Crytek shows off CryEngine DirectX 11 features

first_imgGame developers are spoilt for choice now when it comes to selecting a game engine with which to create their next title. Epic Games offers the Unreal Engine, we’ve got the indie developer-friendly Unity, and then there’s Crytek with their CryEngine. For triple-A game development across current-gen consoles and PC, I think it’s a straight fight between Unreal Engine and CryEngine for best feature set.All engine companies have used E3 to show off what their latest development kits can offer, and Crytek is no exception. Engadget got to sit down with Crytek’s animation technologist Kirthy Iyer to see some of the latest features added to CryEngine to support DirectX 11.In the video you get to see how much of a focus there is on real-time development now. You can edit and then play what you just changed with the click of a button, and if it didn’t work there’s the option to backtrack and undo those changes. As for DX11 features, we get to see fully-customizable parallax occlusion mapping, on-the-fly tessellation, improved particle shadows with motion blur, real-time local reflections, and gorgeous water. Add to that the fact design tools are built into the editor too, so if you need an AI character to navigate an area, the designer just drops a box on the landscape and the editor figures out where they are allowed to walk. It’s a system that means creating a level and fully testing it takes a few hours, not a week or more.When the PS3 and Xbox 360 first appeared on the market game studios were struggling to create games that did the hardware justice. The move to HD and the performance on offer meant every game needed more content and at a much higher quality. That in turn meant bigger teams and therefore more expensive projects.The response to this from companies offering commercial engines has been to keep packing in more features, and making use of those features as easy as possible. In so doing it becomes quicker to develop a game and there is more stuff done automatically for you. The CryEngine demo demonstrates this well and definitely shows off their “what you see is what you play” approach to development.via Engadgetlast_img