accompanying editorial researchers from the Mediterranean Neurological Institute in Italy wrote that the new findings "supported the conclusion that the J-shaped relationship between alcohol consumption and mortality risk cannot be dismissed and should guide the formulation of public policies" The editorial also addresses the fact that women are sometimes advised to limit alcohol to very low levels because its been linked to increased breast cancer risk While younger adults may not see substantial health benefits from moderate drinking the editorial argues "for most older persons the overall benefit of light drinking especially the reduced [cardiovascular disease] risk clearly outweigh possible cancer risk" MORE: Here’s What Happens When You Drink Red Wine Every Night The study authors point out that self-reported data is not always accurate and that because the study was observational it only shows an association between mortality and alcohol levels not a cause-and-effect relationship But overall they wrote their research supports previous findings that light-to-moderate drinking "might be protective especially for [cardiovascular disease] but heavy or binge drinking has serious health consequences including death" "A balance between beneficial and detrimental effects of alcohol consumption on health should be considered when making individual or population-wide recommendations" they added "but the reduction of harmful or high consumption of alcohol remains necessary and essential" The editorial authors go a step further arguing that a long-term randomized controlled trialin which different groups of people are assigned to drink different amounts of alcoholmight help settle the debate about moderate drinking and health outcomes Until then they wrote lifelong abstainers "should not start drinking for health reasons only but should be encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles" like regular exercise not smoking and maintaining a healthy diet and weight Contact us at [email protected] responded to the bank at 1:12 p.” YCE stated.

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