Japanese ISP leaves Google Fiber in the dust with 2Gbps downloads

first_imgWhile the United States drools over Google Fiber‘s $70 per month residential internet speeds of 700Mbps up and down as it slowly rolls out to certain parts of the country, a Japanese ISP has left those mind-boggling speeds in the dust. For just $51 per month (if subscribed with a two-year contract), So-net Entertainment will provide customers with a 2Gbps download speed, and a 1Gbps upload speed. How’s your Google Fiber now, Kansas City and Austin?So-net, an ISP backed by Sony, rolled out the service to residential areas and small businesses around Tokyo today, and is based on fiber optics. Since everyone doesn’t have a fiber optics connection, the service will come with an optical network unit, which converts fiber to broadband. Perhaps unfortunately, some users that sign up for the service won’t be able to partake in the 2Gbps, as their hardware won’t actually be capable of accepting such blazingly fast speeds.2Gbps down and 1Gbps is a far cry from the fastest internet speeds ever achieved, as a record of 101Gbps was set almost one decade ago back in 2004. Then, back in 2011, 109Tbps was sent screaming down fiber optics. The United States — and other parts of the world — aren’t quite up to snuff when compared to So-net’s ridiculous consumer-grade speeds, as some of us are still being charged $50 per month for around 30Mbps down, not including the modem that we have to lease on a monthly basis.If you live in a major metropolitan area that isn’t Tokyo, don’t fret, as internet speeds climb higher as time moves on, and if Google Fiber has any aspirations, we’ll get faster speeds soon enough.last_img