Your weekend cinema trip Irish sinners Tom Cruise and Palestine

first_imgRotten Tomatoes critics’ rating: 95 per cent. Audience rating: 98 per cent WHICH NEW MOVIE release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend?We’re here to help you decide just that, with these trailers.Edge of Tomorrow Source: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTubeFor fans of: Loud noises, Groundhog DayAvoid if: You can’t cope with Tom Cruise being serious and breathyWell, that’s quite the trailer! Soldiers fighting to rid the world of an alien invasion are caught in a time loop of dying in combat and returning to fight again and again, increasing in knowledge and skill each time… kind of like respawning in a video game we guess. The radiant Emily Blunt stars alongside Tom Cruise. Rotten Tomatoes critics’ rating: 55 per cent. Audience rating: 100 per cent want to seeOmar Source: Fresh Movie Trailers/YouTubeFor fans of: Hany Abu-Assad’s 2005 film Paradise Now, The Battle of AlgiersAvoid if: You’re feeling tenseThis Palestinian thriller follows three childhood friends living in the West Bank and planning to kill an Israeli soldier. There’s also a love triangle, betrayal, chase scenes and stand offs. Tense stuff from Palestinian director Abu-Assad. Rotten Tomatoes critics’ rating: 90 per cent. Audience rating: 83 per centcenter_img Jimmy’s Hall Source: MOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTubeFor fans of: Ken Loach, sticking it to the manAvoid if: You hated The Wind That Shakes the BarleyDescribed as director Ken Loach’s “sunniest” take on the tale of a dance hall in 1930s Ireland run by Irish communist Jimmy Gralton. Church and state leaders didn’t like the carry-on in the hall, from classes in the daytime to dancing at night, and Jimmy and the local parish priest come to blows. The film also deals with emigration, republicanism and idealism.last_img