Scattolon Cycle closes its doors after 50 years of service

50 years ago a Hamilton bike shop owned by a world renowned cyclist is closing its doors to the public. It’s the end of an era. Gary Scattolon opened up “Scattolon Cycle” in 1969. At age 74 he’s had a life full of memories and accomplishments in the cycling world.“I only raced ones in the world championship for Canada, and in Czechoslovakia then I raced a lot of international races”.Racing for Canada in the world championship is an achievement that Gary holds close to his heart.“Only six people wear that jersey a year to race in the world championship so you got to be selected so you got to be good”.Scattolon Cycle has been a staple in the Hamilton community. Employees and regulars are sad to see the shop go but are excited for Gary’s next journey.“I’m going to go to Italy and cycle, i’m going to go to Arizona in the winter”.Many say it will be an emotional end after decades in the city Scattolon Cycle closes on Sunday