Sii says specTERRA is an amazing improvement over the old Terraspec spectrometer

first_imgSii is introducing a new spectrometer and says “the specTERRA is an amazing improvement over the old Terraspec. The specTERA is smaller and lighter in weight, has no moving parts and therefore has very high reliability as there are essentially no repairs. The battery is Li-ION and can go into the cabin of an airplane. The travel case with the instrument weighs about 15 kg. The FOC (Fiber Optic Cable) is steel encased and has external only fibres. With no cutting of the fibres, like other spectrometers, it has 50% greater intensity. The detectors are all arrays. In the SWIR, with the InGaAs array detectors, it has a higher S:N then other spectrometers.” It requires no specialised computer because the data collection and processing is done within the firmware of the spectrometer. Data can be transferred via the built in BlueTooth. One mouse click and there is auto-optimization and white reference calibration. A second mouse click and the data is collected, spliced and an ASCII file produced. There is a PDA option for field work. The GeTac can store over 1000 spectra with GPS location and a picture of the sample.last_img