Moving to the Verizon iPhone 4 What you need to know

first_imgIt’s been discussed for years. Customers have wanted it since the very first release, but now that the more powerful versions have arrived, and AT&T has been a little more restrictive with new data plans, the push has grown beyond a fever pitch. You guessed it, folks, I’m talking about the Verizon iPhone 4.In an unprecedented event, Verizon opened up iPhone 4 sales to their existing customer base at 3AM this morning, and the rest of us can scoop them up on the 10th. In the mean time, if you are amongst those eager to get your hands on one of these, there are steps you can take to ensure that your transition to your new iPhone is a pleasant one, even if you are switching from an AT&T iPhone.ContactsObviously one of the most difficult changes when you switch to any new device is making sure you haven’t lost all of your contacts. Email addresses, IM screen names, phone numbers, etc. are a pain to enter in manually even with a shiny new touch screen. If you do not already have your information stored online, you will need to enter the contacts in manually. Fortunately, there are tools available to make that easy.The two most significant are Apple’s Mobile Me and Google Contacts. Mobile Me allows you to sync your contacts to any Apple device, and its other features make it an extremely powerful tool for any iUser. Unfortunately, there’s a $99/year fee associated with that tool. Now, if you plan to use the other tools within Mobile Me, it is worth the cost. If not, you may consider either using the 1 week free trial to migrate you contacts, or use Google Contacts. Attached to every Gmail account is the ability to both load contacts manually, or from a database.Additionally, if you are moving to an iPhone 4 from an Android device, all of you contacts will already be stored here. iTunes will allow you to easily import your contacts for free from a Gmail account.Keeping your Phone NumberThe next thing that is significant to many people is maintaining your existing phone number. As long as you have your phone number still active on your existing carrier, there are several options. A representative from Verizon had this to offer:There’s no need to cancel with your current carrier beforehand. When completing your transaction with Verizon Wireless, a sales representative can port your current, active number to your new account. Once this happens, your former carrier will be notified that your account is now terminated, and your friends, family and business contacts continue to reach you at the same number they all know. While that option is the most common, there is also now the recent addition of Google Voice number porting and Google Voice support for iPhone. Google Voice is an very powerful tool that allows you all the same functionality you enjoy in your phone, and then gives you text translated voicemail, starting phone calls and text messages via the browser, and more. for $20 you can transfer your number to Google Voice, and use your existing number on an unlimited number of devices.Trade your old phone into VerizonAs if getting your hands on one wasn’t reward enough, Verizon is offering credit to those who have a relatively new device and are moving to a new phone.Take advantage of the Verizon Wireless trade-in program: Regardless of carrier, Verizon Wireless accept all devices and models. You can use the website ( to get an idea of how much your device is worth and receive a Verizon Wireless gift card for its estimated value. For example, a 32GB iPhone 4 in good condition has an appraised value of $285.Donate your no-longer-used phone to the Verizon Wireless HopeLine program: HopeLine recycles no-longer-used phones from any carrier and uses the proceeds to provide wireless devices, airtime and grants to local domestic violence shelters. You’ll be helping someone in need and doing your part for the environment. Making any kind of change is difficult, and hopefully with tools like these at your disposal your transition will be a great deal smoother. Will you be moving to the new iPhone 4?last_img