Just in time for the holidays Stormtrooper motorcycle suit

first_imgWe all know the stereotypes about bikers: leather, shaved heads, and skull tattoos. Those are all pretty cool (except maybe the fringes) but aren’t those cliches getting old? Isn’t it time that bikers updated their look? They need something tough and dangerous-looking, but that offers adequate protection from road rash, saddle sores, and high-speed insect impacts.It has arrived: we give you the Stormtrooper motorcycle suit.The suit is the creation of UD Replicas, a company that has Hollywood deals that have also led to motorcycle suits modeled after Batman, Wolverine, Tron, Iron Man, and Daredevil. It has tackled Star Wars before with a Darth Maul suit and Empire racing jackets.From a distance the suit may look like an exact movie replica, but it’s actually made of leather. It’s the combination of a jacket, pants, boots, and gloves. The utility belt is an unremovable part of the jacket. The suit is available in classic white or black (Shadowtrooper).Sadly, the suit doesn’t include an Imperial helmet, presumably because they don’t fit road safety regulations. If you can find one that is strong enough to protect your noggin, you will have officially transcended biker-ness. Just imagine someone driving on his morning commute, glancing over to the left lane, and spitting out his coffee as he sees you, a Storm Trooper, zip past.The suit isn’t cheap, but considering the cost of leather and Lucas licensing fees, it could be worse. The full suit will ring up at around $1150.The Stormtrooper suit has limited availability. Only 500 are being produced, and orders will be taken until the end of January. Imperial badasses will receive their gear sometime in Q2 of 2012.UD Replicas, via Red Ferretlast_img