Public Infrastructure Ministry says Agri Ministry responsible for issue

first_imgParika road ruptureIn light of concerns shared over drainage works which has caused a rupture along the Parika access road, the Public Infrastructure Ministry has responded by saying that the area is not within their jurisdiction.After Guyana Times published an article highlighting the situation at Parika, the Public Infrastructure Ministry subsequently stated that the area falls under the responsibility of the Agriculture Ministry and the drainage works were being done by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC).It later noted that this slippage should be fixed at the earliest and instructed the Agriculture Ministry and the RDC to look into the matter.Speaking with Guyana Times on Thursday, Chairman of the Parika-Mora Neighbourhood Democratic Council, Jaideo Sookhoo had explained that works were carried out to fix the main drainage system.He noted that it is the main access road to some communities and while the roadway was not obstructed, the crack can cause the road to collapse due to the absence of a support mechanism. Adding to that, it is dangerous to motor vehicles in the night and can cause serious accidents.This publication was told that the road was recently upgraded and paved with asphalt. However, the rupture expanded and wooden planks were used to signal drivers.“A construction company was doing work at the main drain and they machine cause the land to pull and cause that. People are using the same road but it is dangerous and can erode. They need to fix it because it is dangerous. It is the only main access road for Parika back, Naamryck and that area,” the Chairman stated.Meanwhile, one individual would have related that she was driving on the street a few days ago when she almost lost control from driving onto the fissure. At that time, the gap was just a few inches wide but it has been expanding after several observations were made.last_img read more

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