Montabert launches new excavator attachment for mine drilling applications

first_imgDesigned for use on excavators ranging in size from 15 to 25 t, the Montabert CPA 225E drilling attachment, recently launched in North America, enables operators to “transition from digging to drilling in a matter of minutes” says the company. The CPA 225E drilling attachment can be easily transported between jobsites, delivering optimal drilling power in mine blasthole, slide stabilisation, tunnelling, anchor bolting and other long-reach applications. The 1,450 kg CPA 225E drills holes measuring 2.54-3.81 to 7.62 cm in diameter and up to 4.27 m deep.The addition of an optional 3.66 m rod adder enables the CPA 225ER to reach a drill depth of 7.92 m. Standard features on the single-pass CPA 225E drilling attachment include an aluminum feed — providing 47° of drill rotation — as well as a high performance Montabert HC50 drifter. The HC50 is equipped with a proactive hydraulic dampener and an energy recovery system to ensure a long life span for the striking bar and provide high efficiency drilling performance. In addition to ensuring straight hole drilling, the HC50 drifter delivers progressive blows while absorbing and recovering reflected energy — safeguarding various components of the drilling attachment from damage. An industry-exclusive Intelsense system is a radio-controlled performance-managing feature which automatically analyses drilling conditions and adjusts factors such as feed pressure, feed speed, anti-jamming controls and percussion pressure. Radio remote control capabilities of the CPA 225E allow the drilling attachment to be operated from outside the excavator’s cab, eliminating difficult and expensive excavator customisation. A hydraulic dust collector is standard on the CPA 225E, offering high suction capacity or the use of a water injection system.last_img