How to download The Pirate Bay in one 90MB file

first_imgAfter last month’s federal takedown of Megaupload, file sharing and cloud storage sites panicked. Several popular sites voluntarily shut down, while others changed their approaches to make them look much less like Megaupload. The Pirate Bay, though, doesn’t look like it will be going down that easily.Even in the extreme (and unlikely) scenario of the domain being seized or its servers shut down, there exists a backup plan: you can download the entirety of The Pirate Bay right now. The best part? The download is only 90MB.This is possible because The Pirate Bay recently dropped actual torrents in favor of “magnet links.” This drastically cuts down on the required bandwidth to host such a site, making it easier for others to host mirror sites should it be taken down. This, in turn, also makes the entire site highly portable.One user of The Pirate Bay, “allisfine,” was curious about just how portable the torrent tracking site could become. He created a script which scanned the entire site, getting magnet links and filtering out comments. The result is 1,643,194 torrents, with magnet links presented in a text file. The file takes up 164MB, but can be zipped up to only take up 90MB.What this means is that anyone can have his own personal backup of The Pirate Bay. Should any legal action be taken against the site, an archive of the site would be preserved — impossible for anyone to completely remove it from the internet. Of course this wouldn’t help out with new material, but surely other torrent sites would step up to take its place.The odds of The Pirate Bay going down, however, are relatively small. The site recently switched from a .org domain to a .se (Sweden) domain, just to be safe. Sweden’s laws against file sharing are more lax than other countries, so the site could be more difficult for US authorities to reach (though, until recently, Kim Dotcom probably thought the same about New Zealand).You can download the entire Pirate Bay from — you guessed it — this torrent on the Pirate Bay.via Torrent Freaklast_img