This App Tells You How Legally Stoned You Are

first_img The Best Food Apps for a Festive 4/20Classes to Start at New School Dedicated to Studying Cannabis Stay on target It’s a weird weed world we now find ourselves living in, at least here in America, and not just on 4/20. State after state is legalizing cannabis not just for medicinal use but just for straight-up recreational use. Some are even wiping the criminal records of those stuffed in overcrowded prison for selling some pot (although this isn’t happening fast enough considering all the folks now angling to get rich for selling some pot). So as more people potentially become (legal) potheads, culture and technology are going to have to catch up.You know who is already prepared? Whichever government employee decided to fund Am I Stoned? an app that tells you how stoned you are.While marijuana doesn’t impair you as much as quickly compared to, say, alcohol, it can impair you. And naturally the more you smoke (or vape or eat or dab) the more impaired you will be. But unlike alcohol, there aren’t easy and reliable ways for measuring how high you are, for recording your THC levels. There’s no such thing as breathalyzer for weed.The solution Am I Stoned? came up with is so brilliant you have to imagine the creators were high themselves when they came up with it. The app challenges you to complete some basic tasks and estimates how stoned you are based on factors like memory, motor skills, and cognitive reaction time. Anyone who has spent hours trying to order a single Taco Bell meal can attest to the accuracy of this kind of testing.Am I Stoned? isn’t perfect yet, though. And that’s a bummer. Elisa Pabon and other doctoral students from University Chicago got their result from 24 volunteers. Test subjects got either a mild dose of THC, a moderate dose, or none at all. The mobile app only correctly guessed in one of the four tasks, while the desktop version guessed in three. And users could theoretically practice to get better results even while high. It can’t even test for other possibly impaired factors like judgment planning and vigilance.Still, even just having some kind of way to quantify how high you are, besides the shockingly accurate tactic of just asking the person how high they are, is a step in a good and healthy direction for a world of legal marijuana. Apropos of nothing, here’s an incredible video of CNN having people drive while stoned.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img