Framing inspiration

first_imgCultural exchange has always benefited people around the world, be it through Fine Art or Performing Art forms. The 2nd edition of International Art Symposium is an upcoming event presented by ‘I Art’ and conceptually developed by two Delhi based emerging contemporary artists Sangeeta Kumar Murthy and Suchismita Sahoo. the duo are not only engaged  to paintings and art installations but also have a focus of bringing a little change towards Indian Art in the global platform through intercultural exchange programmes. Their togetherness has brought a new platform for emerging artists from India and abroad. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf Artists from six countries and another eleven artists from different corners of India are participating in the symposium. ‘I Art’ starts scouting for young and upcoming art talent throughout the world and invite them for a few days’ stay in India. During their stay at a private residence they can freely show and present their work. Separate workshops are arranged for every form of art (Painting, Sculpture, Art installation, Photography and Apparel designing).  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIt is intended that during their stay, the artists can show their capabilities and skills by making their own art. The presentations and works are discussed while a file of their work is laid out. Participating artists from around the globe include Lukaszk Rupski (Poland), Luka Radojevic (Serbia), Tg Thet (Myanmar), Sabiha Hadzimuratovic (Bosnia), Yura Tkachenko (Russia), Valentina Dusavitskaya (Russia) and Constantin Migliorini (Italy).Artists participating from India include Sudha Sama, Kamlesh Gandhi, Parveen Upadhaya, Ashish Bose, Barkha Jain, Ritu Gupta, Rajesh Harsh, Kavita Wig, Shraboni Banerjee and Manissha Khanna.  According to Rajesh Harsh, a participating artist, “This platform would help us in maintaining good relations with people who think differently, as inspiration can be drawn from anyone and anything. This platform would help the line blur between the artists of different countries. Sangeeta Kumar Murthy and Suchismitha Sahoo says, “We have always represented India in different countries in various symposiums and the cultural exchange that happens has always been enriching because it helps open avenues.It helps in understanding different cultures, traditions and minds of people. We conceived the idea of holding one in India as this would give an opportunity to Indian artists to showcase and discuss their work. It would open new horizons for artists who might not have got the kind of exposure they wanted. This time we have artists who are exhibiting paintings as well as sculptures. Also, the ratio of female participation is more.”last_img