Nintendo Wii 2 filmed at developer meeting

first_imgNintendo is set to announce the successor to the Wii at E3 next month, and then release it in 2012. The rumors suggest this is no small hardware upgrade, like the GameCube to Wii was. The Wii 2 is expected to outperform a PS3 and include a Blu-ray drive in order to meet the storage demands of HD content.Fans of Nintendo, and those of us just eager to view the company’s latest hardware, don’t have to wait until E3 to see it, though. At a recent developer meeting someone pulled out their phone and filmed the unit running a demo through a projector as well as catching a few of the presentation slides.The machine can be seen on the table in the bottom right of the video, but the side and front view diagrams shown during the presentation give us a much better idea of what it looks like. To us, it’s like a Wii in design, but with more curves in the case and possibly double the size of the current machine.We also get to see the new controller which looks a lot like a GameCube controller with an LCD display embedded in the middle. It has also been suggested there’s a docking station for the controller in the video, but I don’t see it, do you?via SlashGearMatthew’s OpinionThis is only a small glimpse of the machine, but it already shows us that Nintendo has returned to a more traditional console and controller setup. We expect this to be a powerful machine, and the controller diagram suggests motion control will not be the main input method. For this gamer, that’s very good news. I don’t mind motion control, but I don’t want it forced into every game released for a machine.With rumors that Microsoft has decided to jump the gun and do a reveal as well as release the succesor to the Xbox 360 in 2012 too, Nintendo has to produce a hardware platform that’s pretty compelling at E3 this year.last_img