Update: Second Activist Leaves Shell Ship

first_imgzoom A woman who secured herself to the anchor chain of Shell’s support vessel the Arctic Challenger in Bellingham, Wash. left the vessel on Monday morning with the assistance of the US Coast Guard.Chiara D’Angelo, a 20-year-old Western Washington University student, mounted the vessel on Friday night and was joined shortly after by Matt Fuller, another protester.The so called ShellNo activists attached themselves to the vessel in an attempt of stopping it from departing for the Arctic as environmental concerns heighten over oil drilling plans and their impact on pollution and the climate change in the region.On Sunday morning, the United States Coast Guard personnel assisted in the removal of Matt Fuller down from the vessel’s anchor chain at approximately 4:30 a.m.” D’Angelo requested Coast Guard assistance down from the vessel’s anchor chain at approximately 9:30 a.m. and was transported to Coast Guard Station Bellingham. Coast Guard personnel transported her in good condition to Station Bellingham where she was met by EMS and the Bellingham Police Department.  Fuller was issued a summons and released in good condition,” the Coast Guard said in a release.The Coast Guard did not cite any vessels for violating the safety zone overnight.“It was cold, rainy and she was starting to display signs of hypothermia,” said Chief Warrant Officer Charles Chavtur, commanding officer of Station Bellingham. “Boatcrew members were able to safely assist her down from the chain and gave her blankets and water. We brought her back to the station where she was evaluated by EMS and released to her family and friends.”The latest turn of events follows a round of protests in the Port of Seattle against Shell’s plans in exploring the Arctic within the company’s quest for oil reserves.last_img